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You Will Never Be Happy

By Karim Hajee

What would it take to make you happy?

Think about it for a moment and see if you can figure out what it would take for you to be happy? Would you be happy if you were in a relationship or with the right boyfriend/girlfriend?

Would you be happy if you were married?
Would you be happy if you had a million dollars?
Would you be happy if you were successful?
Would you be happy if you had better health?
Would you be happy if you got a new job?
Would you be happy if you had a great career?

What would it take for you to be truly happy?

If you have an answer, or if you answered yes to any of the above questions - you'll never be happy!

Surprised? Don't be.

The truth is nothing can make you happy, and in this newsletter I'll outline exactly why nothing can make you happy, and I'll even outline how you can go about being happy and experiencing happiness when ever you want at anytime of the day, so read on and enjoy.

Why Nothing Will Make You Happy

There is nothing you can do that will make you happy. I know this may make you feel a little disappointed but I'm not trying to get you to give up on your quest to be happy.

My point is that your happiness does not depend on a particular outcome or something happening to you. As I explain to my students working with my Creating Power system - you can't go into a store and buy a 10-pound bag of happiness. There is no place where you can go and find happiness sitting there waiting for you.

Unfortunately many of us have been brought up to believe that something external can make you happy. Advertising of all sorts suggests that a new car, skin cream, a new outfit, new shoes a drink, or a new diet can make you happy - but that is simply not true.

Nothing can make you happy because happiness is really a feeling - happiness is something that you experience. If you want to be happy - then be happy. But most people don't choose to be happy because they spend most of their time focusing on what is wrong with their life, doing something they don't enjoy doing and never really allowing themselves to truly experience happiness.

Let's face it - you can't be happy doing something that you don't like. If you don't believe me try it. Go ahead - do something you really don't enjoy. You also can't do something you really enjoy and be sad or angry. Don't believe me - try it. See what happens.

So if you think that getting a new job will make you happy you're wrong - getting a new job won't make you happy. If you think that having a boyfriend/girlfriend will make you happy - you're wrong. If you think having a million dollars will make you happy - you're wrong it won't.

I know some of you may disagree but as I explain to my students working with my Creating Power system - it's not the money, relationship or new job that will make you happy. Happiness is a feeling that you experience when you appreciate the positive things in your life. Unfortunately, people falsely believe they can be happy when they achieve a particular goal and make the mistake of chasing that goal in order to be happy.

For example: if you want a new job and think that by having a new job you will be happy - it's not the job but perhaps the security, the ability to make your payments that creates a sense of relief which you mistake for happiness. If it's a million dollars - again it's the financial security, the freedom that you mistake for happiness that is created.

This mistake is quite common - because it's not security or peace of mind that makes you happy. Instead you experience happiness when you do what you enjoy and when you focus on the positive things taking place in your life. If you're not doing that - then you can never be happy.

How You Can Be Happy

Okay so nothing makes you happy - so how then can you begin to be happy?

It's really quite simple.

You start by simply shifting your focus. Instead of looking at all that is wrong with your life, instead of looking at what you don't like about yourself or your life - change your focus. Start looking at and appreciating all that is good in your life Make a list if you want - and write out all of the positive things in your life. Right about now I usually get someone saying: "Karim, I can't think of anything positive or good in my life. I just want to be happy."

If that's the way you feel it's only because you're not looking in the right direction. You're not seeing all that there is in your life. Everyday there are wonderful things taking place in your life - yet you fail to observe and recognize these events or people. This can be anything from a warm meal to a wonderful spouse, family, etc. If you have a roof over your head - that's a positive aspect of your life. If you had a warm meal - that's a positive event. If you had a pleasant conversation with someone - that's a positive aspect. Start looking at all of the great and terrific things that are going on in your life and you'll begin to experience happiness on a deeper level.

I'm not suggesting that you ignore those things that you don't like - I'm only encouraging you to start paying more attention to the things that are positive or going well in your life. The areas that you are not happy with you can begin to improve or change but at the same time you should acknowledge the good things that are going on in your life.

At first changing your focus and looking at all that is positive and good in your life will be easy - but when you try to do this on a regular basis you'll soon discover that your mind is used to looking at the glass as half empty. Your mind is used to only paying attention to what is going wrong - and in the process it directs the subconscious mind to continue creating all those things that are going wrong.

Why? Because your subconscious creates what you regularly think about. So if you don't regularly focus on the positive things you won't create positive situations in your life. And here's where it gets worse - when you constantly focus on what is wrong with your life, when you only think about and see what is wrong in your life your subconscious begins to create more of what is wrong - or more of what you don't want - this is not what you want. Now you know why it can be so difficult for some people to truly experience happiness - it's because they're used to focusing on the negative aspects of life and in the end continue to create more of what they don't want.

Have Fun

Now that you know that your happiness does not depend on some other event taking place - you can now follow another simple step to experience happiness and that is to simply have fun.

Too often I hear from people who simply want to be happy but when I ask them what do they do for fun - they say: "Nothing." No wonder you're not happy. How can you be happy if you're never having fun in life.

If you want to experience happiness then you have to start doing things that you can enjoy. I love to play soccer and race my car. I also have a lot of fun when I'm playing with my nephews or nieces. I also have a lot of fun when I act like a 6 year old with my wife who responds by acting like she's 4. This is how I enjoy life and it allows me to experience a great deal of happiness. I also have a lot of fun when I spend time with my mom or when I'm acting like a kid with my brother. I try not to grow up too quickly - what's the point of being an adult all of the time? To me it's simply not fun and I choose to enjoy my life - you should try it sometimes.

If you want to experience happiness then start doing things that you enjoy. You may like gardening, you may like hang gliding, you may like riding your bike, you enjoy going for long walks, you may enjoy acting like a 5-year old - whatever it is - start doing it and see how great you feel. But there is one catch - when you're doing what you enjoy - you can only focus on that and not think about anything else that may be bothering you. That's the only way you'll truly enjoy the activity and begin to experience happiness.

As adults we get bogged down with the everyday tasks that force us to be serious. We have jobs where we're serious, bills to pay, food to prepare, kids to look after, it's all too serious and it is necessary. I'm not suggesting you ignore your responsibilities - but take some time just to have some fun.

Now you can't just have fun once a week or once a month. You have to do this everyday. That means everyday you have to find something fun to do then only will you get comfortable and used to the process - to the point where you regularly experience happiness. Once you start doing this you'll enjoy it so much you'll wonder why you never did this to begin with.

I know somebody out there is going to say: "I'll enjoy life when I get a new job." Or something like that. I'll probably also hear from someone who says: "I don't have time to have fun or enjoy my life. That's why I'm not happy." My answer to that is that if you see things in such a way then being happy simply isn't important enough to you. If you really believe that you can only be happy when you get a job or when something else happens - you're denying yourself the opportunity to be happy right now. If you don't feel you have the time to have fun and enjoy your life then you're really saying that your happiness is not important enough.

Only when you decide to be happy will you truly begin to experience happiness. You can work with the techniques I've outlined - they will help you get started. But you will need to train your mind and subconscious mind to begin seeing and living in a different way. Creating Power teaches you how to create the life you want by working with the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Within weeks you'll see changes happening and you'll begin to enjoy life in ways you never thought possible.

Karim Hajee

Creator of
The Creating Power System

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