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Let Go Of Effort Abundance Will Flow To You Naturally

By Edith Moscowitz / Vortex Success

One of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction is to ask – ask, and it is given.

It sounds very simple, but, in fact, it’s important to know how to ask and be accurate about your wish in the correct way.

The accuracy is essential to receiving the thing you want and not the thing you don’t want.

When you don’t know how to ask or what to ask for, many times you will attract different things, situations and experiences to your life. Some of them might be great, but you don’t have the need or will to have them.

For example, you can attract someone who is very interested in you or who desperately wants you, but your heart is not there, or you’re not really attracted to that person.

Direct your energy

The meaning of “directing the energy” is to lead it to make the things you want flow to you. That’s why you need to be accurate.

Imagine you’re going to a restaurant and you tell the waiter, “Please bring me some food.” You didn’t mention what kind of food, what you are hungry for or how hungry you are.

Do you want an appetizer or an entree? The waiter can bring you a steak, but you’re a vegetarian, and therefore you will not want to eat this.

Now that you understand that your request from the universe needs to be precise and right for YOU, let’s see how to do it in a way that will serve you.

Focus on yourself

When you’re interested in inviting to your life a goal or a certain situation, it is necessary to put the emphasis on yourself. It’s true that we are surrounded by lots of people in our circles; so you might think it’s complicated to not focus on others when you ask for something from the universe.

However, there is a way to do it and I’ll show you how.

If, for instance, you desire to magnetize a long-lasting, strong, loving relationship into your life, it’s crucial that you put yourself in the center. A common mistake people fall into is focusing on the other person.

Here are a few examples of request that are asked in the wrong way:

“I want John to love me.”
“I wish my boss would give me a raise.”
“I want my wife to be faithful.”
“I am praying that my kids respect me.”

All of those examples put the responsibility for our desires, cravings and goals on other people.

When your energy is focused on others when you ask for something, you are not directing the energy properly.

Now let’s examine the examples above and formulate them the right way:

“I feel loved.”
“I attract a higher income into my life.”
“I feel a sense of trust in my relationship.”
“I feel respected and appreciated.”

Feelings, ladies and gentlemen, feelings

One of the most important center marks in energy directing is to focus on MY feelings – how am I going to feel when I achieve X? What is the value I’m about to experience when I reach my goal? The focus should be on the substance and not the package.

Let’s try to clear this point by using examples:

If you’re interested in magnetizing a flow of money to your bank account, ask yourself – what is the value you’re going to get by having this money? What is the feeling you will experience when you have more money? Is it a sense of security? Protection? Stability? clarity? Confidence? Ease? Satisfaction? Creativity? Meaning?

What is the reason you want a raise? Is it because you want to feel appreciated and valued? Equal? Look deep inside and figure out what stands behind your request for more money; find out the hidden meaning that stands behind it and what value and emotion(s) this money is going to provide you.

If you wish to attract the love of your life, reveal the emotions that this love will give you. Is it stability? Harmony? Passion? A sense of security? Soul connection? To feel loved? Appreciated? Desired? Valuable?

Of course, you can feel more than one value, and this is even recommended.

Choose four values that represent the most important things to you; by that you can direct the energy accurately and magnetize the goal you desire.

MindTrip MagazineCut the chase

All of our lives we were taught that in order to gain something we needed to sweat for it, we needed to work super hard to get it. This outlook is completely contrary to the Law of Attraction foundations, and actually works against you.

You’re not the only one. I was taught to believe that too.

How many times have you met people that everything comes easily and “good luck” plays a major role in their lives?

Remember that the Law of Attraction is connecting between matching vibrations. Therefore, when you are trying too hard with extra effort, you put yourself in a negative vibrational state, so the results you experience will fit that vibration.

Think about two people who are in the middle of an argument. Each is trying really hard to prove his point of view. In fact, this effort to show the other that he’s wrong is working against them.

Or imagine that you’re going out with someone and he or she is continuously trying to impress you with unnatural behavior, or calling you nonstop and asking for your attention obsessively.

Usually, this kind of effort will bring that person the opposite results because, most likely, it will turn you off. The person who is chasing you will radiate a desperate and needy vibe that will probably make you take a step back.

I remember when I was in the dating scene, I had this first date with someone, and the next day I got something like five text messages and a few phone calls. I immediately thought “oh no, that’s not going to work”. As a very independent woman, that was the last thing I needed.

So cut the chase, line up with the vibration you want and it will flow to you. Don’t worry, it will.

Should I just sit back and wait for those dollars flow to me

In order for things to manifest the way you want them, you must connect to a higher vibration (get into the vortex) and at the same time act on it when the opportunities are shown to you.

Once your vibration is positive, you will naturally and easily attract situations, people and opportunities without intense effort, but here comes the part of operating. You must notice these opportunities as abundance flowing directly to you and joyfully receive it.

When you are making actions to reach your goal, your actions must be operated with calmness and peacefulness (or even with excitement and enthusiasm), without a sense of lack of time (or lack of any kind) and without projecting any negativity such as stress, tension or anxiety. Simply enjoy the unfolding.

Your progress through the process must be conducted under positive vibrations – you need to enjoy the process even if you don’t see immediate results.

For instance, if you’re opening a business, try to have fun with it even if you have a gazillion tasks to complete. Work on your business by connecting to empowering emotions like joy and excitement, and not out of anxiety, anger or fear.

Let’s sum it up

If you notice that you’re acting on your goal and starting to feel pressure, stress or any other kind of negative emotion that puts you in a low vibrational state, take a break.

If you see that you’re making too much effort, take a break. Rest, take a walk, sit on the beach, take a short bike ride, go to a coffee shop, breathe fresh air, meditate, talk to a friend, watch a funny show, listen to your favorite song or listen to brainwave entrainment or subliminal messages.

The universe is responding to your feelings. Be aware of your feelings. When you spot negativity in your attitude, stop, take a few deep breaths and step out of this vibration by doing or thinking about something that makes you feel good.

If you have to do it multiple times a day, do it. As time goes by, you will train yourself to feel great naturally without forcing yourself to connect to high vibrations.

As you hold your vibrational frequency without losing patience and looking at the “what is,” the manifestation will show itself to you. It has to; there are no exceptions. You will not have to struggle for it and fight for it. The evidence will appear in all its glory.

Makes sense, right?


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