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5 Tibetan Exercises to Unleash Your Youth and Energy

Source: The Five Rituals

Time marches on, and sooner or later it catches up with us.

That's why so many people buy creams and ointments to bring the glow back to their skin. But that's just on the outside.

What if there was a way to rejuvenate yourself from the inside out?

A way to restore not just your youthful good looks, but the energy and vitality that goes with it? A way to recharge your batteries... so you looked and felt as much as 30 YEARS YOUNGER?

There is.

It's called The Five Rituals.

It's a secret technique discovered in a hidden Himalayan monastery. It involves 5 simple exercises -- exercises ANYBODY can do at ANY age.

It takes only 10 minutes a day... and within 10 weeks will turn back the clock!

Here's an example of what The Five Rituals can do for you:

• Remove your wrinkles
• Improve your memory
• Restore your natural hair color
• Correct your eyesight
• Increase your energy levels
• And more!

Uncover the Lost Tibetan Secret of Eternal Youth

Exercise 1
Standing with arms out, turn towards your right hand. Start by making 3 complete revolutions and work up to 21. Go very slowly at first, being sure to stop if you feel a bit dizzy. Should you get dizzy, pick a spot on the wall and look at it until you feel clear-headed.

Exercise 2
First lie flat on the floor, face up. Fully extended your arms along your sides, and place the palms of your hands against the floor, keeping the fingers close together. Then, raise your head off the floor, tucking the chin against the chest.

As you do this, lift your legs, knees straight, into a vertical position. If possible, let the legs extend back over the body, toward the head; but do not let the knees bend. Then slowly lower both the head and the legs, knees straight, to the floor. Allow all the muscles to relax, continue breathing in the same rhythm. Breathe in deeply as you lift your legs and breathe out as you lower your legs.

Exercise 3
Kneel on the floor with the body erect. The hands should be placed against the thigh muscles. Incline the head and neck forward, tucking the chin against the chest. Then, throw the head and neck backward, arching the spine.

As you arch, you will brace your arms and hands against the thighs for support. After the arching, return to the original position, and start the rite all over again. Breathe in deeply as you arch the spine, breathe out as you return to an erect position.

Exercise 4
Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and your feet about 12 inches apart. With the trunk of the body erect, place the palms of your hands on the floor alongside the buttocks. Then, tuck the chin forward against the chest. Now, drop the head backward as far as it will go. At the same time, raise your body so that the knees bend while the arms remain straight.

The trunk of the body will be in a straight line with the upper legs, horizontal to the floor. Then, tense every muscle in the body. Finally, relax your muscles as you return to the original sitting position, and rest before repeating the procedure. Breathe in as you raise up, hold your breath as you tense the muscles, breathe out completely as you come down. Continue breathing in the same rhythm as long as you rest between repetitions.

Exercise 5
When you perform the fifth rite, your body will be face-down to the floor. It will be supported by the hands, palms down against the floor, and the toes in a flexed position. Throughout this rite, the hands and feet should be kept straight. Start with your arms perpendicular to the floor, and the spine arched, so that the body is in a sagging position.

Now, throw the head back as far as possible. Then, bending at the hips, bring the body up into an inverted 'V'. At the same time, bring the chin forward, tucking it against the chest. Breathe in deeply as you raise the body, breathe out fully as you lower it.

These simple little exercises are great for everyone, as they rejuvenate the hormonal system and every organ and gland in the body. Likewise, they increase muscle, carve curves, can reduce or eliminate double chins, bulging midriff and stomach and slack upper arm muscles. They also enhance and boost your metabolism. Within 3 months of daily practice, the Tibetans can make you look pounds lighter in 10 - 15 easy minutes a day. They are easiest to do an empty stomach in the morning.

Secret Exercises to keep you young

If you want to enjoy the strength and virility of youth again, then THIS is the product for you!

And if you're still relatively young, The Five Rituals will KEEP you that way.

It's been used by high fliers and celebrities to help maintain their youthful appearance.

If it works for them, it'll work for you.

No chemicals, operations, or additional treatments needed.

Just do the exercises, and watch as your body and mind are TRANSFORMED!

Here's what you get when you order:

• The FULL, ORIGINAL Five Rituals Book - Discover the SECRETS of ETERNAL YOUTH, straight from the original guide by Peter Kelder. Also includes the secret SIXTH ritualfrom Kelder's long-lost second book!

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• And much, much more!

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5 Tibetan RitualsUncover the Lost Tibetan Secret of Eternal Youth

Five Secret Tibetan exercises will help you increase your energy and improve your mood. Activate your power centers and pop out of bed alert and happy every morning.

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