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Telekinesis Equation Revealed

By James A. Conrad
Writer, Physics Researcher

In September of 2001, just seven days before 9/11, I issued a "telekinesis breakthrough" news release that swept around the world on the Internet and caused a lot of confusion. You see, for while I claimed a scientific breakthrough, I decided to keep the exact details of the breakthrough a secret for business proprietary reasons.

Here now is that secret. I am releasing it simultaneously to the public and scientific community for replication testing and as the foundation for research by others. What follows is being offered as a hypothesis, not scientific fact. The equation itself is part physiological equation and part psychological equation.

Therefore, it could be called either a physio-psychological equation or a psycho-physiological equation. There is a link to blood test evidence at the bottom of this page.

Conrad's Human Telekinesis Equation aka Conrad Telekinesis Formula:

TK = CFe + VC + ZPE - SD - E+


TK is Telekinesis. The ability to cause at a distance by cerebral-generated motive power the movement of matter or energy. "Motive power" refers to an emission or projection from the brain that acts upon or interacts with the atoms of a distant surface causing an effect of repulsion or attraction.

CFe is Cerebro Iron. Sufficient circulating iron in the brain and stored iron in the skull's bone marrow. The role of iron is essential, but further research into other factors is needed, as iron may possibly only work in conjunction with, and possibly only in genetically predisposed individuals who have, unusual magnetite deposits in the brain or in the ethmoid bone between the eyes, or perhaps a one-in-a-million chance formation of blood vessels and nerve cells in just the right place in the brain, in which an environment exists for an enhanced capacity to generate extra energy involving the presence of circulating or stored iron.

The fact is, when iron levels went down in my body, gradually to nearly half what they once were, the ability to perform telekinesis left me. Everything else on my blood tests remained essentially unchanged from previous tests (expected minor normal variations). In 1989, when I had the ability, my serum iron level measured 166 micrograms per deciliter (166 g/dL also written as 166 mcg/dL), which is high end of normal range. On the last blood test I had in 2002, at a time when I no longer had the ability or it was too low to detect, it was just 90 micrograms per deciliter (90 g/dL). That represents a 45.8% loss of the iron in my blood.

VC is Visual Contact. The target must be visually sighted in sufficient lighting with open space along the pathway in front of it. In repeated experiments, I found that closing one's eyes or attempting telekinesis in a darkened room produced negative results. This could mean that the mind has to be consciously aware of a target in terms of spatial three-dimensional reality and recognition, not through visualization by imagination, for the process of releasing telekinetic energy from the brain to occur. **

ZPE is Zero Point Emotions. The mental trigger. No will power or imagination is involved, both of which consume brain energy. The usual response time for the emission of energy is between five to twenty seconds after achieving this state of mind. This is a learned process. Highly sensitive laboratory equipment can be used to detect very low-level telekinesis.

SD is No Sleep Deprivation, which inhibits mental functioning.

E+ is No excessive level of vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E systemically protects the body from excess iron and can make it difficult to absorb and raise iron levels. The body requires a certain amount of vitamin E naturally, so what is discussed here is an excess, such as acquired through the taking of supplements.

Important Note: I have done years of laboratory research and have had over a decade of blood tests to study the levels of iron and other constituents of my blood. There are entire websites and organizations devoted to the dangers of excess iron in the body. None of the iron levels on my blood tests over the years would be considered excessive or dangerously high (just high end of normal range at its peak). Even though iron supplements are available over the counter without a prescription, do not take it without first doing research and having your blood tested to determine your present levels. There is more information on my research available on my website (site map).

Source: James A. Conrad

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