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94% Stop Smoking Permanently With 1 Hour of Hypnosis

SOURCE: Stop Smoking with the Fresh Start Method

Even 20-year smokers who’ve “tried everything” are losing their desire to smoke after one hour. Just as surprising, they don’t use pills, patches, gums, or any drugs.

They just stop smoking. They don’t relapse, and they don’t gain weight.

Their amazed relatives, friends, and colleagues have been marveling at their will power. But, says Matt Godson at Fresh Start Method, “It takes no will power; the hypnosis removes the craving, permanently.”

"Many people ask how this can take just one hour, after they’ve been smoking for years" says Godson.

"The truth is that FreshStart literally switches off your desire to smoke. In effect, it gives you the mindset of a non smoker. And as non-smokers don’t feel tempted by cigarettes, the likelihood of relapsing is remote.”

Godson is a certified hypnotherapist with a gentle British accent, who guides you in the audio. He says you stay awake and in control throughout the hypnotic sessions.

Hypnosis has been safely and effectively used for hundreds of years and is recognized, and used by The American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the British Medical Association (BMA).

Since 94% have no relapse, his claim that the craving is eliminated permanently seems supported.

And what of the 6% who don’t become non-smokers? Godson says that most of them are trying to quit "for someone else" and they don’t have the internal motivation to attentively spend the one hour.

Why don’t you gain weight? “Because hypnosis removes the underlying needs, the new non smoker doesn’t seek a substitute satisfaction through eating. So there is no weight gain.”

“Why use expensive drugs, gums, patches, and other chemicals when you can stop smoking without cravings in 1 hour?” says Godson.

What about people who say "it won’t work for me". Godson responds, “As long as you have an open mind and are focused on the outcome you can be hypnotized to become a non smoker." Godson takes delight in overcoming skepticism by explaining the mechanism by which the conscious and subconscious become aligned in the therapy to literally "change your mind" about smoking.

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