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Russian "X-Ray Girl" Surprises Japanese

Natalia Demkina, 17, returned from Japan recently, where some experiments and tests confirmed her extraordinary ability of seeing people through in the direct sense of the word like an x-ray apparatus and determining their diagnosis. She can do it both for people and animals, including looking at their photos, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Demkina has already been to London and New York where experts conducted various experiments. The English have acknowledged her gift without any doubts. The Americans had some suspicions, as the girl could only determine the illnesses of four out of seven people.

And now the Tokyo test confirmed her ability to 100%. The experiment was conducted by Yoshio Machi, a professor of Tokyo University and a researcher studying extraordinary abilities of man for many dozen years now. Each of the tested patients brought the latest medical conclusion about his/her condition. The results were fixed by professor Machi, his assistant and a special expert group. The experiment was videotaped. During the experiment, the doctors did not say a word. When it became clear that the girl had diagnosed accurately all the seven patients, the doctors could not but applaud the girl.

Then Demkina was taken to a veterinary hospital. An old Rottweiler was standing on the table motionless. Five minutes later, the girl pointed at his right hind leg with an implanted artificial limb. The scholars were all in amazement. They asked the girl if she could diagnose an illness using a photo. They were then shocked to find out that she did not even care whether the patient was en face, in full height or half height. Using a tiny passport photo, Demkina discovered that the man had liver cancer.

She passed all the tests of foreign researchers and is now preparing to demonstrate her abilities to Russian experts.

SOURCE: Pravda

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