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Are Tobacco Companies Still Using Subliminal Advertising?


Recently Formula One Team Ferrari has fallen under the spotlight for a possible subliminal advertising campaign with Marlboro.

There is a new logo of a barcode which seems to echo imagery used on a packet of Marlboro cigarettes. This barcode appears on the car itself (one of which is actually titled formally "The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro") and also on the overalls over the drivers of this team right next to the Ferrari logo.

Now subliminal advertising is banned within TV media and advertising so this is bad enough, but to make it worse Marlboro are obviously a tobacco company, and tobacco advertising has been banned since 1999 within formula 1.

However despite this Marlboro still have financial investment in the Ferrari team until 2011 (apparently worth approx $1billion over a ten year period), and it is not entirely clear what they are getting in return... until this new "barcode" appeared recently.

After this recent media spotlight, and demands of an explanation of what the barcode is actually meant to mean a Ferrari spokesman responded... but he didn't really give much info, just stating that "The bar code is part of the livery of the car, it is not part of a subliminal advertising campaign."

Don Elgie, the chief executive of Creston has his own views though. Creston is an advertising agency so he is qualified to comment and explains that the barcode can be classed as subliminal advertising. Because Marlboro is such a huge brand then this barcode is similar enough to their imagery that consumers will recognise it, and even if only subconsciously it will build in their mind over a period of time and they may show more affinity to that particular brand.

Marlboro are just one of many companies including Coca Cola and McDonalds to be accused of using subliminals in their advertising. There are lots of wild claims about subliminal messaging, both positive and negative, but if global brands such as these are spending literally billions of $s on it then why arn't you using it for your own personal needs?

Primarily subliminal audio is a personal development tool, and in just the same way that advertisers use it to create brand preferences after repeated exposure, you too can use it to create subtle and lasting changes within your mind.

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