Uri Geller's Spoon Takes Credit for UK Election

Bonkers Uri Geller claims he helped Boris Johnson win election with 'special positivity spoon'

By Joe Gamp / The Sun UK

Spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller has claimed responsibility for helping Boris Johnson cruise to election victory.

The TV psychic tweeted that he had met with the Prime Minister and his team ahead of the Conservative's stonking majority in last week's general election.

The Israeli personality is claiming he influenced the landslide victory - by giving Boris a spoon "energised" with "mind positivity".

Geller, who shot to fame after failing to prove his abilities to bend a spoon on The Today Show in 1973, has often attempted to help solve the biggest issues of the day using his powers.

Taking to Facebook, Uri revealed his "crucial" role helped propel Mr Johnson to victory – and left Jeremy Corbyn reeling over Labour's worst election defeat since 1935.

Uri posted a video of his bizarre blessing ritual to Facebook on Monday, ensuring the public that the ritual blessing was "no joke".

The Tel Aviv-born psychic wrote: "I met with members of Boris Johnson's team – and gave them a spoon to be presented to Boris Johnson which belonged to Golda Meir, fourth Prime Minister of Israel.

"I had energised this spoon with positive energy, as part of my strategy, along with the mind power of the UK public, to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn did NOT end up as Prime Minister!

"This is no joke, this is real! My energy and the energy of the people of the UK ensured Boris Johnson's landslide victory, and kept Jeremy away from No.10!"

The self-styled mind-bender, who was investigated for his "abilities" in the 1970's, previously said he would use "telepathic powers" to stop Corbyn from becoming the next Prime Minister at the start of this year.

And on the topic of Brexit, Uri endorsed Mr Johnson's plan to exit the EU – hailing him as "the best thing for the UK right now".

His post continued: "By the way - I haven't forgotten about #brexit, I've been working on this continually, and despite what many may think, I believe that Boris Johnson as #PM is the very best thing for the UK right now concerning Brexit. You will come to understand what I mean in time."

His vow comes after he promised to use his psychic powers to "stop Brexit" in March.

Uri previously claimed that he predicted former PM Theresa May's success in 2014.

He told The Sun on Sunday: "I had taken her out to the garage of my old home to show her how I bent spoons.

"I happened to pull out one that once belonged to Winston Churchill. Then it struck me. I said, 'Theresa, you will be the Prime Minister".

And his career as a psychic has been peppered with memorable moments.

In 1992, he predicted missing Hungarian model Helga Farkas would be found safe and sound - although she was never seen again.

And in 1997, he placed "energy-infused crystals" at the grounds of Exeter City football club, in order to help the team achieve success in an end of season game.

However, they lost 5-1 in a disastrous performance.


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