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Hypnotized Man Has Woman's Orgasm

Hindustan Times

Most women spend their entire lives waiting for one, and till they don't they fake it, but how about a man, who under deep hypnosis, claims he had a woman's orgasm, and it was far more pleasurable than what men normally experience.

According to The Sun, the amazing incident happened to writer Simeon de la Torre, who experienced pregnancy and childbirth as part of an experiment for a magazine, and had an orgasm when his therapist took him back to the point of conception to see if he could have an orgasm like wife.

"Nicola told me to imagine I was Clare and we were making love. I started to feel a bit odd, then was getting warmer and warmer.

"The climax appeared to come from within. I did not shout, 'Oh my god'. But I experienced a glorious, glowing, female orgasm.

"Waves of euphoria radiated over me from the pit of my stomach to my toes as a gleeful smile spread across my face. It was longer, gentler and distinctly different to the juddering knee-tremblers I usually have. And, unfortunately chaps, it was better. Now I want to do it again," the paper quoted him, as saying.

Source: Hindustan Times

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