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11-year-old Boy Breaks World Memory Record


A child prodigy bested his own teacher to set a new world record for memorising the most number of random objects, thereby earning a place for himself in the Guinness Book of Records.

Nischal Narayanam, 11, looks like any other schoolboy but his amazing memory has put him among the select brand of Guinness world record holders.

A Class 6 student of the Gitanjali School here, Nischal achieved the feat by memorising 225 most random objects, beating his own master, Squadron Leader Jayasimha, who had set the record last year by memorising 200 objects.

Accompanied by his proud parents, Nischal announced his entry to the Guinness book at a news conference here yesterday, a day after receiving the relevant certificate from Guinness World Record Ltd.


The boy had performed for the Guinness World Record last month in the presence of a group of prominent people who acted as judges. He was not only able to recall all 225 assorted objects but also remembered the numbers assigned to them.

"I am very excited on achieving this feat. All the credit goes to my mother who is also my mentor," said Nischal.

"We are very happy with the feat our son achieved at this young age," said his father N. Nageswara Rao who is managing director of NCS Group of Companies.


Nischal's mother N. Padmavathy, a housewife with a doctorate in Sanskrit, found in her son some extraordinary memory power and mathematical skills and arranged for teachers like Jayasimha to hone these skills.

"One needs scientific methods and three qualities of concentration, seriousness and determination to achieve this feat," said Nischal, who solves mathematical problems with the help of the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System, a method that works faster than a computer.

He can also perform rare feats on the abacus and blindfold chess. "Master Nischal made everyone of us proud not only us but the entire country by getting into the Guinness Book. He can act as a role model, icon and guide for everyone," said Sqdr Ldr Jayasimha.


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