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How to Wake Up More Powerful

Source: Sleep Programming

You probably sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours a night, but is it actually productive?

Listen to this CD, and you can turn this useless 'dead' time into a powerful mental workout that actually improves how you think, boosts your IQ, cures negative behaviors and helps you reach peak performance.

No effort required - just wake up to a more powerful you.

And for all subscribers to Mind Power News I've arranged for a 10 day trial ... and it'll cost just $1.

Download the program instantly. Put it to work TONIGHT. See results for yourself. If you don't, e-mail support saying you don't want it... and you won't pay a penny more, no questions asked.

Keep it, and you'll pay the discounted rate of just $64.97... 50% off the price that thousands of other people have paid -- and continue to pay, every day.

Here's the website if you want to learn more -- but DON'T order from there.

Instead, go HERE for the $1 trial and 50% sale price...

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