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Achieving the Ultimate Aim of Life - Freedom

By Enoch Tan, Creator of Mind Power Secrets Package
Exclusive to MindTrip Magazine

The ultimate aim of life is freedom. Life seeks more of itself. We all desire to live more, which is freedom. All wealth and power is for the purpose of having more freedom.

Those who realize this simple truth are the ones who attain wealth and power in a way that makes them truly happy and fulfilled.

In the pursuit of wealth and power, the aim is to create more freedom, not less. Wealth, power and freedom are one. When one becomes less free, their wealth and power are actually lessened in true measure.

The freedom we seek is the freedom to do whatever we want and have whatever we want. The more we can do what we want and have what we want, the more freedom we have. This is how you measure how much freedom you have in your life.

Many people think they are quite free, but they are not really free. They are trapped in systems that prevent them from doing what they want and having what they want. They’re trapped by their own fears of going beyond the system because the system offers safety.

Freedom begins with freeing the mind. You must free your mind from fears and faulty perception about how your world works. You must realize that it is safer to acquire freedom than it is to stay with the illusion of security. Having someone else offer you a system to give you money security will trap you from being able to attain financial freedom. You will always be under the control of the system that you abide by. To be free, you must create your own system. Only then are you free to control your world.

Awareness is power because knowing the truth makes you free. You can tell how much truth a person has by how much freedom they actually have. The more truth one has, the freer they are. Observe those who are teachers of truth and see how much freedom they actually manifest in their lives in terms of abundance and personal power. Those who really walk the talk are the ones who experience abundance and personal power. The best teachers manifest the greatest freedom from having best knowledge.

The will is freedom. The more one uses the will, the more one is free. Freedom is a choice. One must choose in order to be free. You will also notice that those among us who have the most freedom are the ones whose will are the greatest. They make choices more of the time than to go along without choosing. They are more conscious of what they are choosing. They are deliberate in everything they do. To choose is to live consciously. Freedom cannot be given. Freedom is to be lived by the act of choice.

The use of the will is based on the intelligence. You must have a certain amount of intelligence first before you can use the will. That which has no intelligence has no will. God exists as infinite intelligence first before he is known as divine will. The will is an exerting force that makes manifest the expression of intelligence. The exertion of the will manifests the intelligence, and the proof of intelligence is displayed by the exertion of the will. The greater geniuses among us are those who exert their will powerfully.

Intelligence is the primary thing to get above all. Seek to attain more knowledge, more truth and therefore more intelligence. The more intelligent you are, the more you can use your will. The more awareness you have, the more you are able to choose. Awareness gives you choice while intelligence enables you to use your will. It begins with being willful at seeking truth and knowledge even in the face of all opposing force. Choosing knowledge displays your intelligence which qualifies you for more intelligence.

Having more options gives you power and freedom. The process of having more options requires thinking and directing the consciousness towards the seeking of options. Many people do not think or direct their consciousness because it takes mental effort which they do not wish to exercise. To think is to exercise power. That is why those who exercise power by thinking are those who acquire more freedom than those who don’t. The more free you want to be, the more thinking you must exercise in your life.

Having only a single option to focus on also gives you freedom. When you have too many options to choose from, you can’t move powerfully in any direction. At times you must multiply your options while at other times you must eliminate them. The art of intelligence is to simplify so that you can move along a particular line with full power. It gives you complete freedom to maneuver within that single choice without having your energy attached to the other choices. One choice is all you need when it’s the best.

To be free is to be without limits. The limits of your finances and power to do what you want are the limits of your freedom. If you can have more and be more, why not go for it? The moment you stop growing, you die. Life is expansion towards greater freedom. Death is the complete opposite. Those who decided they have enough and stop going for more have decided that they had enough of living, and that’s when they start dying. Life seeks more experience through you by your heart’s desires. Follow them.

Nirvana is liberation which is freedom. You cannot have ultimate nirvana or total freedom unless you are free spiritually and financially. Those who have no money are not free. They are only deceiving themselves and others that they have total freedom. They have only one aspect of freedom and not the other. Money is power and freedom in this realm. In order to have total freedom in this realm, one must have both spiritual and financial freedom. Those who understand this are the completely enlightened ones.

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