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The Subconcious Diet: It's Not What You Eat, It's What You Think

This is a real change in the thought about diets, a book that does not discuss food or exercise, but does look at the requirements for changing long set habits that are causing people to gain weight. It gives clear steps to make the adjustments in a person’s thinking that are the prerequisites for any change, especially in the habits of eating.

189,000,000 Americans are overweight and will die 5–15 years too soon! 2,600 will die today. Traditional diets do not work. It is time to change the approach to weight reduction.

For years people have been frustrated by diets that generally did not work. Of those who did lose weight initially, most people gained the weight back within six months of the end of the plan! Now the missing steps are shown in a short, simple format that will get the job done.

“You have a power far greater than will power and you can learn to use it to accomplish your goals,” predicts Hugh B. Sanders, author of the new book The Subconscious Diet: It's Not What You Put in Your Mouth, It Is What You Put in Your Mind! (Not hypnosis).Three hundred years of research has been put together in six simple steps that complete the process leading to permanent weight loss.

Hugh contends that we need to take control of our emotions, eliminate stress, fear, hate and guilt. Then harness the tremendous power of our subconscious mind. Traditional diet formats fail because they require you to take steps that your mind is not ready to implement. The included 18-page Success Guide shows you how to change your mind for your benefit.

The Subconscious Diet shows that diets are not different from any other success plan or goal and should be approached with the same time proven steps for success used by award winning athletes and professionals in any other field. Mr. Sanders states, “You can succeed with your diet or any other goal if you know the rules for success.”


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