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Time Traveler Who Visited The Year 8973
Shares Vision Of Future

Source: Disclose.tv

Being able to travel in time is something that has often been discussed, and it has been the focus of many movies. So far it has been seen as nothing more than a theory but would anyone believe a person if they said that they had traveled to a different time and come back?

Time travel is something that has fascinated many people for decades, and now a man from England by the name of William Taylor has come forward to say that he has been to the future on many different occasions and come back to tell the tale.

"Time travel was first successfully accomplished in 1981," Taylor claims. "There is an infinite number of alternate universes, it's possible every one of these universes exist and it's possible to move between these universes. We developed a machine to not only time travel, but move between these parallel universes."

Taylor has realized that not everyone believes his story about being able to travel into the future and this does not seem to bother him. What bothers him more is fear of reprisal for telling his story. This is because he claims to have worked for the government in Britain along with the British Intelligence agency.

Taylor said that there are many advanced technologies being kept secret. He went on to say that in time they will be released to the public but for the time being, they are highly classified. He claimed that “they” would be coming after him for releasing the video and telling the truth and that he was putting himself at risk for speaking up.

According to Taylor time travel was first accomplished in 1981, and there is an infinite number of alternate universes out there. He went on to say that it is possible that the universes exist and they can be moved between. Taylor claims that a machine was developed for time traveling and to allow people to move between the parallel universes.

In The Year 3000 Humans Live Underwater

Taylor spoke out above visiting the year 3000 and said that not a great deal had changed, other than humans lived under the water and he talked in detail about the things that he had seen during his time in the future. Taylor described looking up and seeing flying transportation in the sky above but only being able to see lights through what he claimed was thick smog. He went on to talk about going to 8973 and said that this was when the British government thought that machines and men would fuse together as one.

The video goes on and the longer that Taylor speaks about his time in the future and time travel the stranger it seems to get. He starts by talking about going into the future and time traveling and then goes on to talk about parallel universes and to travel to them. He then goes on to talk about invisibility and more. Whether you believe what Taylor has to say or you are skeptical about it, the video is rather entertaining to watch, and it may have some people wondering.



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