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Supercharge Your Day with this Simple Morning Ritual

By Jason Mangrum, Creator of Mind Hack Recipe Books

Mind Hack Recipe BookHere's a really cool technique you can use in the morning, to infuse a little magic into your day...

This technique uses the power of the Sun as a type of energetic- amplifier for the body and mind.

No, you don't need to believe that you are actually drawing energy from the Sun for this to work.

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Top 7 Natural Ways to Help You Increase Concentration and Focus

Today’s world is fast-paced, challenging, and stressful. It’s understandable that people can lose focus and concentration easily, especially people that have a lot of work to do each day; work that requires a lot of focus. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you shouldn’t beat yourself over it.

However, you should do something to try to improve your concentration.

Here are the top 7 natural ways to help you increase your focus and concentration!

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How Happiness Attracts Money

By Christopher Westra Excerpt from I Create Millions

Do you know there is a strong correlation between money and happiness?

Yes, you heard right. No, money does not bring happiness - the correlation goes the other way. Happiness brings money!

Yes, those who are truly happy now always attract more abundance into their life.

If you think that anything outside yourself will cause you to feel a certain way, then you are suffering under an illusion.

The universe wants you to understand that you are the creator of your emotional life. You can decide to be happy now, and happiness is what you really want.

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Memory Improvement

Discover How Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary Success by
Simply Harnessing the Power
of Their Memory …

Learn How to Develop a Perfect, Computer-Like Memory In Just 5 Minutes A Day!



Video: Top 10 Isolated Tribes That Still Exist

10. Old Believers; 9. The Batak; 8. Nukak Tribe; 7. The Arrow People; 6. Akuntsu Tribe; 5. Korowai Tribe; 4. Awà-Guajà People; 3. Surma Tribe; 2. Mascho-Piro Tribe; 1. The Sentinelese

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