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Weird Physics: Heaven and Earth, UFOs, Consciousness

By Steve Hammons / American Chronicle

Some scientific views about our universe now include ideas about multiple dimensions in a "multiverse," bridges or portals between them, fields of "zero point energy" and other fascinating concepts.

How do these newer ideas about ways the universe might be structured and operate compare to more traditional concepts about an afterlife such as "Heaven" or a dimension where we might reside before coming into this life?

What about unusual phenomena such as perceptions of angels, strange lights or UFOs? How do these ideas fit into the overall picture?

And then there is the topic of human consciousness which includes our thinking, creative imaginations, dream states, sensory perception, extrasensory perception (ESP) or "anomalous cognition," prayer and even ideas of links between our consciousness and our DNA.

What are the connections between these many pieces of the puzzle? Can we understand more about the nature of these and other elements around us and within us?

Natural Realities

In many philosophical and spiritual traditions, a human who has lived a basically good and decent life will go to Heaven or an afterlife of some kind. Some views include the idea of a very unpleasant afterlife for people who have not been a force for good.

Other concepts include ideas of a dimension that serves as a way-station for us as we live one life on Earth, move to another dimension, then begin life again either on Earth or somewhere else.

Some modern physics theories seem to validate the idea that there may be other dimensions that we do not always clearly perceive, but may not be so far away. They may be near, separated from us only by mysterious doorways of some kind.

For example, if we are living our everyday life and for some reason our biological life ends from injury, illness or old age, according to some views we may then promptly move through a tunnel of light to arrive in another dimension fairly quickly. If we come back, it is called a "near-death experience."

Other theories about UFOs, unusual beings and even angels propose that these phenomena involve the ability to slip in and out of our dimension and other dimensions through portals or "wormholes" of some kind.

Combining certain modern scientific views from many fields of study with traditional human beliefs, legends and folklore might help us get a more complete understanding of how the larger Nature is organized and how it operates.

Merging and Emerging

Our beliefs, faith, perceptions, understanding and intelligence also seem to be part of the mix. Human consciousness apparently may have many aspects that we do not fully grasp or routinely use.

Do humans have a "sixth sense" that allows for ESP, telepathy, abilities to glimpse into the future or remember the ancient past? If so, how does it work? Reliable research activities have found strong evidence that people do have the potential for these aspects of human consciousness.

As our understanding of these kinds of subjects improves, we might be able to find more ways to apply this knowledge in our daily lives and in the problems facing human societies on Earth today.

What if the dimensions of our Earth and Heaven were to become more closely linked? What if our loved ones who have passed on and our ancestors became more accessible to us, and we to them?

What if our physical and material dimension on Earth merged somewhat more with a spiritual or cosmic energy-based dimension associated with a transcendent force or field of special "Light" and higher consciousness?

We might wonder if these interesting ideas could actually be real developments evolving and emerging today.

These kinds of research and investigation are not just for scientists and philosophers. We all possess a consciousness that probably has the ability to perceive truth or inaccuracies in various ideas about the Universe and the nature of Nature.

Maybe when more of us have a better feel for these ideas and possible realities we will reach a tipping point that will make some of our hopes and dreams come true.

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