How to Create Your Dream Job as a Travel Writer

Ready to Enjoy the Luxurious Life of a Travel Writer? Get 5-Star Treatment, Get PAID to Write -- And Visit the Most Exotic Destinations, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

By Mel McIntrye, Creater of Travel Writing Secrets

There’s no doubt about it.

The life of a travel writer is pretty darn good.

They get to enjoy FREE first-class travel. Free five-star hotel accommodation. Free meals at exotic restaurants. Free tickets to the best shows. Free limousine pickups.

They also get paid BIG MONEY to write about experiences. Even though some “armchair travel writers” don’t even travel to the places they’re writing about!

And I should know.

Because I’m a travel writer myself!

And today, I’d like to share my secrets – with YOU.

Whether you want to become a published writer, or you’d like to enjoy a little more five-star luxury, or you just want to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home – I can make it happen for you.

My name is Mel McIntyre – and I’m known as the “Top Copy Guy.”

I’ve had my writing published the world over: fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, a novel, and courses such as The Ultimate Copywriter. I’ve written for all the leading publications - from The Stage to daily papers like The Guardian and The Independent.

However, of all of my writing, there’s one type that clearly stands out from the crowd.

Travel writing.


Because it gives me access to fresh worlds I’ve never even dreamt of before.

Like the time I was paid to go snorkelling just off a little-known island near Tahiti, with stunning underwater views that easily outshine the Great Barrier Reef.

Or the time I spent fifteen minutes alone inside the only air-conditioned room in Cairo Museum, staring straight into the eyes of the famous mask of Tutankhamen.

Or the time I was sent on a luxury trip to Lapland – and observed the truly beautiful Northern Lights. Sitting around a camp fire, we were told of the Finnish legend of the “fire fox” and how the lights were created by the fox swishing it’s bushy tail from side to side...

These are the experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

And THAT is why I love travel writing so much.

But it doesn’t stop there...

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever spoken to a REAL travel writer?

Well, I’m one of those “real” travel writers.

And I can tell you that it’s EASY to begin enjoying some of the fantastic 5-star benefits you may have heard rumours about – JUST by writing a few simple words.

Last year, for example, I was flown business-class to New York City. I stayed in a chic suite at the Royalton Hotel for three nights. I dined with friends at Le Bernardin and Masa, two of the best restaurants in the whole of NY.

I was given a press pass to a number of exhibitions, including free entry to every major tourist attraction.

And guess what?

It was all courtesy of the official New York City tourism board.

All I had to pay for was a taxi from the airport to my hotel. Which cost around $30.

I later wrote four separate articles about my experiences during that trip, and earned myself a total of £700 (around $1400) for four days of luxury.

But here’s the surprising bit...

With five-star treatment like this on the table, you’d expect the travel writing industry to be overflowing with writers... right?

Well, IT’S NOT.

Magazine editors are practically CRYING OUT for fresh writing talent. Heck, my editor at the Self Development Network was looking to take on new travel writers – just today.

And during my visit to New York City, the tourism board were practically BEGGING ME to provide them with fresh contacts in the industry.

They alone have an annual marketing budget of OVER $60 million to spend on getting writers like you to write about the city in a favourable light.

And that’s just ONE of the thousands of tourist boards out there, DESPERATE to give you the best possible experience of their region – all in the hope of bringing in a few extra tourism dollars.

Both editors AND tourism boards want YOU.

Can you just IMAGINE all of the exciting experiences you could be enjoying RIGHT NOW – just by throwing together a few words?

But what if you’re not much of a traveller?

Well, you don’t have to be!

You can still become a published travel writer AND enjoy lucrative cash payments for your work – without even leaving your armchair!

Just write about your experience.

Where did you last go on vacation? What adventures did you enjoy on your last weekend away? Where are the best restaurants in Paris… Texas… Manchester?

All of this information can QUICKLY and EASILY be compiled into a fascinating, informative travel article – in LESS than an HOUR.

And you can be paid an average of $400 / £200 just for putting your opinions into words.

I’ve done it time and time and time again.

Can you see just how PROFITABLE and enjoyable travel writing can be?

And even if you aren’t a regular traveller, when you do eventually go on your annual vacation – you can be sure of great service and five-star luxury.

So, whether you’re a traveller or not, travel writing itself is a GREAT way to earn money – and get published – quickly and easily!

Interested in getting started as a travel writer?

It’s a fantastic way to enjoy life – whether as a part-time hobby, or as a full-time writer.

But it’s also fraught with pitfalls, too.

And if you aren’t AWARE of them, it’s easy for things to go VERY WRONG.

When I started in the industry, I was personal friends with one the best travel editors in the United Kingdom. There was little this guy didn’t know.

He took me under his wing and showed me the tricks of the trade. That was 20 years ago. Now, I’m leading the field myself.

And I learned: Travel writing can be DANGEROUS.

Editors want their articles to follow a particular style. There are certain techniques you MUST stick to, unless you enjoy immediate rejection.

And there are key pieces of information that must be delivered with each article – some of which is simply for the editor’s reference, and will never be published. That’s the sort of information you can’t glean simply by reading existing travel articles.

Oh, and what about photos, too?

They’ll literally TREBLE the amount of money you’re paid for an article. But you need to take photos in a very specific way. If you don’t, an editor will either use stock photos – or simply reject your article.

Editors are DESPERATE for content – but LOW on time.

You need to hit the ground running.

If you DON’T get it right first time round, you might as well rip up your imaginary boarding pass – and wave goodbye to five-star luxury. Once you’ve been rejected from one travel magazine, it’s unlikely an editor will even consider future submissions.

YES – Travel writing is easy.

But YES – It’s a CLOSED INDUSTRY to the outside world.

That’s why you need someone “in the know” to get you started.

And I want to be that person, with my new course: Travel Writing Secrets.

Travel Writing Secrets


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