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Psychotronic Wishing Machine

Don't you wish fast-buck artists would just go away?

Well now you can!

A company called Life Technology Research International, is offering a product called Psychotronic Wishing Machine. It allows you to speak into the device, describing what it is that you wish for, and then you wait for the wish to happen.

According to the product's webpage, you leave the device on continuously until the wish manifests itself.

It works using a technology called Radionics. It involves conscious human interaction with subtle energy fields. It allows the operator to project energy at a life force at any distance, and consciously and precisely direct your intent. Radionics can be used to project energy and specific itent to oneself and others.

You have to read the webpage itself if you really want the details.

The Psychotronic Wishing Machine sells for $499.95.

Check out the other cool stuff the company sells, such as the The Ultra Powerful Psychotronic Love Magnet.

Source: Strange New Products

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