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The Woo-Woo School of Manifesting

By Barry Goss,
Creator of The Manifestation Portal

It's a NEW year, but it doesn't necessarily MEAN you'll be a NEW YOU !

Huh ?

Well, first, let's look at just two (for now) common, over-the-top, Pollyannaish pieces of wisdom you've certainly heard before.

I can hear you now, "Uttt ohhh, Barry is about to throw down another hand slap on the table and cause me to engage in some critical thinking, and deeper ownership of my habits, again." If you thought that, why YES, ab-so-lute-ly I am! )

Common Myth #1: The more I stay in the moment, the more I experience what I want now.


Well, for starters, that would be detrimental thinking for somebody like an astronaut, corporate CEO, or even basketball player.

Can you image Commander Scotty Jacobs (made up name), during flight-check procedure, tuning out all thoughts EXCEPT what's right in front of him.

"Well," you say, "aaaah, Barry, that's what he's supposed to do, right?"

Really ?

What about the CEO who constantly tells himself "I am wealthy. My company is prosperous" all while the bigger picture around him shows that he, nor the company, are getting the RESULTS they want?

Will taking the "Right Here - Right Now" approach to manifesting really help this CEO ?

Uhmmmm, well, one more example ... then I'll tackle this answer.

One cold December day, in 1987, my High School Basketball coach came in the gym and told us verbatim (I remember it like it was yesterday):

"...To rise above mediocrity you have to consistently act in the present. You won't make it on my team living off of past accomplishments or thinking about who you may someday become. Operate out of your comfort zone! If you come in here [the gym] focusing on hard work and proving yourself everyday -- if you concentrate your energy on the here and now, I promise you that your future will take care of itself."

There is, undoubtedly, some MAJOR truth to this.

I won't deny that.

However, it's not the complete TRUTH!

Here's why:

During a practice session, it DOES make sense for a basketball player to "immerse himself" into the moment of being the best basketball he can image. It makes complete sense to not rest on your laurels (from previous games feats); but during a game .....

That can be a much different story.

In areas of life that require physical skill, mental acuity, or profound thought, OFTENTIMES you do have to dig into the archives of your PAST to get an EDGE in the present.

In the case of the basketball player during a game, while waiting on the ball to be passed to him, his brain may quickly (as in a split second) go back to another game where he saw himself in the wrong position and, because of that, his pass got intercepted.

So, by day-dreaming back to the past in a lightening fassst way, he can use that real-world experience to achieve better and bigger PRESENT results.

The Astronaut (er, Commander Jacobs) ?

He's not telling himself "I am one with the spaceship" or "I am the best damn astronaut in the whole galaxy right now" (well, maybe he might say that to get himself psyched-up); instead, he's drawing upon years of training to "cross-check" what he was told in pre-launch session to what is in his reality, on the console, NOW!

He's ALSO "doing" from the FUTURE as well.

How ?

Well, as he discusses mission planning, timeframes, and tasks with his crew, he's PRESENT, but certainly not just "in the now."

All those are "things" that can only be achieved in the FUTURE if the PRESENT mind can assoicate what needs to be done then with the knowledge "at hand."

Like the goal-setting, task-focused, deadline-meeting CEO of corporate America (not the example CEO above), his mental processes are always circulating between past, present, and future so RESULTS (creation) can be experienced (achieved).

The moral ?

I'll let one of the mentors from our Manifestation Portal sum it up for you:

"We have this mistaken notion that the good life is 'eat, drink and be merry' and all that kind of in-the-moment / instant-gratification stuff. But, if you really think about it, the good life is the disciplined life; the good life is the consistent life; the good life is the life that is willing to views the possible ramifications of short-term thinking and makes sacrifices to enjoy long-term gain." - Gary Ryan Blair

Common Myth #2: The more love I give out, the more love I'll get back.

This is also only partly true.

Since everything is energy, what's the intent behind the massive amount of "giving love"? Are you doing it - being the look-the-other-way, turn-the- ther-cheek person in a relationship - to mask something deeper, darker, and more unsettling within yourself ?

We all know people who avoid "controversy" or "recurring patterns" of crap in their life. For some, it's always best to just put on the "rose-colored glasses, sing a song, and chant an affirmation until the "badness" goes away.

Welllllll, I'm here to tell you one thing shocking for the New Year:

The best way to figure out what's REALLY going on beneath the veil, underneath your rosy glasses, is to TAKE ownership of what you're seeing and experiencing on the outside.

The moral to myth #2?

If you're not getting the results you want from the school of manifesting that is only in session when the sun is out, it's time to get yourself dirty by playing in your own internal mud pit.

Be responsible for what you have right now, not ONLY just what you want to BE right now. Because, if you're putting out the effort, but seeing the same results, you MUST (yes MUST) go down that dark alley - where, at the end, if you make it thru, will most likely be unresolved emotions, past regrets, or a sliver of yourself in denial about something.

"...the truth is that most people struggle through life simply reacting to events around them, oblivious to the fact that they help to create those events. Like a ship tossed at sea, they see themselves buffeted by external circumstances, a tiny object subject to the wrath of the universe.." - Randy Gage

Also by Barry Goss: Think Big, Dream Bigger to Manifest Your Life