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Donald Trump - Master Persuader

By John-Pierre Maeli / The Political Informer

The Media isn’t to blame for Trump’s rise in the polls.

That would be too simple. Not to mention insulting to Trump himself.

See, Trump isn’t stupid.

He’s a smart guy.

He’s also a businessman, which means he knows a thing or two about selling. More specifically, getting people to buy his product.

And as we all know. Politics is a selling game. You’re trying to sell a message to your constituents. Your message is what gets you elected.

MindTrip MagazineTrump is selling.

He’s selling marvelously.

The poll numbers are evidence to that.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe that Trump’s rise is a result of media hype.

“It’s the media’s fault!” the experts say.

Is it?

I’m leaning toward another explanation: Trump’s an expert in persuasion.

Here’s what I mean…

The Media is only a Tool (& They can’t Make You Buy Something You Don’t Want)

There’s an old marketing adage that fits this perfectly.

You can’t get someone to buy something they don’t want.

The same goes for the media. They can’t get people to believe in something they don’t want.

This is why blaming the media for Trump’s rise is misguided. The media can only do so much. A better description of their role is they’re a tool. The media made the Trump situation worse, but they didn’t cause it.

Trump, like any good businessman and master persuader knows how to utilize the media. He knows how to use them to his advantage.

Trump’s Hit the Perfect Storm

With a combination of weak candidates, economic status, and fed-up-ness of voters it’s no surprise Trump has risen like he has.

The competition is lukewarm at best.

It’s politicians vs. an eccentric businessman. Who do you think’s going to win?

Trump is playing to the economic worries that many Americans are feeling. And he’s painting himself as an alternative to the status quo political system. His brash, boisterous attitude is new and exciting for many voters who are sick of the polite do-nothingness of Washington.

Another marketing phrase comes to mind: sometimes it’s not a matter of how good your product is, or how well you marketed it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of circumstances surrounding it.

Obviously Trump’s rise is more than circumstance, but he is benefiting from a perfect storm.

“Make America Great Again:” It’s the Perfect Slogan

Have you ever noticed how benign Trump’s slogan is?

Why is America no longer great? Why does it need to be made great again? What happened to the greatness? Who doesn’t want America to be great? What is American greatness?

You probably have an answer for all those questions. It’s Obama’s fault. It’s Big Government’s fault. It’s China’s fault.

But guess what? It’s another persuasion tactic.

A broad undefined slogan. It evokes a feeling of loss with a slight ting of optimism. As Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert comic strips points out on his blog…

“Trump’s slogan about taking back America speaks to loss while retaining the optimism that we can get it back. That is pure, engineered, persuasion perfection.”

“Trump’s slogan should, by design, make every voter spontaneously imagine the one thing they believe they have lost. It could be anything, from personal privacy to job opportunity to whatever. If you are afraid you lost it, Trump’s slogan makes you think of it automatically. And you just automatically paired your emotional sense of wanting something precious with … Donald Trump.”

Trump’s slogan is specifically meant to let you define what’s great. It’s a fill in the blank slogan, meant to draw you in.

I think he’s done a darn good job so far with it.

Trump is a Master at Playing the Media for All They’re Worth

During the first republican debate, Trump showed his mastery of the media.

When Megyn Kelly asked him about his offensive comments about women, Trump didn’t try to address it.

If he had defended his comments, the media would’ve torn him apart. If he clarified what he meant, the media would’ve torn him apart.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

The only option is to throw in your own comment. Distracting the media and the audience at the same time.

Don’t fight on the battlefield of their choosing. Pick your own battlefield.

He threw in a crazy comment about Rosie O’Donnell and owned the headlines after that. He played the media, and they fell for it.

He’s done this time and time again with the media. All with amazing success.


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