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How Does This Woman Win Every Contest She Enters?

By Marjam Vaher / Source: The Winning Sage

Helene Hadsell doesn’t believe in luck, chance or accidents. What is it about this very normal woman from Alvarado, Texas that bridges the gap between the power of manifestation and everyday reality?

Helene’s uncanny ability to win anything she desires has been covered by newspapers and magazines, and today we’re going to share some of these astonishing stories with you.

At 83-years-old, all Helene wants is to share her knowledge with the world and support you in achieving all that you desire. She wants you to believe.

A family of winners

Helene Hadsell’s family doesn’t pay for vacations, cars, furniture, bicycles or even houses. They just win them. What is the secret behind all this winning? It started with a book that Helene read 50 years ago.

Back in 1958 Helene was a 33-year-old housewife with three bright children and an engineer husband. They lived in a modest home in Grand Prairie, Texas. They existed comfortably, but not much was leftover for luxuries or extras. Sound familiar?

One day Helene started reading the book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. She got one simple message from this book: you can have anything you want, provided you know what you want! This straightforward idea changed her life.

Helene’s son Chris wins a family trip to Disneyland

Helene wasn’t the only one interested in contesting - her whole family got involved by participating in most of the contests. They worked as a team and each of them contributed their positive energy, creative ideas and active visioning. Her three children learned very quickly how to manifest and win whatever they wanted. They were soon on their way to achieving their own dreams.

For Helene, manifesting isn’t something ‘magical’ - it’s a skill that anyone can learn, something you practice and become better and better at. And there is NO failure, there is only a delay in results.

Helene’s son Chris was so excited about the fact that he could manifest his desires that he started to enter contests for teenagers or students. Here is Chris with his family after winning a family trip to Disneyland.

Winning the house of her dreams

Over the years, Helene has won so many prizes in contests, from refrigerators to trips to Europe. But one of the most incredible wins, according to Helene, was the brand new dream home she won at the World’s Fair. She was randomly picked from 2 million entries.

Helene’s story is amazing. Actually, it’s pretty darn unbelievable. BUT IT’S TRUE. The Law of Attraction is on everyone’s lips these days. Does it work? Is it real? Well, I think Helene’s story proves there is definitely something to it.

She’s even come up with her own four-step ‘winning’ formula called SPEC: 1) Select It; 2) Project It; 3) Expect It; and 4) Collect It.

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The Magic of Winning
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