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Six Life Changing Powers of Lucid Dreams

Source: Dreamsculpting

I'm sorry, but I have to tell you this. If you're not Lucid Dreaming at night, you're probably missing out. BIG TIME.

Here's why. Six reasons.


Flying, in general, is fun... just the experience of freedom (no roads!) and speed and adrenaline... it makes non-flying-life look like a cruel prison. Lucid dreaming is your chance to actually do it without having to go through years of expensive pilot lessons.

DreamsculptingNot only that, you can walk through walls, be mischievous and live out your true desires... without having absolutely no repercussions whatsoever.

In other words, it's the most wackiest realities ever. Sounds like FUN, doesn't it?

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How to Experience the Dream of Life

Excerpt from Uberman! Almost Super Human

In this life, there are two kinds of beings… There are victims, and things happen to them. And there are creators, who create as they observe.

At the deepest, sub-nuclear level, we are one. There is no separation, as drops of ocean water existing in an infinite ocean… a boundless sea of possibility…

All we have ever experienced has lived inside the visual cortex of the brain. The outward projection is an illusion.

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Mind-to-Mind Connection: How to Influence People With Your Mind

It has long been suspected that your right cerebral hemisphere, when in the alpha state, operates in a realm where time and space are of no consequence.

What you think affects others... and what others think affects you!

It is rather like the invisible connection between the earth's magnetic field and every magnetic compass on earth. They are interconnected. If the earth's magnetic field were to suddenly shift then every compass in existence would swing in unison.

Similarly, when you have a thought it “twitches” the entire human consciousness "thought field".

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Conor McGregor Explains How To Visualize, Manifest and Realize Your Dreams

What is the Law of Attraction? Simply put, the law of attraction is this: we attract into our lives what we think about most of the time, good or bad.

And that last part ‘good or bad’ is very important.

Because focusing your thoughts on something you don’t want will actually invite that very thing into your life, whether you intended to or not.

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Video: 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet

Manifesting is an art and a science that deals with finding your unlimited potentiality as a human being. When you increase your frequency and move into an expanded state of consciousness that is aligned with the all intelligent, all powerful Universe, you will naturally create, allow and attract your desires with joy and effortless ease!

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