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The Magic of Subjective Communication: How to Persuade Others to Give You What You Want

The Amazing Discovery of a "Primary" Communication between Human Beings which is Accurate, Direct and Can't Be Misinterpreted!

By Jim Francis / Source: Real Mind Power Secrets

In the 50's an electronic expert by the name of Jose Silva was deeply involved with experiments in hypnosis. He was trying to raise his children's intelligence and grades at school by teaching their homework while they were in a light trance state.

After years of experimenting he found that this "remote hypnosis" not only worked between close family members but also between total strangers!

In the world of psychology this was quite a profound discovery!

Around the same time, in 1966, the famous Russian psychic Karl Nikolaiev took part in an extraordinary experiment organized by skeptical Soviet scientists. In fact the experiment was so successful that it was widely published in the Russian news media and was the acknowledged catalyst for the upsurge in parapsychology interest among the civilian and scientific population of Russia. It was reported that it was due to this single experiment that the Soviet Government developed a serious interest in mind power research.


It has long been suspected that your right cerebral hemisphere, when in the alpha state, operates in a realm where time and space are of no consequence. What you think affects others... and what others think affects you! It is rather like the invisible connection between the earth's magnetic field and every magnetic compass on earth. They are interconnected. If the earth's magnetic field were to suddenly shift then every compass in existence would swing in unison. Likewise, if you suddenly move a magnetic compass, or any magnet for that matter, this movement will have a slight effect on the earth's entire magnetic field. Admittedly this would be so small as to be immeasurable but it would still be there.

Similarly, when you have a thought it "twitches" the entire human consciousness "thought field".

Rupert Sheldrake calls this the MORPHOGENETIC FIELD. Karl Jung called it COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESS. It is the basis for the skill you will learn today: SUBJECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

Jose Silva found a practical method of evoking and controlling this marvelous human ability at will. The technique, which is amazingly simple, has been developed over the years but to this day more than 99% of the population are unaware of it.

In the United States it is used extensively in business to "sway" the outcome of a business proposition in favor of the person using Subjective Communication. In personal life it has been used to resurrect a dying marriage, to name but one of its many applications.

And one of the most extraordinary applications is to use it to make people aware of your advertisement in the Yellow Pages! Its effectiveness appears to vary between 20% and 500%. That is the results can be up to 500% better than they would have been without it. If you consider two identical competitive businesses both vying for superior market share then the one that learns to use Subjective Communication will forge ahead. This has been tested and thoroughly proven.

Car dealers in the US who use this direct metal contact technique have reported a sharp improvement in sales. The usual comment is it brings customers out of the woodwork and actually closes more deals.

US real estate agents use it also -it makes a vast difference in their commissions when used properly. And it is a strange thing that most people are using it continually without being aware of it. Unfortunately they are also conveying mentally their fears and apprehensions. So it can work against them.

But used properly and with the correct protocol it can (and does) produce quite astounding results. Sometimes the results leave the practitioner somewhat startled. They almost seem too good to be true!

Some beginners have had such amazing success that the result has literally left them "awe-struck!


Imagine this scenario: you have your house on the market at $160,000 and you just can't seem to get any nibbles. You've advertised it for the past 6 months and while everyone agrees that the price is fair nobody has actually bought it. Worse still, you aren't even getting anyone to look at it. Things are looking rather dismal but for some reason you decide to attend a commercial mind course which is giving a seminar in your town that weekend and for the first time in your life you hear about Subjective Communication. Not only that, the instructor tells you exactly what to do, not only to sell your house, but to actually get the price you want. One week later it is sold, at $158,000. You can't quite believe it! You tell all your friends what has guessed receive looks of pity.

After all your friends know that you were "just lucky". But you know differently! You then decide to apply this magical mental technique to other areas of your life...and things suddenly become much more interesting. You seem to be able to achieve anything you set out to and for some "strange" reason; even total strangers fall over backwards trying to help you.

Welcome to the world of direct mental influence... Subjective Communication! In reality Subjective Communication is extremely easy and you do not have to have any experience whatsoever in alpha techniques, but it will help if you do.

If you have a genuine need then by using Subjective Communication you will be able to contact the right people to assist you in achieving your goal, simply by utilizing the knowledge you are about to read. At my office the staff simply refers to it as the magic process! And it is!

If you have something really important to achieve which involves other people and you can't seem to make any headway by conventional means then Subjective Communication is close to the ultimate answer. And the results are usually very quick! That is, you don't have to wait weeks for a reaction. In many situations you will get quite uncanny results the very next morning after you use it.

So... how is this extraordinary process achieved? Actually it is extremely simple. Following is the process by which you can learn this magical mental technique.


The only practical time when you will be able to contact another person mentally is when their brain is operating at the universal communication frequency of alpha. This occurs during the day while they are daydreaming or otherwise meditating but it is well known that people go through various cycles while they are asleep. One of these cycles is the alpha-stage whereby they might slide up from a deep theta/delta sleep into a period of alpha. It is at this brain frequency that they dream and this is when you are most liable to make reliable mental contact with them.

The simple trick is to program your mind as you go to sleep at night to wake you up when your brain neurons are resonating with their brain neurons. That is, when your minds have established communication.

This is a lot simpler to do than it sounds. It was rather like making an international telephone call in the old days before direct dialing.

You had to book your call in advance and when the operator finally raised the other party she would ring you and connect you both together. Subjective communication works the same way. Also if you want to mentally communicate with a group of people rather than just an individual you connect in the same way as the above telephone operator would set up a conference call.

Except that when you're using subjective communication the multiple connection is established instantaneously. All you really need to do is visualize the person or group you want to contact and your automatic right-brain neuron switching network will do the rest. And amazingly enough it never makes a mistake! It never gets the wrong connection! (The remote viewers refer to this as acquiring the signal line).


As you go to sleep at night you keep repeating to yourself... "I will wake up when I am in mental contact with (whoever) and I will remember why I have woken up"...

You repeat this a dozen times or more until you fall asleep. This is the programming that I mentioned earlier. If you have trouble with this you can always pre-record it onto a cassette and let it play as you fall asleep. Except the wording is slightly different.

You will record: "you will wake up when you are in mental contact with (whoever) and you will remember why you have woken up"... This is because you are talking to yourself as if you were a hypnotist hypnotizing somebody.

The reason for reminding yourself why you have woken up is because if you don't pre-program this you are likely to wake up and wonder what disturbed you! This has happened to me more times than I care to remember.

You can also program to wake up to talk to a group of people. In this case you say:

"I will wake up when I am in contact with the greatest number of my targeted group and I will remember why I have woken up."

When you do awaken it is fairly important to arrange things so that you don't fade away and drift off to sleep while in the middle of your "alpha transmission".

The best way to organize this is to get out of bed and freshen up by splashing cold water over your face... visiting the bathroom, etc. Then when you climb back into bed... make sure you are not too comfortable.

Prop yourself up in a slightly uncomfortable position and leave a light on. This will tend to keep you awake for the duration of your alpha exercise.

Now at this point it will help considerably if you have had alpha training but if you haven't, don't worry. The idea is to relax your mind and let yourself drift down into that dreamy state, while all the time telling yourself this: I will remain awake until after I have finished communicating with (the subject's name) Keep repeating this over and over. When you feel yourself totally relaxed start "talking" with the person (or group) in a positive friendly way.


Mentally see yourself talking to the other person and explaining the problem to them. See them nodding their head in agreement. Visualize clearly a happy and positive outcome to the "meeting".

Thank them for listening to you and visualize the meeting closed. Let yourself drift off to sleep. If you keep thinking about them as you're going to sleep control your thoughts very carefully. Any negative mental projection may get through and undo the good work you've just done. The best way is to drift off while seeing all concerned celebrating a happy outcome.

Now as soon as possible contact that person in real life and run your problem past them. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to find that you receive a very cordial reception and things go the way you want. Here is a real-life example:

Let us suppose that you are going for a job interview tomorrow and you're somewhat apprehensive. You know that a Mr. Bloggs will be interviewing you. As you go to sleep you instruct your subconscious as follows:

"I will wake up when I am in contact with Mr. Blogg's mind and I will remember why I have woken up"... You repeat this 10-20 times to make sure your subconscious gets the message. When you wake up sit up in bed (so you don't drop back to sleep) and relax so that you're in that daydream alpha state. You repeat the following slowly and clearly in your mind:

"Mr. Bloggs, you know I am the best person for the job... I have all the qualifications and by employing me you will make life easier for yourself... I am exactly the right person for this job and you will find me very efficient, reliable and easy to get along with... etc"...

Convey the entire message as if you were sitting there in front of him. Finally see him shaking your hand and congratulating you on getting the job then go back to sleep. When you meet Mr. Bloggs the next day you will be somewhat amazed at the friendly reception you get.

When you do this for the first time you will probably react the way most Subjective Communication beginners do... you will shake your head in wonderment because it works!

Here are examples of situations where you can use the subjective process to advantage:

  • You have a wayward child who is getting in with the wrong crowd and is rapidly heading off the rails. You subjectively communicate and explain why it would be to their advantage to "straighten up". See them agreeing and visualize their attitude improving. But whatever you do, don't preach at them.

  • You have a toddler who is wetting the bed at night. Communicate to them that it would be more comfortable if they got out of bed and went to the toilet. Explain this in a loving manner.

  • You are a minister and your congregations are getting smaller and smaller. (Possibly because your sermons are uninspiring). Subjectively communicate with your church group and suggest they attend on Sunday. Then you could suggest also that they give a bigger donation, which is fair enough because you're personally saving them from the twilight zone!

  • Somebody is hassling/bullying/intimidating you. Communicate with the person concerned and explain that life would be a lot better for both of you if he or she changed their attitude. See them agreeing. And if they don't modify their behavior visualize them being very uncomfortable or very unsettled whenever they think of you. This tends to get through to them subconsciously and they may feel inclined to leave you alone.

  • Somebody owes you or your business money. Communicate and explain how much better they would feel if they paid. See them nodding in agreement and writing out a check. Debt collectors who use subjective programming in this manner report quite spectacular results in some cases.

  • Your business is short of customers and it is becoming financially stressed. Subjectively communicate with a broad band of potential customers in your vicinity. Mention the name and address of your business at least 3 times and point out that you have exactly what they need. See them purchasing then walking out of your shop totally satisfied.

  • Suppose you have to give a public speech and you are extremely nervous. Simply visualize yourself standing on a stage in front of a microphone with your audience listening intently and giving you wild applause at the end. Subjectively communicate an outline of the speech to your "imaginary" audience and see yourself getting a standing ovation.

  • Maybe your marriage is breaking down and you would like to correct this situation. You can use Subjective Communication to convey to your partner the strong emotional feelings of love and affection that you both shared at the beginning. Visualize both of you holding hands and gazing fondly into each other's eyes. Visualize total happiness and contentment.

  • Perhaps you aren't married and would like to find a suitable partner. Subjectively "advertise" for someone. Picture the general appearance of the person you are looking for. Project your own general appearance and your requirements. Avoid all sexual overtones and project friendship instead.

There is one important point to remember here: the left-brain is usually the analytical one which handles all the complex "nitty-gritty" but the right-brain usually only deals with "overall concepts". When doing Subjective Communication do not try to "transmit" facts and figures. That is left-brain material. If you do, you will probably break the "neural connection". Merely project win/win concepts. You must treat the "receiver" as your equal -- do not criticize in any way -- merely offer mutually beneficial suggestions, which you clearly visualize the "receiving party" agreeing with.

Some readers may perceive all this as controlling others, but you control others all day long anyway. When you smile or frown you affect the emotions of others. When you drive slowly along a one-lane road you "control" the speed of the drivers behind you. And the fact that you are broadcasting subjectively all the time has a constant effect on others. It is just that in this case you are controlling and directing your subjective broadcasts. You were given this natural talent as a birthright... why not learn to use it?

CAUTION: Like any other talent you can also use it to "bore people to tears". Don't overdo it. Use it for a few days then give it a rest. Don't hammer others with consistent subjective broadcasts. If you do, it may work against you.

You will usually find that this communication works almost instantaneously and that you won't need to keep repeating it.

Welcome to the world of direct mental influence -- Subjective Communication! Use it wisely, it is a potent force!

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