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You Get What You Expect

By Dr. Robert Anthony,
Author of "Advanced Formula For Total Success"

Whatever you expect to happen is determined by the thoughts you dwell upon plus the intensity of the emotions behind those thoughts. It is worth repeating that our subconscious does not question the validity of the data we present to it. It merely processes it and attracts to us what we believe to be true.

If we are using imagery to change habit patterns, we must see ourselves acting and reacting the way we want to be in the future. It doesn't matter how we acted today or yesterday.

Once our subconscious gets hold of our new thought, our brain-mind, functioning together through our central nervous system, will take over and we will automatically assume the new behavior patterns. The key is to be able to picture or imagine the end result so vividly that it appears real.

We have learned that our subconscious mind functions in terms of goals or end results. Once the subconscious has accepted an idea, you can absolutely depend upon it to take you to that goal. If we will supply the end results, our subconscious will supply the "how to." It will show us how to reach that end result.

Think of the end results in terms of present possibilities. They must be seen so clearly that they seem real to your brain and nervous system. The ultimate aim of affirmation and visualization is to evoke the feeling that the goal is already achieved.

Feel as though it has already been achieved and your imagery will pull you toward the end result that you desire. Imagine it in as much detail as possible. Keep using the imaging process over and over again for the same goal. In the beginning, don't worry about whether you are putting in enough detail. Every time you visualize you will automatically incorporate more and more detail.

Always put yourself in the picture. See yourself involved in the activities
of your goal. If you do not put yourself in the picture, you may not be in
the end result. Suppose you want a new car - let's say a new BMW. You
visualize the car and faithfully infuse your imagery with emotion, detail
and repetition. And then, all of a sudden, a new BMW comes into your
life. You look out the window of your house and your neighbor is driving
a new BMW! You now have new BMW in your life, but you are not in it!
So, make sure you identify yourself with your goal.

All successful individuals have started with a picture held in their mind.
They visualized and affirmed what they wanted to be, to do and to have.
And then they instructed their subconscious with clarity and repetition.

Copyright 2003 by Dr. Robert Anthony. Reprinted with permission from the best-selling Advanced Formula For Total Success.

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