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Why the World Won't End in 2012

By Stuart Wilde / Source:

The Mayans were a black magic blood cult that practised human sacrifice, like the Romans that sacrificed 100,000 people a year in the Colosseum.

The Mayans were a very cruel people that got power and pleasure from torture… their kings existed on the slave labor of thousands upon thousands of the indigenous people they captured. Most have never heard of this aspect of the Mayans.

If the Nazis had had a calendar, which say predicted the end of the world on Hitler's birthday 20 April in 2022... people would ridicule it, but the Mayans were just as fascist as Hitler if not more so, and they were much less evolved than the Germans of the 1930s.

The idea that this rinky dink civilization with their vile sacrificial rituals could predict the end of the world is beyond silly.

The fear this Mayan prophesy creates in the Global Mind (the collective unconscious) and the films it has spawned, is evil, it's a ghoulish feed because it helps to create that very collapse in the collective mind, and while that collapse may be economic, it could be an emotional collapse of stability, or a break down of confidence in our systems, it's still a collapse.

So the prophesy is somewhat self-fulfilling and dangerous.
In 2012 we'll see oil prices rocket and the financial world edge towards ruin, so the world as we know it may change, but the chances of the Mayan blood cult's inaccurate calendar (see below) being right about the end of the world are Zip-Zero-Nada!

The Mayan calendar ended abruptly; they got rubbed out—karma. So if they couldn't predict their own end why would anyone think they could predict the world's end?

Don't Count on the Mayans

The Mayan calendar was used in the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican era, it was based on a lunar count and Venus' progression through the skies. Their short count was 52 years (a man's lifetime in those days), their long count was 5136 years, it began at the arbitrary date of 3114 BC which takes it to Dec 2012.

John Normark of UC Santa Barbara says the solar calendar of the Mayans and our Gregorian calendar may be 60 days out.

The Haab' was the Maya solar calendar made up of eighteen months of twenty days each plus a period of five days ("nameless days") at the end of the year known as Wayeb' (or Uayeb in 16th C. orthography).

The five days of Wayeb', were thought to be a dangerous time. Foster writes, "During Wayeb, portals between the mortal realm and the Underworld dissolved. No boundaries prevented the ill-intending deities from causing disasters."

To ward off these evil spirits, the Maya had customs and rituals they practiced during Wayeb'. For example, people avoided leaving their houses and washing or combing their hair. Bricker (1982) estimates that the Haab' was first used around 550 BC with a starting point of the winter solstice.

And the Maya had their human sacrifices that they practiced during Wayeb', offering the death of humans and blood to ward off evil spirits. It was all part of their suspicions and debauchery, their black magic, it didn't work for them, the blood of their victims came back to destroy them.

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