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How to Create a River of Abundance in Your Life Right Now

People always ask me about the secret to abundance. They say, "How can you give away so much, Mike, and still attract so much abundance at the same time?"

Actually, that's the whole secret right there. Be a river, not a dam, and abundance of all kinds (financial and otherwise) will flow through you.

This article is a discussion about what I call "money harmony" or "energy harmony". Being a river means being the kind of person who is a conduit, who allows resources, including money, to flow through you rather than being the kind of person who tries to dam up the flow of energy and selfishly keep it all for yourself. This whole discussion gets rather philosophical, but it's also quite practical as you'll soon see.

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Change Your Mood Instantly with this Free MP3

Courtesy of The Brain Salon

It sounds like something from a science fiction movie. Just press a button – and quickly boost your happiness, get focused, or fall to sleep. But thanks to one British company, this hi-tech dream is turning into a reality.

The Brain Salon audio sessions are based on a science known as "brainwave entrainment," which reproduce specific brainwave patterns, using specialized sounds. This changes your state – making you more focused, for example, or helping you to relax.

Free MP3

Free Brainwave mp3

The 12 Pathways to Higher Consciousness

By Ken Keyes Jr.,
Author of Handbook to Higher Consciousness

The following is from the higher consciousness classic, Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes, Jr. which explains the Living Love system to higher consciousness.

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Hypnotize Someone

Bizarre Experiments with Telepathic Dogs

By Nick Redfern, Author of The World's Weirdest Places

For decades, the US Defense intelligence Agency has delved deep into the mysterious worlds of psychic phenomena, extra-sensory perception, and the paranormal powers of the human brain.

But the DIA has also focused on the mind-skills of other living creatures beyond just us, the Human Race. Dogs have been a particular favorite of the DIA, and even more so the many psychic hounds of the former Soviet Union.

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3 Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken

"I've been hypnotizing chickens since I was nine, when the county 4-H agent in Milwaukee showed me how," says Dr. Doris White, a Bernardsville, New Jersey, chicken farmer who is also professor of elementary education at William Paterson College and a chicken hypnotism instructor.

"When he taught me, I thought everyone knew how to hypnotize chickens." She was wrong. She points out that "some farmers are still surprised that a person can hypnotize chickens. But after they see me demonstrate how it's done, they go home and try it themselves"

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