The Weirdest, Wildest News of 2018 -- Best of Mind Power News, Part 2
All Time Greatest Muhammad Ali Quotes About Living Like a Champion; 4 Books That Will Make You Genius; The Miserable Way to Live Forever; I Tried Sleeping for Two Hours a Day and Almost Lost My Mind; The 7 Greatest Books To Create Your Life Of Freedom; How to Deprogram Your Brainwashed Mind and Finally Find Happiness; and much more...

The Most Popular Articles of 2018 -- Best of Mind Power News, Part 1
The Expensive Art of Living Forever; How to Be the Luckiest Person on the Planet; How to Fail at Meditation; How to Find God by Meditating in the Desert; 7 Affirmations that Attract Abundance and Get You into the Vortex; The Happiest Man in the World's 15-Minute Prescription for Happiness; Get Happy Get Money; and much more...

Ayahuasca vs. Depression
Ayahuasca is a very potent tool that shakes your psyche up and puts it back together again... "The first time I took it I felt like I was dying," said Gary, who requested his surname remain anonymous. "It's a radical means to fast-forward your self-development."

5 Traps Used to Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness
The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical... In reality, though, breaking through these traps would allow us to apply the principles of peace, sustainability, exploration, acceptance and progress to improving the human condition.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Better Resolutions in 2019
The reality is only about 8% of Americans reportedly keep their New Year's resolutions. So if you want 2019 to be the year your resolutions stay intact, here are some of our best tips for setting goals you can actually meet and planning ahead for when you might fall off track.

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The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer Ever
I discovered this prayer not long ago and I really liked the way it sounds. And when I started saying this prayer, very strange series of events happened.

The Seven Principles of Infinite Being
Unconditional, holistic love is the answer to all of life's challenges. You are here on Earth to learn how to love yourself and others, and to accept yourself and others completely and without judgment.

Hypnotic Drug Used to Steal Millions from Mind-Controlled Victims
Paris police have arrested three Chinese nationals on suspicion of using a powerful Colombian drug to dope strangers into a zombified state and then rob them for all theyhad.

6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Mindfulness
Being mindful means focusing on the present moment. Being fully here. It allows you to attend to what's going on right around you and inside you. So it simplifies things because you can just enjoy the present moment.

Smartphone Reduces Brain Power, Study Shows
Your cognitive capacity is significantly reduced when your smartphone is within reach -- even if it's off.

How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day
I mean, just imagine how your life would be if every day you'd be at your best. If every day you'd have that rare energy and focus and passion that attracts the right people and circumstances in your life. If each day, instead of pain and problems and obstacles, you'd be showered with good fortune.

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Your Brain Is More Powerful Than All The Computers On Earth
They found that the brain's complexity is beyond anything they'd imagined, almost to the point of being beyond belief, says Stephen Smith, a professor of molecular and cellular physiology and senior author of the paper describing the study.

5 Ways to Use the Unbelievable Power of Placebo
No-one knows exactly how the placebo effect works, but it does. It harnesses the power of the world's most complex computer -- the human brain -- to make fast, significant changes. And the best bit is that anyone can utilize it.

The Tyranny of Positive Thinking
Another potential hazard of positive thinking is denial. Barbara Ehrenreich, the award-winning journalist and author of Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America, partly blames the 2008 economic crisis on people's refusal to consider negative outcomes, like mortgage defaults.

Top 10 Celebrities and Presidents Killed by The Illuminati
Many famous people have allegedly been killed by the Illuminati for failure to comply with the plan. Still others were killed as part of one of these Illuminati blood sacrifices and for the greater good of the organization.

The God Drug: When Religion Becomes an Addiction
In the end, the issue of whether religion is addictive for you comes down to similar questions to the ones you might ask yourself about your drug use: Has your religion eaten your life? Does it feel freely chosen or compulsive (and how would you know)? What are the good things about it? And what price are you or others around you paying for the good stuff you get?

How Not to Die From Loneliness
But we also started noticing that our previously close friend group was starting to fray. People were having children, moving away, pursuing time-consuming careers. It was getting harder and harder to get together with our group, and though we enjoyed our time with just the two of us, that's all we seemed to have after a while.

Waking Up to the Truth About Hypnosis
Researchers believe that hypnosis calms your left brain and conscious mind. With your logical-self taken out of the picture, you're more able to directly connect with your subconscious mind. In this state, you are highly suggestible. In other words, you're able to believe, enact, and go for things that your conscious, logical mind might have kept you from believing you could do.

Tune In. Drop Out. Get Rich.
So what is the key to success? The key to success is the mind. What you think about you bring about. The only path to true happiness is attaining wealth by tuning in on who you really are and what you really want.

You Are Breathing, Sweating, Peeing and Pooing All Wrong!
Optimizing your body's 4 main purification systems will not take very much effort on your part. You will have to add some things to your diet and make some minor adjustments to current habits, but incorporating these methods into your daily life will be relatively easy.

This 100-Year-Old To-Do List Hack Still Works Like A Charm
The strategy sounded simple, but Schwab and his executive team at Bethlehem Steel gave it a try. After three months, Schwab was so delighted with the progress his company had made that he called Lee into his office and wrote him a check for $25,000. A $25,000 check written in 1918 is the equivalent of a $400,000 check in 2015.

How to Deprogram Your Brainwashed Mind and Finally Find Happiness
So happiness is found through the development of self my friends, not in chasing material things. Stress, heart ache, and difficult circumstances are a part of life and the only thing that will keep you happy and able to overcome those things is a strong mind, which can only be built through lifestyle changes.

Learn This and Your Life Will Change Forever!
Your mind is a fertile place where the thoughts you plant, will grow and make up for what your life is. Or as the old passage from the Bible goes, from the book of proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". Your thoughts, your convictions, manifest the surrounding reality.

Free Best-Selling Book: Never In Your Wildest Dreams
Do you ever feel lost, uninspired or depleted by life? If yes and you're ready to rise above your limiting beliefs and realize your limitless potential, then I think you'll love this free gift.

How To Know If You're A Highly Evolved Being
Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times Bestselling author of Conversations with God, shares the 7 principles and characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings.

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Is Your Subconscious Mind Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy?
On this FREE online workshop, discover the subconscious blocks that could be draining you of the energy, motivation and clarity to create your greatest life.

Top 7 Ways To Improve Your Sleep for a Better Life
Dr. Michael Breus is famously dubbed The Sleep Doctor, and for good reason -- he has written 3 best-selling books and has dedicated years of passionate research to helping people optimize their sleep and perform at their very best. Here are 7 science-based tips from Dr. Breus to help you get the most restorative, restful, and deep sleep possible.

Is the Illuminati Good or Evil?
The Illuminati was not created to force the people of this planet to do what is good for them. Our purpose is the preservation of the human species -- not its comfort, nor its morality. We guide the willing to the path and point them in the direction of the Light, but they cannot be forced to take a step. Only slaves are forced to obey masters, and humans are not meant to be slaves.

3 Powerful Techniques to Power Up Your Mind for Happiness, and Success
Don't wait for others to choose you. Choose yourself. You can self publish your writing, start your own freelance job or company, begin consulting, sell your art or work online, and go after your dream. No one is stopping you.

The 7 Greatest Books To Create Your Life Of Freedom
Congratulations! So you've made the decision to leave your boring (and soul-sucking) day job and pursue the exciting idea of making a living from your passion. There's just one problem...

The TRUTH The 1% Prays You NEVER Discover
What if you could FORCE the Universe to bend to your will... and manifest your every desire in just minutes, simply upon request? Well, in the year 1905 Albert Einstein made a shocking breakthrough... He discovered a hidden Universal Success Code to bring all you desires to life. Now, a new tell-all report is revealing his most confidential secrets...

The Neuroscience of Wellbeing
Our brains are constantly being shaped wittingly or unwittingly -- most of the time unwittingly. The science behind wellbeing as a skill makes "a kinder, wiser, more compassionate world possible." What we know about neuroplasticity gives us the power to shape our minds with intention.

How To Improve Yourself In 6 Months
You can't. It's really hard to change. I've been an addict. When you're addicted to a drug you can't just say, "Well, this is bad for me. I'm going to stop." Just give up now or be ready to go through a world of pain. Or... You can. But it's really hard and few people do it.

The Most Powerful Force in the Universe
Your ideas, visions and dreams, whatever they may be, are the prophecies of what you shall one day become and achieve. You can predict your outer life tomorrow by looking at your inner self today. You can change your tomorrow by changing your inner self today.

14 Meaningful Dreams and Symbols
"There's no single, definitive meaning for symbols and images in dreams... But just as a smile usually means that someone is happy, these dream images are so common, that they do have a generally accepted meaning."

Trick Yourself Into Feeling Younger: The Anti-Aging Psych Experiment
This study shaped not only my view of aging but also my view of limits in a more general way for the next few decades. Over time I have come to believe less and less that biology is destiny. It is not primarily our physical selves that limit us but rather our mindset about our physical limits. Now I accept none of the medical wisdom regarding the courses our diseases must take as necessarily true.

Happiness Changes Your Brain, says science
In this state, feelings of insecurity gradually give way to a deep confidence that you can deal with life's ups and downs. Your equanimity will spare you from being swayed like mountain grass in the wind by every possible praise and blame, gain and loss, comfort and discomfort. You can always draw on deep inner peace, and the waves at the surface will not seem threatening.

The Most Powerful Words in the Universe
All things great and small are possible when you use the words "I Command", but whatever they are be prepared. Of course you can always change what you want if you realize it's not what you thought it would be. It is never too late in this world and nothing is final.

Can Injecting Young Teenage Blood Help Old Rich People Live Forever?
Over 100 people have participated in a clinical trial at a San Francisco start-up offering blood transfusions for older patients. Each procedure costs $8,000 (£6,200) and sees the patient injected with two and a half litres of plasma -- the liquid element of blood that remains after other cells have been removed - taken from young people.

Can Yoga Give You Superpowers?
Yoga diehards have long claimed that the practice can allay physical ailments, such as back pain and headaches, as well as improve mood and mental agility. But these perks may not represent the full reach of yoga's power, says parapsychology researcher Dean Radin in his new book, Supernormal: Science, Yoga and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities.

Dogs Aren't the Smartest Animals, scientists find
Dogs are not exceptionally intelligent when compared with other animals, including dolphins and goats, scientists say.

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Is Your Life Trapped In An Endless Groundhog Day?
A couple of days ago I watched the classic Groundhog Day... I realized that the movie is not a fantasy at all. It is a great, powerful analogy of life, time and growth. It precisely explains how time works and how we work through time. It precisely explains how we grow and how energy flows.

The 'Real You' Is A Myth: We Invent False Memories To Be Who We Want
But it turns out that identity is often not a truthful representation of who we are anyway -- even if we have an intact memory. Research shows that we don't actually access and use all available memories when creating personal narratives. It is becoming increasingly clear that, at any given moment, we unawarely tend to choose and pick what to remember.

8 Ways to Deal with Your Future Death
After an accident involving a sport utility vehicle during a triathlon, Dispenza is also known as the man who miraculously regrew six shattered vertebrae of his spine by using the innate intelligence of his body -- without the help of conventional medicine.

Miraculous Healing Using the Power of the Mind is Possible
After an accident involving a sport utility vehicle during a triathlon, Dispenza is also known as the man who miraculously regrew six shattered vertebrae of his spine by using the innate intelligence of his body -- without the help of conventional medicine.

The Easiest Way to Boost Your Confidence
Hey, picture this... You arrive at a party. When you walk in the room, EVERYONE stops and stares for a second, before crowding around you to talk. Everyone wants a piece of you; you're the center of attention. When you speak, people LISTEN.

How to Escape the Matrix
The Matrix was one of the most popular and thought-provoking movies of all time. Viewers all over the world were captivated by the film's primary message: People get into deep trouble when they mistake what they perceive for reality.

Scientists Discover Matrix-Like Way to Upload Knowledge to Your Brain
Want to learn Kung Fu in seconds like Neo did in the famous Matrix trilogy? How about learning to speak a foreign language in seconds? Or knowing how to fix a combustion engine? Imagine what it would be like if you could “upload” this kind of knowledge to your brain?

5 Sleep Commands to Induce Lucid Dreams
Here in Lucidology 101 we'll cover five new sleep commands that you can use to quickly trick the body into falling asleep. This will enable you to end insomnia and have frequent lucid dreams and OBEs.

Was Marilyn Monroe a Hollywood Mind Control Slave?
Marilyn Monroe is possibly the most iconic figure in American culture and the most recognizable sex symbol of all times. However, behind Monroe's photogenic smile was a fragile individual who was exploited and subjected to mind control by powerful handlers.

The Army's Totally Serious Mind-Control Project
Soldiers barking orders at each other is so 20th Century. That's why the U.S. Army has just awarded a $4 million contract to begin developing "thought helmets" that would harness silent brain waves for secure communication among troops.

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan
Here is a program for realizing abundant prosperity in your life and affairs. According to the mystical Christian principles, on which this program is based, it takes 40 days for consciousness to realize a truth.

The Tyranny of Positive Thinking
Another potential hazard of positive thinking is denial. Barbara Ehrenreich, the award-winning journalist and author of Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America, partly blames the 2008 economic crisis on people’s refusal to consider negative outcomes, like mortgage defaults.

30 Fascinating Facts About Dreams
Dreams are downright fascinating. If you've ever questioned your creativity, just think of the stories your mind concocts while you're fast asleep. Although the act of dreaming may seem mysterious, we actually know quite a lot about the topic, thanks to sleep and dream science.

16 People With Real Super Powers
Have you ever dreamed about having super powers? Most likely if you are anything like me you have fantasized about having extraordinary abilities such as super strength or moving objects with your mind. We have found 16 examples of people who claim to have developed some extraordinary abilities. Perhaps we are evolving into a world of zero limits.

8 Celebrities Whose Premonitions Came True
These stars had premonitions of death, sometimes their own deaths, sometimes the deaths of others. Some of the predictions seem to be logical assumptions but some seem to come out of the blue.

German Scientists Paying €10,000 For Superpower Proof
Think you can move small objects using only the power of your brain? Can you find water using a simple divining rod, or maybe just transmit thoughts telepathically? If you can prove your superpowers, a group of scientists in Germany would love to reward you with €10,000 ($11,700).

I Tried Sleeping for Two Hours a Day and Almost Lost My Mind
Surviving on short naps is exhausting, but proponents of polyphasic sleep claim the benefits are huge.

7 Incredible Studies that Prove the Power of the Mind
There is a tremendous amount of information about the power of the human mind. Discoveries in brain science, coupled with astonishing acts of human will, have solidified the human brain as perhaps the most powerful, life-changing force in the world.

7 Brutal Truths That Will Make You a Better Person
The difference between the people who get what they want out of life and those who don't is that the people who get what they want ignore their excuses. They find a way around their limitations, instead of just bitching about them, and that is the very reason why they succeed.

Out-of-body experiences: Neuroscience or the paranormal?
Our brain does a mighty job of hiding the truth from us. We feel as though we are a solid, singular entity, with our mind and body combined and secure in their rightful places, a monolith in the cosmos. OBEs unravel this sense of self, proving that we are little more than a skillful neurological illusion after all.

7 Steps to Opening the Third Eye
The third eye, also called the inner eye or the mind's eye, allows you to observe the world in a manner similar to as you do in your dreams, even with closed eyes. The opening of the third eye heightens your sensitivity, and the working of the mind attains a great balance.

Near-death experiences: Fact or fantasy?
These kinds of esoteric tales would normally be banished to the realms of pseudoscience and parapsychology, but their pervasive nature - an estimated 3 percent of Americans report having experienced an NDE - has sparked a smattering of genuine scientific research and a wealth of conjecture.

7 Fascinating Ways To Hack Your Brain To Be Less Negative
In all honesty, looking at the glass half full is not bad advice. Being positive isn't going to make your situation any worse. But thinking positively and getting into that mindset doesn't necessarily work for everyone.

3 Ways to "Hypnotize" a Woman into a Sexually Submissive Trance
In this article, you're going to learn 3 ways to put yourself into a sexual state that will 'hypnotize' the women you meet into a sexually submissive trance. The techniques you're about to learn are what took me from occasionally pulling a girl on a night out, to consistently hooking up with beautiful women.

A Power Nap Might Save Your Life
Science confirms that napping can help beat the post lunch slump and boost cognitive performance, but now there is evidence that a siesta could also save your life.

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CIA Uploads Millions of Declassified UFO and Psychic Power Documents
The CIA is putting its secret history online, uploading millions of newly declassified documents. The documents include previously unseen information about the agency's hunt for UFOs and its work on the "Star Gate" project, which tried to teach humans to become psychic and see through walls.

Science Explains the Spookiness of Ouija Boards
New research reveals all the psychological mechanisms that are responsible for creating the "paranormal" sensation that Ouija boards often induce.

Experiments Prove You Can Project Your Mind
The more you practice projecting your mind to gather information, the more accurate you become. However, it is best to practice projecting to real problem areas and correcting those problems. When there are real problems to correct, you will be more accurate. If you are just playing and there is no real purpose, eventually you will probably lose what ability you have.

12 Superpowers You Can Have Today
Superpowers no longer rely on being exposed to radiation or infection, they are made to order by visionary scientists and precocious hackers using light waves, chemicals and rocket packs. Here's a taste of the accessible wonders coming our way.

Letting Go of Expectations: Why Gratitude Is Proven To Make You Happy
There is one quick solution to letting go of expectations and it lies in gratitude. Being grateful and focusing on the things you have instead of on those you lack in life is a fantastic way to change your whole reality and open your eyes to the abundance around you.

The Simple Cure for Just About Everything
The power of this prescription outperforms anything else that has ever been invented. It cuts knee arthritis symptoms by 47%, reduces dementia and Alzheimer's in older patients by 50%, Diabetes by 58%, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue in people of all ages, improves longevity and even Sexiness... just about anything that ails you.

How to Fight a Raging Bull with Your Mind
During the middle decades of the twentieth century, Delgado grew notorious for using electricity to elicit rage, anxiety, pleasure, drowsiness, and involuntary movements in his animal and human subjects. Critics complained that he was paving the way for mind control; Delgado countered that changing the functioning of brains through electrical stimulation was not necessarily a bad thing.

How to Easily Become a Miserable Loser
What I eventually learned is that being miserable is an option. Misery is a choice you make. Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone can be miserable. I can be miserable -- even starting right now. And, believe me, it's very tempting at times. Last few months were far from easy. But I'm stronger than that. I resist the urge. We each make our own luck.

Weird App Reprograms Your Brain
What if you could reprogram your mind -- using your computer? Yeah, it sounds weird. And actually it is pretty weird! But I've been researching the science behind subliminal messages recently, and how they can be used to change your life.

The Million Dollar Meditation
This meditation can be used for attracting anything you want, or just increasing your financial situation beyond what you have dreamed possible.

7 Signs You Know Someone From A Past Life
Although this continuous births, deaths and rebirths can become quite annoying, there certainly are some magical moments throughout our lifespans. One of these magical moments one can live is to meet again with a person you already met. To Know Someone From A Past Life is an experience so overwhelming that can lead you to unpredictable life changes.

Telepathy vs. Mountain Lion
If you ever had to come face to face with a free lion, then you'd be probably scared to death and start shivering, but this lady from Oregon used mind power to calm it down.

How to Change Your Life With Hypnosis
How would you like to make genuine, lasting change in your life -- by tapping into the awesome power of hypnosis?

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9 Superstitions that are Actual Magical Knowledge
Although most are misrepresented or misinterpreted some superstitions echo the Arcane Wisdom once this world possessed but later rejected. In this article we will try to decipher the meaning of 10 very popular superstitions and their true magical roots.

We Are Living in a Golden Age
Poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, child labour and infant mortality are falling faster than at any other time in human history. The risk of being caught up in a war, subjected to a dictatorship or of dying in a natural disaster is smaller than ever. The golden age is now.

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want
If I told you that you could create the exact type of circumstances you want, would you call me crazy? What if your very thoughts could create ripples of change that not only impact your life... but those around you as well?

5 Incredible Reincarnation Stories Told By Young Children
Even more intriguing are the stories of young children between ages 3 and 6 years old recalling reincarnation stories in incredible detail that fully check out as true. These children have knowledge of subjects that are too advanced for their age and private information from people they should never have known.

Prosperity Secrets of the Universe
The big secret first: our physical world is a dream world, and it works just like dreaming, but generally slower. As you acknowledge the dreaminess of it, and begin to work with it from that perspective, the apparent speed of action increases.

How to Become Superhuman
Have you ever experienced such a moment? Suddenly you caught a glimpse of your infinite possibilities-time seemed to stop, your heart skipped a beat, your breath caught in your throat…perhaps you had such a moment when reading the above passage!

Prayer is Ultimate Way to Solve All Problems
The first thing you need to believe is in the power of God. Enlisting the help of divinity is the whole basis of prayer. When you pray, you must be conscious of the power of God, otherwise you are speaking empty words to empty space.

Why Mindfulness Matters
Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. But just what does being mindful mean and how does it work? In this guide, you'll learn why being mindful matters and how to practice it.

Sleep Can Bring Life Changing Ideas
From solving problems to flashes of inspiration, scientists are beginning to unravel the creative powerhouse that is the mind at night.

Hypnosis or Meditation -- Which Works Better?
Meditation seeks to quiet the mind and helps create a blank slate where you can release all of your cares and concerns. Meditation helps you recharge and rejuvenate, and it helps you ease stress. Hypnosis does all of those things and it has an even greater purpose: To reprogram the subconscious mind.

How to Release Anger, Get Rid of Pain, and Finally Enjoy Peace
Through the free-to-you ReleasingFest you can rid yourself of every negative and destructive emotion you've had throughout your life. A lifetime of anxiety, unrest, self-criticism. and bad habits can simply be "released" from your being, giving you great peace, joy and abundance.

Meet the Future You
Imagine walking into a room and meeting the 'you' of ten years from now. What will you be wearing? Where will you be living? What will your lifestyle be like? What car will you be driving? Will you be running a business? If so, how successful will you be? What will your net worth be?

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How to Play The Abraham Hicks Prosperity Game
The point of the Prosperity Game is to expand our ability to receive and spend wealth, and to direct it with our intention and attention. Since it's Law of Attraction based, the focus is on raising our vibrational state so that we are in alignment with receiving and spending large sums of money. And in doing so, we awaken more creativity within us.

Happiness Is Free
It's not having things, it's ceasing to want things. When you stop caring about everything that could be and focus completely on enjoying what is, you are happy.

Amor Fati: The Immense Power of Learning To Love Your Fate
Despite what the film of the same name may have told us, the "secret" is not mood boards, visualization, or the law of attraction. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Author Robert Greene tells us to "stop wishing for something else to happen, for a different fate. That is to live a false life."

The Matrix is Only 50 Years Away -- Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg says we'll be plugged into The Matrix within 50 years. Tech titan claims computers will soon be able to read our minds and beam our thoughts straight onto Facebook.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power
Do you want to improve your mind in 2018? We have compiled the best methods to boost brain power, improve memory, build new neural connections, ignite learning, and enhance cognitive function.

The Soviet Union's Top Secret Psychotronic Experiments
The Soviets not only researched the idea that this energy could effect the human mind, but also that this energy could also have an effect on other objects, as well. This belief had given rise to the idea of clairvoyance as an weapon of espionage.

Telepathic Superhumans Could Be Real By 2038
Superhumans with the ability to communicate using just their brains could be walking the Earth within two decades. That's according to a top surgeon who believes it's only a matter of time until our brains are connected to the internet.

10 Books That Will Blow Your Mind
Ready for some summer reading that isn't the usual empty fluff? Here are 10 books that will melt your brain and keep you reading until the last page...

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan
Here is a program for realizing abundant prosperity in your life and affairs. According to the mystical Christian principles, on which this program is based, it takes 40 days for consciousness to realize a truth.

The Practical Benefits of Outrageous Optimism
If you ask me, everything is pretty frickin' great these days. Your life and my life are both going to continue to increase in awesomeness over time. We are likely to have exceptional fortune and health throughout our days, we'll help to change some lives for the better, our kids are going to turn out loving and great, and we will die with a broad smile across our rugged and weather-worn faces somewhere around the age of a hundred and twenty two.

The Miserable Way to Live Forever
It turns out the the Tibetan Yogis taught the British Colonel a secret method that any man (not sure if this will work for women... sorry ladies) can use to not just live longer, but, literally, live FOREVER!

Secret Experiment Reveals How To Install The Genius Of Anyone
Since these early experiments, scientists have found that hypnosis isn't even required to spark this process of "artificial reincarnation". While these types of psychological transformations can look mystical from the outside, they're grounded in solid neuroscience that anyone can take advantage of.

10 Unusual Ways to Live Longer
Over the centuries humans have tried to live longer by eating such things as rattlesnakes, caterpillar fungus and bee pollen. They've drunk mercury, tea mushroom extract and colostrum, the first milk of new mothers. Nowadays we know a lot more about strategies that can really work. Here are some of the more unusual ones.

5 True Stories About The Military's Paranormal Research
What if I told you that the Department of Defense and the CIA spent four decades researching extrasensory perception and psychokinesis -- i.e., bending spoons with your mind?

Is the Illuminati Good or Evil?
Though many believe that the Illuminati wields godlike control over every aspect of this planet and can dictate societal changes on a whim, the reality is far more intricate. The human is not a machine that functions exactly as it is programmed nor is it a slave to be forced into obedience.

4 Books That Will Make You Genius
Brian Tracy says that we should invest 3% of our income into ongoing education and personal development. That's about $25-50 per week for the average earner in the United States. If you are looking to fulfill your weekly personal development quota, look no further than these 4 books.

Failure Is The Secret To Success -- Richard Branson
If you are an entrepreneur and your first venture wasn't a success, welcome to the club -- every successful businessperson has experienced a few failures along the way.

Top 9 Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds
Watching videos of centenarians, you start to see a theme: they seem content. That might be shocking to younger people, especially anyone who fears old age. Maybe we fear missing out on opportunities in life, and worry that we'll find ourselves too old to do things. But we have many interviews of people 100 and older, and they love to share about their lives and offer advice to the rest of us.

5 Foolproof Ways to Expand Your Consciousness
Five methods are traditionally used to change a man's perception of his environment: death, drugs, duress, dreams and meditation. The most important part is to make sure you have a well-thought-out question you need answered, and to hold on to it before you cross the threshold of any of these doorways.

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose
Chances are you're more like me and have no clue what you want to do. It's a struggle almost every adult goes through. "What do I want to do with my life?" "What am I passionate about?" "What do I not suck at?" I often receive emails from people in their 40s and 50s who still have no clue what they want to do with themselves.

All Time Greatest Muhammad Ali Quotes About Living Like a Champion
I was done with being average -- I became unique. The Code helped me grow as a person over the course of a few months, and in turn solved the problems I had with myself.

How I Reinvented Myself with the Tesla Code Secrets
I was done with being average -- I became unique. The Code helped me grow as a person over the course of a few months, and in turn solved the problems I had with myself.

How to Harness the Unknown Power of Dowsing
Dowsing is not just for finding water. You can use dowsing to find little-known sources of problems in your life: "geopathic stress," "interference lines," or "negative energy vortexes." Those are naturally occurring phenomena of energy that can have a dramatic effect on you.

The Past and Future of Time Travel
Who wouldn't want to fix the past, or erase a regrettable historical event that negatively impacted humanity? Or for people who are more focused on the future, how about turning time forward to see a neat event -- such as the first human landing on Mars?

Mind Power Techniques: You Are Wired For Success
The incredible mind energy that every one has inside of us is literally unstoppable if harnessed correctly and in the proper way.

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9 Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve To A Whole New Level
We have come to the point in time where more and more people are embracing new ideas, thoughts, or concepts that can revolutionize their lives. These radical thoughts are very helpful in our quest for growth and self improvement.

Self-Improvement Tips That Will Heal Your Relationships
Many guys and girls want to know what a relationship between a guy and a girl should be, how to create and make them perfect and healthy so that no one and nothing can destroy them.

Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds with These Breathing Tricks
One of the best ways to bring the body into its relaxed state is one we shouldn't have to think about: breathing. You read that right. Proper inhales and exhales have become a lost art among today's fast-paced, highly stressed society, robbing us of one of the best (not to mention free) tools for logging quality shut-eye.

How to See Yourself Ten Years In the Future
Over the next ten years, something magic happened. All my dreams and visions became a reality, almost as if orchestrated by an unseen hand. I realized that something very powerful was happening, more powerful than I realized initially. I did write books and start my business. We did move to the country and I did build my own home.

How to Hack Into Your Flow State and Become Superhuman
Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, when you feel and perform your best... It's the moment of total absorption. Time speeds up or slows down like a freeze-frame effect. Mental and physical ability go through roof, and the brain takes in more information per second, processing it more deeply.

How to Cheat Death with Quantum Resurrection and Other Weirdness
Now there's a book that charts mysterious death rituals throughout history, from cremation, which was used 22,000 years ago, to quantum resurrection which could let us 'live' forever in the future.

The Cure for Depression? Have Fun!
Modern cosmetic pharmacology focuses so heavily on eliminating depression that it entirely misses one essential point: depressed people are suffering from a lack of fun.

Physicist Claims We Live In A Virtual Reality
There have been many scientists and physicists that have reported that the reality we are in is a simulated, holographic reality. However, there hasn't been much explanation as to why we are in such a reality and how we are expanding our consciousness by being here.

Why Do Astronauts Experience God?
In February, 1971, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell experienced the little understood phenomenon sometimes called the "Overview Effect". He describes being completely engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness. Without warning, he says, a feeing of bliss, timelessness, and connectedness began to overwhelm him.

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want
The first thing you should learn about the Law of Attraction is that it operates on energy. YOUR energy, to be exact. Everyone has a different kind of energy they bring into the world, and it affects them in ways they often don't see or appreciate. The secret lies in the FREQUENCY of a person's energy - and you need to raise yours in order to change your life.

Get Happy Get Money
The money isn't the means to the happy life. The happy life is the means to the money.

The Einstein Success Code Review
The question here is -- "If one's life could change by thinking positively alone, why do millions of people languish in despair?"

Wealth Attraction - How To Reprogram Your Mind For More Money
The first roadblock to financial success is an invisible one. Like we talked about, the mind has the power to change your life if you allow it to. But the problem is there's a voice inside you that feeds your mind with toxic thoughts. It's very faint and most of the time, you don't even know it's there.

A Young Boy's Past Life as an Extraterrestrial
Carl Sagan, American astronomer and astrobiologist, even acknowledged the fact that reincarnation deserves serious study, stating that: "children sometimes report details of a previous life, which, upon checking, turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation."

The Man Who Talked to Plants
Backster concluded that plants had some heretofore undiscovered sense (he called it "primary perception") that could detect and respond to human thoughts and emotions. When he publicized his findings, the so-called Backster effect became a pop-culture hit.

Hypnosis is the Celebrity Secret to, Well, Everything...
From morning sickness (Kate Middleton) to confidence boosting (Reese Witherspoon), it seems that every A-lister worth his/her Walk Of Fame gold star have all turned to the power of hypnosis to look and feel better.

J.K. Rowling: How to Deal with Failure
The whole world now knows the story of The Boy Who Lived, but not many people know the struggle behind his creation. It holds a very practical lesson. Seemingly definitive failures can often be debilitating. They break many, but J.K. Rowling's story provides a rich narrative for how this kind of failure can be made temporary with the right approach.

Out-Of-Body Experiences with New Brainwave Technology
Astral projection, Remote Viewing and Past Life Regression all take place in the Theta Phase of our altered consciousness. The frequencies used in the Isochiral Music products have been specifically designed for this.

5 Disturbing Cults You Can Still Join Today
While one person's cult is another's religion, there are some over-zealous groups that use questionable beliefs and practices to bend the law and encourage users to stay against their better judgement.

Top 10 Psychological Studies That Can Improve Your Life
Each study has a clear "take home" message, offering the reader an insight or a simple strategy they can use to reach their goals, strengthen their relationships, make better decisions, or become happier.

Ayahuasca -- The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
They say that one night of ayahuasca is like ten years seeing a psychiatrist. It is not a recreational drug. Afterwards, on the way home, we talked about going to a club, but in the end, all we really wanted was to be wrapped up in cotton wool and left in a corner with fresh water.

Super Brain Yoga - One Simple Move to Make You Smarter
The Superbrain Yoga exercise helps the energy trapped in the lower energy centres move up through the physical body's other major centres. As the energy travels upwards, it passes through the practitioner's heart centre and fills it with feelings of calm and inner peace. When the energy moves up further into the throat and beyond, the practitioner's intelligence and creativity are improved.

Top 10 Ways to Make People Like You
In the office, it's possible to exhibit traits that help you to be more likable. In my years as a corporate manager and developing my writing career, I've noticed when people appear more likable and I've tried to develop these traits myself. Here's a few to cultivate.

Revelations from an Illuminati Insider
We are your masters and your enslavers, but yet the key to your freedom is also given by us. We provide you with the knowledge of how to create your freedom, but yet many would not take heed of it, and continue to blame us for their suffering while they continue to create their own enslavement.

3 FREE Visualization Videos to Help Manifest Your Dream Life
What if I told you that there is a series of visualization videos that will enable you manifest your dream life, through the Law of Attraction? What I'm talking about is not magic or hocus pocus. It's based on proven scientific techniques and real world results.

What Would You Do If You Were God?
In this amazing thought experiment, Alan Watts questions what you might do if you had all of the power of God.

Prosperity Secrets of the Universe
The big secret first: our physical world is a dream world, and it works just like dreaming, but generally slower. As you acknowledge the dreaminess of it, and begin to work with it from that perspective, the apparent speed of action increases. The way to direct the world is through your imagination and will. Exercising your will strengthens it. You can exercise it by doing something unpleasant until it becomes pleasant.

The Strangest Secret in the World
The Strangest Secret was recorded in 1956. During that time, it has sold over a million copies and has become one of the most renowned sources of motivation in the world. Its message is simple, yet powerful. Many thousands of people have attributed this recording with turning their lives around and helping them make their fortunes in the world.

Akashic Records -- The Supercomputer of the Universe
The Akashic Records or The Book of Life can be equated to the universe's super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.

How to Profit from Non-Conformity
There is one important aspect of creativity that this lesson addresses. It is the tendency we have to conform, and how this stifles our creativity. Learn when and how to step outside the lines, and you will be far more creative, and therefore potentially luckier in life.

One Hour of Meditation Makes You More Resilient to Mental Decline
Meditating for just one hour a day can buffer the effects of age-related cognitive decline, new research claims.

How to Get Everything You Want In Life
There's only one sure way to get anything you want in life... and that is with the cooperation of other people. Without the cooperation of others, you'd never get a job, go out on a date, or have any friends. In order to gain cooperation, you have to use persuasion to get it.

Adventures in Erotic Hypnosis
Under hypnosis, it was claimed, a subject could achieve a climax without being touched at all. Sex without the muss or fuss, or, for that matter, the pregnancies, STDs or awkward goodbyes. It's also a twist on BDSM, an expression of sexual power and submission at its most extreme.

A CIA Self-Help Book: How to Make Friends and Interrogate People
A new guide from some former intelligence agents promises to train you to elicit the truth from 'targets' such as the plumber or your own children.

Magic Words That Bring You Riches
Certain words incite many emotions and subsequent actions. Words have the power to induce someone to laugh, to cry, to be kind, to be loving, to be cooperative, or to buy. Or be unkind, angry, or irrational. Whether words are written or spoken, they have enormous power.

15 Surprising Longevity Lessons from The World's Healthiest People
A Greek island, Okinawa, Sardinia, Costa Rica and Loma Linda, California. What do they have in common? Longevity.

The Happiest Man in the World's 15-Minute Prescription for Happiness
A 69-year-old monk who scientists call the 'world's happiest man' says the secret to being happy takes just 15 minutes per day.

Einstein's $108 Million Wealth Attraction Secret
A new discovery reveals Albert Einstein had a secret he kept well hidden from public view. A loophole of unimaginable power that was not only responsible for attracting fame, awards, and recognition into his life like a powerful magnet...

How to Turn a Paperclip Into a House
All you need to do is be cognizant of these 8 lessons, and put them to work for yourself the next time you go out to get whatever it is that you want from life.

5 Tibetan Exercises to Unleash Your Youth and Energy
It's a secret technique discovered in a hidden Himalayan monastery. It involves 5 simple exercises -- exercises ANYBODY can do at ANY age. It takes only 10 minutes a day... and within 10 weeks will turn back the clock!

5 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Sex Life
Meditation positively impacts every aspect of your life -- relationships, career, creativity, athletic performance, health, happiness. Sex is very much a part of life, and meditation absolutely plays as much of a role there as anywhere else.

20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy
Remember, life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from. Stop making things complicated and just live your life.

MindTrip Magazine No. 69 Now Available!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The latest issue of our digital magazine is now available for all Apple and Android devices.

15 Secret Abilities of Chi Power & ESP
Many have searched far and wide to learn these supposed secret abilities. These "secrets" are really returning the body back to the way it was when we were younger and had perception. As we get older, we come to dismiss the abilities we had as children.

Is The Universe A Massive Supercomputer?
The latest thinking that is doing rounds in scientific circles is whether the universe is a computer. The legendary Konrad Zuse, a German scientist who built the first programmable computer, was also the first to suggest in 1967 that the entire universe is being computed on a computer, possibly a cellular automaton.

20 Billionaires Who Started With Nothing
In a time of rising inequality and sluggish growth, rags to riches stories are harder than ever to come by... That makes it even more essential that we remember the people who started with nothing, and through hard work, talent, grit, and a bit of luck, managed to rise to the very top.

How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World
By trying to change others in order to become free you're always trying to do something out of your control. On the other hand, you can use methods to free yourself that are completely under your control.

Science Explains 10 Things Proven to Make You Happy
Scientific research suggests that all of us are born with a certain innate level of happiness. What this means is that others are born, well, "less happy" than others. The good news is that there are scientifically validated ways to make you a happier person!

Here's How Meditation Can Help You Beat Depression Forever
Amazingly, a slew of recent studies have found that meditation does actually "shape" the brain; it corrects damage from stress, enhances connectivity between the two lobes and even promotes cell growth in key regions that are underdeveloped in depressed people, like the hippocampus.

7 Affirmations that Attract Abundance and Get You into the Vortex
With enormous appreciation for Abraham Hicks and their latest book, Getting Into the Vortex, and for my Law of Attraction coaching clients, Inner Circle members, and students: you consistently inspire me to discover and express more of who I really am. I wish you great success with these 7 Affirmations.

Your Real-Life Superpowers Revealed
What if you could use your mind to create a reality that you desire in the same way that Neo did in the blockbuster movie, The Matrix? Believe it or not, some of the smartest, most successful, and most educated people in the world believe we are living in a Matrix-like virtual reality.

The Simple Cure for Just About Everything
It cuts knee arthritis symptoms by 47%, reduces dementia and Alzheimer's in older patients by 50%, Diabetes by 58%, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue in people of all ages, improves longevity and even Sexiness... just about anything that ails you.

7 Little Known Mental Disorders
According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately one in five adults in the United States experiences a mental disorder each year. While the most common mental disorders include anxiety and occasional bouts of depression, many individuals face lesser-known challenges, including the following seven conditions.

FREE AUDIO: It's Time to Master Your Inner Game
Mastering Your Inner Game is the one key to SUSTAINED success in every area of your life. In short, it's an Owner's Manual for Your Mind. If you get this right, your life will never be the same and you will be free from struggle once and for all...

Touching Money Can Relieve Pain
Money dulls physical pain and eases the sting of social rejection, new research shows... Among their results, they found that merely touching bills or thinking about expenses paid affected the participants both physically and emotionally.

Top 10 Myths about the Brain
When it comes to this complex, mysterious, fascinating organ, what do -- and don't -- we know?

Breathe, Relax, Let Go -- Tips for receiving a massage
During a massage, the main thing the client should focus on is to just let it all go. Quit fighting. Deep rhythmical breaths, combined with a "hurts so good" amount of pressure and a conscious relaxation of any involuntary muscle contractions should bring the client into a deeply relaxed state.

A Startup is Pitching a Mind-uploading Service that is "100 percent fatal"
Nectome is a preserve-your-brain-and-upload-it company. Its chemical solution can keep a body intact for hundreds of years, maybe thousands, as a statue of frozen glass. The idea is that someday in the future scientists will scan your bricked brain and turn it into a computer simulation. That way, someone a lot like you, though not exactly you, will smell the flowers again in a data server somewhere.

How to Own a New Ferrari and Be As Smart As Einstein, Just By Sitting On Your Couch
Meditation is a very simple and pleasant thing to do, with widespread benefits. There are simply no reasons not to do it. Countless successful people meditate, and as they say – it is meditation that shapes their successes and joys in life.

Unlock Your Unconscious and Supercharge Your Day with 1 Morning Ritual
Did you know that there's one little "ritual" some of the world's most successful people perform every time they look in the mirror?

Let Go Of Effort -- Abundance Will Flow To You Naturally
One of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction is to ask -- ask, and it is given. It sounds very simple, but, in fact, it's important to know how to ask and be accurate about your wish in the correct way.

The Difference Between Daydreaming & Visualization
Visualization techniques are being used not only by yogis, personal growth junkies or people who believe in the Law of Attraction, but also by the top performers in the world: leading athletes, entrepreneurs, actors, singers and politicians.

The Science of Gratitude
Since the year 2000, psychological research has tied gratitude to a host of benefits: the tendency to feel more hopeful and optimistic about one's own future, better coping mechanisms for dealing with adversity and stress, less instances of depression and addiction, exercising more, and even sleeping better.

Learn How to Meditate from a Real Himalayan Master
Meditation can be so much more than closing your eyes in silence, especially when you are guided by a real master. If you are an experienced meditator, you will take your practice to a deeper level. If youare a newbie, this is probably the easiest way to learn meditation and actually enjoy it. Being trained by a master is always the best.

How to Manage Your Time More Efficiently
For you to have a better time management it's very important to keep a schedule of your day. This way, the tendency to procrastinate is reduced and the tasks will be done faster.

How to Reprogram Your Mind With Your Computer
Science has proven that your subconscious is really running the show. It's the thing which can make you successful, the thing which decides whether you've got a bad habit, the thing which tells you whether you're good enough. By repeatedly exposing new affirmations to the subconscious mind, science proves that you're able to build new "pathways" that your brain automatically begins to follow.

Top 7 Foods to Boost Your Brainpower and Focus
Why should you worry about your food choices? Well, it is justifiable that all of us are at risk of developing brain degeneration. Statistics reveal that for instance, any individual aged 85 and above has a 50% risk of developing the Alzheimer's disease. Such figures necessitate that we prioritize the need to nurture the brain. In this article, I will show you how.

Time Traveler Who Visited The Year 8973 Shares Vision Of Future
"Time travel was first successfully accomplished in 1981," Taylor claims. "There is an infinite number of alternate universes, it's possible every one of these universes exist and it's possible to move between these universes. We developed a machine to not only time travel, but move between these parallel universes."

Top 20 Self Help Books of All Time
After more than a decade as a public speaker, I've been asked hundreds of times for the best self help books that have made the biggest impact in my life. After having read hundreds of books in my 18 years as an entrepreneur, I have to admit, it was tough narrowing the list of the best self help books of all time down to only 20.

Being Bad Is Good For You -- How to Cheat and Stay Healthy
Everyone wants to be healthy, but most people want to indulge too. It's cool - you're human. Go for it. Indulge. Cheat. Eat a lot of food. Pig out on a tub of ice cream. Drink a bottle of wine. Do it. It's fun.

MindTrip Magazine No. 68 Now Available!
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How You Can Train Your Mind To Do The Impossible
We know that the human brain is a powerful organ, but many of us aren't aware of how much the mind is truly capable of -- and much more powerful it can become through deliberate training. By exercising the brain we can achieve what may have previously seemed nearly impossible.

I'll tell you with 95% accuracy whether you will succeed in life
They say, "Your attitude affects your altitude." It's true. Whether or not you're successful in life is almost entirely down to your personality.

The Top 10 Weirdest Religions Ever Created
We have previously published a variety of lists on strange religious practices, religions you never knew existed, and weird cults, but not a list of bizarre religions. This list is designed to fill the gap by discussing ten religions that most of us have not heard of (for good reason as you will see).

Winston Churchill's #1 Secret of Self Confidence
There are many ways to help improve your self-confidence but the first thing you should do is follow the example of Churchill by surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people and distancing yourself from those who are negative. This will help you develop the confidence you need when faced with your own darkest hours.

7 Amazing New Brain Hacks Backed by Science
People as diverse as David Lynch and the Dalai Lama have praised the benefits of mindfulness meditation, asserting that it can increase attention, combat stress, and boost overall health. As the great Jiddu Krishnamurti asserted, "Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end."

How to Find God by Meditating in the Desert
Jesus spent 40 days in the desert. I only spent 21, but here's what began to happen.

Get These 51 Paraliminals FREE & Achieve All Your Goals
Use 51 Paraliminals FREE to direct your nonconscious to move beyond challenges, solve issues, and achieve goals. Get your free pass for the next 3 days!

Dark Side of the Rainbow
Syncronicity or utter madness? What happens when you mix The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon?

Life Is A Cosmic Joke
When one becomes enlightened, laughter is almost a natural by-product; spontaneously it comes, for the simple reason that we have been searching and searching our lives for something which was already there inside. Our whole effort was ridiculous! Our whole effort was absurd. One laughs at the great cosmic joke.

12 Stories That Will Make You Believe in the Power of Your Mind to Heal You
My book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself is full of data scientifically proving that the mind can heal -- or harm -- the body. But data can be dry, and sometimes what resonates most deeply within our souls are stories. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and let's have story time.

How to Force the Universe to Give You What You Want
Today I want to show you a really absurd, but extremely effective Manifestation Formula that will force the universe to give you the life of your dreams - money, happiness, success, and more.

5 Ways to Persuade Anyone to Do Whatever You Want
Here are 5 simple yet effective persuasion tactics you may use everyday to build loyal and lasting relationships through the power of persuasion and influence.

The Secret to Happiness: Stop Caring
We seek happiness in things. We seek happiness in the acceptance of others, in material possessions, in social status. We even search for happiness in some future-promised afterlife. We sabotage ourselves and our entire lives because we fail to understand a very simple but easily overlooked fact.

Supercharge Your Day with this Simple Morning Ritual
Here's a really cool technique you can use in the morning, to infuse a little magic into your day... This technique uses the power of The Sun as a type of energetic-amplifier for the body and mind.

How to Live to 100+
We all inhabit this beautiful blue planet, breathe the same air, eat food grown on our world's surface and drink fresh water sourced from the Earth, yet some people are a whole lot healthier than others, and in fact, live decades longer.

Secrets of an Energy Healing Master
For the past 40 years, she has been relentlessly proclaiming, teaching, and demonstrating that our body is nothing but a collection of energy systems and that there are scientific means to naturally reclaim our health and vitality.

Get Your FREE Astrology Reading!
World renowned Astrologer Adrian D. is giving away complimentary readings to help people just like you map out 2018 so you can finally live the life you know you are meant to, no strings attached...

MindTrip Magazine No. 67 Now Available!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The latest issue of our digital magazine is now available for all Apple and Android devices.

Unlimited Abundance Guided Meditation
Here's a free guided abundance meditation from Victor Da Ponte, creator of Quantum Powers and Beyond.

How to Create a River of Abundance in Your Life Right Now
In this system, the universe acts almost as if it were a conscious dispatcher of resources. This consciousness takes a look at who is allowing resources to flow through them, distributing them and putting them to good use. It then rewards or replenishes that person with more resources, usually much more than what they allow to flow through them.

Now You Can Learn How to Control Anyone's Mind
Imagine being a Jedi mind control master. Being able to instantly know what people are thinking. Being able to persuade anyone to do anything. Being able to change people's behavior, so you can have it "your way."

Time Traveller Returns From the Year 6000
The bizarre video shows the time traveller, whose face is blurred, meeting a reporter at an undisclosed location to reveal what he knows about secret technologies and what the future holds for humanity in the year 6000.

How to Fail at Meditation
Not long ago, I decided to get into the meditation game. I went into my calendar and blocked off a chunk of time for it each morning. The further into the future I scrolled, the more time I scheduled for it, confident that by a year out, I'd be meditating for an hour every day.

50 Life Secrets and Tips, Part 2
In Part 1, we explored 50 ways to start the new year right, by embracing your resolutions and providing some motivation to help you make this the best year of your life. But that was weeks ago... so here are some more helpful tips and tricks to hack your life!

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes from Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse
If you haven't had a chance to be profoundly awakened by this book yet, here are ten quotes from it that will move you to question your own environment, religion, culture, and relationships, to possibly find something more.

The Pursuit of Happiness is a Pointless Goal
"Happiness is a pointless goal. Don't compare yourself with other people, compare yourself with who you were yesterday. No one gets away with anything, ever, so take responsibility for your own life. You conjure your own world, not only metaphorically but also literally and neurologically. These lessons are what the great stories and myths have been telling us since civilisation began."

Mind Tricks for Attracting Beautiful Women
Putting aside the details for now, just remember that women seem different because they are different. And understanding exactly how they are different, understanding how they think, will give you a profound and permanent and ever-growing advantage over the men around you. So: A woman perceives and thinks differently than you.

Groundbreaking Documentary -- 7 Days to a Longer, Healthier Life
My friend and award winning film director, Michael Beattie, has gathered some of the most powerful health leaders from around the globe -- to be in a documentary that's literally going to change thousands of lives.

The Shockingly Mundane Secret to Happiness
There is also a disparity when it comes to specific kinds of hobbies, with very happy people being twice as likely to partake in the likes of biking, skiing, boating, traveling, hiking, playing team and individual sports as well as practicing meditation.

Unlightenment: The Power of Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously
It turns out that enlightenment is just having a really good sense of humor. We are all merely punchlines to a terribly funny cosmic joke.

Money is an Illusion, Retirement is a Joke
You are either growing or dying. The moment you retire, you are as good as dead. The purpose of life is to create. When a person retires, they stop creating and stop living.

Dare to Ask for What You Want
Good things come to those who ask! Asking for what you need is probably the most underutilized tool for people. And yet, amazing requests have been granted to people simply because they've asked for it.

How to Be the Luckiest Person on the Planet
But now I'm different. I'm constantly checking in and out of the Hospital of No Luck. I'm older. I need luck to be constantly transfused into me or I run out of it. Without luck, I'm dead. For me, good luck equals happiness.

Enlightenment's Evil Twin: The Pit of the Void
Because, as Buddhist teachers and teachers from many other contemplative traditions have long argued, on close investigation there doesn't appear to be any deeper "you" in there running the show. "You" are just a flimsy identification process, built on the fly by your grasping mind -- a common revelation in meditation that happens to be compatible with the views of many contemporary neuroscientists.

The Ten Most Important Aspects of Reinventing Your Life
Every day we are reinventing. A river doesn't stay still. Every time you step into it, it's a different river. You and I are that river. We either move forward or we freeze like ice.

Powerful New 3-Minute Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Power
An unusual exercise to improve mental health and acuity has been going viral on the internet lately. It was featured in a Los Angeles CBS News report that has an MD, a Yale neurobiologist, an occupational therapist, educators, and parents endorsing it.

The Great Hypnosis Secret: How to Use the Hypnotic Gaze
The Hypnotic Gaze Induction is a powerful piece of language that requires more thought behind your actions and composure rather than words.

The Expensive Art of Living Forever
We asked seven transhumanists what they hope to look like when they transcend their flesh-covered bodies -- and we commissioned images of those dreams.

Can The Future Influence The Past? This Quantum Theory Says Yes
One of the weirder aspects of quantum mechanics could be explained by an equally weird idea -- that causation can run backwards in time as well as forwards.

50 Life Secrets and Tips to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever
It's 2018 and time to embrace your resolutions... if you need some motivation, here are 50 amazing life tips and secrets to help you make this the best year of your life!


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