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I Am Energy. I Am Infinite. I Am Money.

Most people think they know me. They don't.

I am not what most people think I am. I am not the paper in your wallet, or the coins that jingle in your purse. I am not quietly sitting in your bank account, hoping to be used one day.

You cannot see me, feel me or touch me.

I am an idea. I am energy. [Read more...]


Free Report: The Skill of Money Magnetism

Total Money MagnetismDo you want the mind skills of a millionaire?

Do you want the luxury of taking vacations every year, and travelling to the most beautiful places in the world?

Do you want to be able to quit your job, and spend your time doing things you are really passionate about?

Then you’re in luck, because this free report by my friend and personal success expert, Dr Steve G. Jones, is your first step towards financial freedom.

Free Report: Do you want the mind skills of a millionaire?



15 Surprising Longevity Lessons from The World’s Healthiest People

MindTrip MagazineA Greek island, Okinawa, Sardinia, Costa Rica and Loma Linda, California. What do they have in common? Longevity.

Otherwise, they don’t eat the same things, don’t do the same things and aren’t even trying to be healthy. They just are. [Read more...]



Video: An Astronaut’s Moment of Enlightenment

In this one minute video, Apollo astronaut Capt. Edgar Mitchell shares the extraordinary story of his mystical experience in space while returning from the moon, an experience that led him to shift his whole vision of reality. Yogis call such an experience “samadhi,” and it led Edgar to create the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the meeting of science and spirituality, as well as the creation of a new worldview. [Watch this video here...]


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Life Can Be MagickLife Can Be Magick

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