How to Force the Universe to Give You What You Want
Today I want to show you a really absurd, but extremely effective "Manifestation Formula" that will force the universe to give you the life of your dreams - money, happiness, success, and more.

Free Gift -- The Butterfly Abundance Effect
The Universe can do many things, but two things it cannot do, is control how you feel, or the decisions you make.

There Is Only One Way to Join the Illuminati
So what do I tell these poor, pathetic followers? Well, my first instinct is to offer inclusion into this exclusive club for the low, low price of $599. But for you, my friend, I can give you this one-time limited deal for $399. Just send your cash, blood and soul and I'll get back to you.

What Would You Do If You Were God?
In this amazing thought experiment, Alan Watts questions what you might do if you had all of the power of God.

Universe May Be a Strange Loop of Self-Simulating Consciousness
Why is there anything here at all? What primal state of existence could have possibly birthed all that matter, energy, and time, all that everything?

Tennis Start Novak Djokovic's Mind Power Theory
After the backlash over his anti-vaxxer stance, Novak Djokovic has faced fresh criticism for suggesting that people can alter the make-up of food and water by using mind power and emotions.

Adventures in Erotic Hypnosis
Under hypnosis, it was claimed, a subject could achieve a climax without being touched at all. Sex without the muss or fuss, or, for that matter, the pregnancies, STDs or awkward goodbyes. It's also a twist on BDSM, an expression of sexual power and submission at its most extreme.












How to Lose Weight with Hypnosis
Greenberg uses the deep state of relaxation and focus to suggest to patients to eat smaller portions and healthier foods to go along with an increase in activity. Instead of processed carbs, Simmons eats fruits and veggies and is now 50 pounds lighter. Julie Evans lost more than 140 pounds.

1 Cup Tomorrow Morning Burns 3 lbs of Belly Fat
What if you could sip a delicious hot beverage every morning before 9am, that sets you up to burn more fat than getting up at 5:30am to go jogging? Which would YOU choose? :-)

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Improve Your Brain by Controlling Your Brainwaves
In a new study, the researchers found that people can enhance their attention by controlling their own alpha brain waves based on neurofeedback they receive as they perform a particular task.

God Wants You To Be Rich
Another important lesson I've learned from the Bible is that everything, everyone is just a vassel for the creation of God. Just like God created the planet and everything around us, so we, as humans, we create through his intention. We are creators because we're blessed with the same divine creative power. Everything around us is the creation of God through us.

Being Lucky Is A Skill You Can Learn
Those who think they're unlucky should change their outlook and discover how to generate good fortune, says Richard Wiseman.












Tune In. Drop Out. Get Rich.
So what is the key to success? The key to success is the mind. What you think about you bring about. The only path to true happiness is attaining wealth by tuning in on who you really are and what you really want.

How to Fail at Meditation
Not long ago, I decided to get into the meditation game. I went into my calendar and blocked off a chunk of time for it each morning. The further into the future I scrolled, the more time I scheduled for it, confident that by a year out, I'd be meditating for an hour every day.

The Easiest Get Rich Quick Scheme in the Universe
Learning how to appreciate the simple things in life is true wealth. And it's the healthiest thing you can possibly do for your soul. Appreciating the infinite free gifts of the universe. That's rich.

Free Numerology Reading Will Unleash Your Universal Super Power
You'd be amazed at the shockingly accurate and revealing information that can be deciphered from nothing more than your name and date of birth.

Superstitions Can Improve Your Life, According to Psychologists
At their core, superstitions are self-fulfilling prophesies. You plant an idea in your head, allow yourself to believe in magic, and then believe doing something in a particular way or wearing a trinket will help you perform better. This seems insane, but it's a common phenomenon.

The Trendiest New Psychedelic Trend is Toad Venom
Despite the trip's short duration, the effects of toad venom -- which is extracted from Colorado River toads, also known as Sonoran Desert toads -- come on strongly and immediately. It leaves users immobile and unaware, and can cause extreme emotional reactions, euphoria and vomiting, according to drug researchers and users.

9 Ways Bufo Initiation Changed My Life
If we normally walk around with a dial-up connection to our higher selves trying to download our truth and purpose, then doing a Bufo initiation is like having 10 fibre-optic lines connected straight to Source. Each 15 minute session can feel like 1,000 or 1 million years... that will do a number on you.

21 Rules for Life from a Legendary Master Samurai
For the man who is fulfilled in his mastery of his craft and his Way, little else is necessary in life. This is evident in the way he lived, the way he conducted himself, the people he surrounded himself with. He lived the ideals he conveys in this sacred text.

The Secret Brain Trick for Automatic Success
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always have it easy in life? They get the perfect job without even really looking for it or can make sales without even trying? Maybe they can attract an awesome mate despite not being a very nice person or can eat anything they want without ever getting fat.

Scientists Build Devices to Hack Your Dreams
The team's radical goal is to prove once and for all that dreams aren't just meaningless gibberish -- but can be "hacked, augmented, and swayed" to our benefit, according to OneZero.

Free 5-Step Manifesting Cheat Sheet
I've created a FREE Cheat Sheet with full details on the entire 5-Step Manifesting Technique -- including how to get started with it today.

Discover the Forgotten Power of Plants
The Lost Book of Remedies is your treasure chest of remedies that mother nature offers. Even though we are now living in modern times, some people still seek natural remedies. This book will show you not just remedies but help you identify the medical plants. You will be surprised that even common weeds have medicinal properties.

Emotional Survival: Finding Your Calm in a Climate of Fear
Suddenly, we find ourselves living a nightmare: Contagion meets Twilight Zone. The familiar patterns, habits, and routines that guided us through life have been ripped away. Our map of reality feels like London after the Blitz. Unlike the Germans' bombing during World War Two, we hear no warning sirens nor are there any truly safe places to seek shelter.

9 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep
While the idea might sound really far-fetched, it's actually a growing area of research that is showing how it's possible to lose weight during sleep.

5 Simple Steps for Creating Powerful Affirmations
Do you know what the majority of the world's most successful people have in common? Well, besides being wealthy and sometimes famous, many of them actually use affirmations and visualization to bring their dreams and goals to reality!

How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day
I mean, just imagine how your life would be if every day you'd be at your best. If every day you'd have that rare energy and focus and passion that attracts the right people and circumstances in your life. If each day, instead of pain and problems and obstacles, you'd be showered with good fortune.

The World's Greatest Goal Achiever
These were not simple or easy goals. They included climbing the world's major mountains, exploring from source to mouth the longest rivers of the world, piloting the world's fastest aircraft, running a mile in five minutes and reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

CIA Documents Prove Psychic Powers Are Real
The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) just released some of its most TOP SECRET, highly classified information about their deep research into psychoenergetic science.

How to Use the Other 90% of Your Brain
As you know, the average human uses roughly ten percent of the capacity of their brain power. What they don't tell you is how to use the other 90%.

Drugs and the Meaning of Life
The power of psychedelics, however, is that they often reveal, in the span of a few hours, depths of awe and understanding that can otherwise elude us for a lifetime.

Magic Words That Bring You Riches
Here is what few people seem to realize: People all over the world really want to accommodate their fellow humans. But they must be approached properly. It's my experience and observation that many people do not give much attention to the people we meet in life and who have positions on the lower end of the job scale. In fact, some people not only ignore them, they are rude and insensitive to them.

What happens when you die? 8 non-religious afterlife theories
This question preoccupies us so much, we've built countless religions to help explain what might exist "on the other side'. In fact, the central pillar of all religions is providing an answer as to whether there is life after death.

Learn This and Your Life Will Change Forever!
Your mind is a fertile place where the thoughts you plant, will grow and make up for what your life is. Or as the old passage from the Bible goes, from the book of proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

The Bright Side of Coronavirus
As Monty Python taught us, always look on the bright side of life -- so here is a look at 16 ways this pandemic may change the way we look at the world.

The Top 10 Mind Bending Movies of All Time
The most fun that I've ever had at the movies has been when I've been challenged by the material and required to question the characters, their motives and the narrative itself. Here then, is a list of my favorite mind-bending cinematic experiences.

The Greatest Secret of Modern Science Will Transform Your World
There is one all-important truth that you must accept if you wish to develop on the path to prosperity. You must discard the idea that the physical universe is a meaningless, uncaring, random machine, and that human consciousness is a chemical accident within this machine.

5 Works of Fiction that Predicted Covid-19
While many fictional pandemics are too implausible to be readily believed, sometimes a movie or book hews surprisingly close to life. When it comes to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, there are a handful of fictional stories with enough overlap with real events for us to wonder, did the author somehow predict the current pandemic?

Coronavirus Brings Plague of Doomsday Predictions
There is something about pandemics that cause panicked people to empty their minds along with supermarket shelves. Countless doomsday warnings like Browne's prediction are spreading online, blending coronavirus fears with everything from political paranoia about a "#oneworld gov controlled by the UN" to Australian wildfires and swarms of locusts in Africa.

5 Sleep Commands to Induce Lucid Dreams
Here in Lucidology 101 we'll cover five new sleep commands that you can use to quickly trick the body into falling asleep. This will enable you to end insomnia and have frequent lucid dreams and OBEs.

Life Is A Cosmic Joke
When one becomes enlightened, laughter is almost a natural by-product; spontaneously it comes, for the simple reason that we have been searching and searching our lives for something which was already there inside. Our whole effort was ridiculous! Our whole effort was absurd. One laughs at the great cosmic joke.

10 Amazing Inventions From Nikola Tesla That Changed the World
Perhaps one of Tesla's most famous inventions deals directly with energy, something that is the talk of many social and political conversations and something that could be free to everyone if we used Nikola Tesla's invention.

Stuck at Home? Can't Work? Need Money?
There has never been a better time to learn how to build your own online business. And this is the easiest way to start...

The Purpose and Meaning of Life
No matter how shitty you think your life is, the fact that you have a self-conscious brain inside a movable body on top of a spinning rock flying around a nuclear furnace through the cold, dark depths of infinite space is a trippy, surreal, intense and unbelievable turn of events.

Science Says: You Are Made of Vibrating Strings and Live in 11 Dimensions
You are made up not of flesh and blood, nor even atoms, but infinitesimally small vibrating strings like closed loop elastic bands. It is also probable you exist in 11 dimensions, according to cutting edge scientists.

Free "Unexpected Money" Wealth Attraction MP3
All you have to do is LISTEN to the audio to "reprogram" your thoughts and magnetize your mind.

13 Scientific Studies That Show the Profound Potential of Plant Medicine
There's often some pushback that plants can't be medicine, that the only acceptable definition of medicine are pharmaceutical drugs that have been refined, regulated, and manufactured in a laboratory. This couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that all medicine is plant medicine.

Mindfulness versus Addiction: Why the Mind Gets Addicted
Mindfulness in addiction therapy and in the prevention of addiction relapse sidesteps the self-condemnations and guilt inherent in addiction -- those things that assign worthlessness to an individual, which is a surefire psychological recipe for failure.

The World's Strangest Methods of Fortune Telling
Want to know the future in the strangest possible way? You don't need crystal ball or a time machine. Just examine your moles or your fingernails or your cats. Really.

The Most Relaxing Music Ever Recorded
Scientists are now saying that the song "Weightless" by Marconi Union is the best thing for us and is the most relaxing piece of music ever recorded. Take a listen and judge for yourself.

9 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain
Besides exercise, which has huge impacts on the nervous system, meditation or mindfulness seems to change the brain of people who practice it.

Top 10 Old School Self-Help Books
Critics generally view positive thinking as namby-pamby nonsense. But the philosophy has produced ideas that are deeply useful, even profound. You probably believe some of them already. This list considers the most compelling and overlooked expressions of this practical philosophy.

Your Mind is the Best Weapon Against Any Flu
The coronavirus is all over the news now, and with it, media buzz about vaccines, normal treatments such as hand washing, and so on. Most "experts" have neglected one basic, free, non-invasive, yet therapeutic modality: mind over flu matter.

You Just Lost The Game (of Life)... and How to Win
Someday you might realize that it can all be enjoyed. Someday (maybe today) you can realize that every obstacle, every struggle, every painful experience is exactly what you need at that moment. And every "reward" you are grasping for might be exactly the right thing necessary to motivate you to grow stronger in that area of your life.

The Day the Universe Changed
In the depths of a suicidal depression, I asked God to show me something. And he showed me everything.

5 Powerful Ways To Attract Abundance In Your Life
At that moment, Lisa knew it was more than just a random instance of good fortune. That letter she held in her trembling hand was a sign from The Universe.

Money Will Not Make You Happy, But Happiness Will Make You Money
This may sound simplistic, or stupid, but with an attitude that realizes that misfortune can fall upon you, 99 percent of your days will be filled with thanks that nothing extraordinary has happened. Perspective is the easiest shortcut to gratitude, and gratitude is the easiest shortcut to wealth.

8 Movies That Might Make You Smarter
Besides documentaries and programs like the news, you can watch the occasional movie like the following eight films. I've found that these movies have not only peaked my interest in new subject matters, they've also provided some valuable life and business lessons.

Money Is Infinite
The point is, you are surrounded by an infinity of money at all times. Now, I understand that unless those ones and zeros are flying into your bank account it doesn't really help you. But the point is that you are literally bathing in the energy of millions of dollars at any single moment. And it's this image I would like you to embrace.

Love is a State of Mind
The cultivation of love comes from your mind. A lofty statement, but one that should be stood by beyond romantic connection. Love, as a whole, is a state of mind.

You Are Already Enlightened
Do you think "God" needs more personal development? Does "God" meditate every day in order to become more enlightened? Does "God" try to be a better, more spiritual being and beat itself up when it doesn't meet its own standards? It's ludicrous.

Bend Reality to Your Will: How Your Thoughts Shape the World
The act of creation in the world is born out of desire. Desire fuels our thoughts and imagination. And if we don't have any fears obstructing us, or if we have the courage and the strength to face them when they do come up, there is no reason we can't use our thinking patterns to create a world in our mind that we can then bend the reality around us into.

Would You Sell Your Brain For $397,800?
Carolyn was forced to watch helplessly as her mother's life was first derailed, then dramatically shortened by dementia. Now she is using what she learned during that "awful time" to help others achieve the kind of brain resilience that could allow you to forgo the constant threat of cognitive decline in your later years.

50 Alan Watts Quotes to Give You a Glimpse of Enlightenment
Capable of bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cultures better than few before him, Alan Watts could distill lifetimes of wisdom into approachable, digestible lectures. He could venture deep into the caverns of consciousness and emerge with emeralds of wisdom. With stunning clarity and lucidity, his lectures and over 25 books will forever alter the lives of those who rest their eyes on them.

Life After Death is Real if Infinite Universes Exist
Life after death could in some form be possible if the infinite universe theory is proved to be true, one physicist has claimed.

3,000 Year-Old Experiment Cures Migraines Naturally
All these years I've been taking pills and all sorts of weird-tasting herbal remedies, but my migraines still haunted me daily.

The Science of Happiness: 20 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life
In his recent book, When Likes Aren't Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness, Bono explores how the often overlooked details of day-to-day life can have a sizeable influence on our personal sense of well-being and happiness.

How to Enter Someone Else's Dreams
This is why psychic dreaming is one of the most powerful states for attaining a vast amount of unknown information. In order to connect with our intuitive mind, we usually have to by past the hyper active states of mental chatter which can be difficult for the untrained person to do. However, in the more receptive sleep state it's easy to receive telepathic communication from others.

5 Experiments Show Intelligent Consciousness Permeates Our Universe
While most teachers within the world's religions would disagree to the specific answers to these questions, there is a reoccuring theme that presents itself -- our universe is not simply a colliding ground of 'dead' matter and scientific chance, but rather it is a vast, interconnected ocean of intelligence.

Free MP3: How to Use Psychic Dreams
You are about to embark upon one of the most exciting journeys into the realm of unlimited psychic power, where your full potential is just a few simple steps away.

This Is Your Brain on Exercise
Exercise is as good for your brain as it is for your body, and researchers are just beginning to discover why.

The #1 Abundance Event on the Planet is Back
You'll feel the energy shift in your being. Thousands will be participating in the event on the same day. So collectively you'll experience a big transformation. And you'll notice many coincidences, synchronicities and weird phenomena happening just because of that transformation in your energy.

Neuroscientist: "Dogs Are People Too"
For the past two years, my colleagues and I have been training dogs to go in an M.R.I. scanner --completely awake and unrestrained. Our goal has been to determine how dogs' brains work and, even more important, what they think of us humans. Now, after training and scanning a dozen dogs, my one inescapable conclusion is this: dogs are people, too.

7 Keys To Reducing Stress
If you'd like to reduce stress, sleep better, and wake up feeling excited and optimistic about the day ahead, then check this out...

What happens if your mind lives forever on the internet?
Imagine that a person's brain could be scanned in great detail and recreated in a computer simulation. The person's mind and memories, emotions and personality would be duplicated. In effect, a new and equally valid version of that person would now exist, in a potentially immortal, digital form. This futuristic possibility is called mind uploading.

Top 10 Old School Self-Help Books
Critics generally view positive thinking as namby-pamby nonsense. But the philosophy has produced ideas that are deeply useful, even profound. You probably believe some of them already. This list considers the most compelling and overlooked expressions of this practical philosophy.

Can Dreams Predict the Future?
While there is no clear evidence proving that dreams predict the future, there is far more information proving that dreams can open the door to the inherent wisdom of the self. Some also believe that dreams are messages from the Divine.

The Secret to Longevity May Be Lying About Your Age
We can look to the life of Jeanne Louise Calment -- the Frenchwoman famous for surviving some 122 years until she passed away in 1997 -- for French-y lifestyle tips about enduring to a ripe old age.

STOP Doing These 16 Things If You Want to Succeed
Often in life, to be successful it doesn't require doing more. It requires you to stop. To eliminate the waste in your life. In a culture hardwired to "do it all", it can be counterintuitive to do less. It goes against everything we've been told to do.

Angels or Hallucinations: Who Is Watching Over Us?
Once you start looking for accounts of a "third man," a mysterious, saving -- and literally impossible -- presence who appears to people at times of extreme stress and danger, you can find them by the dozen, says John Geiger, who presents an array of them in The Third Man Factor.

The 48 Laws of Power
The 48 Laws of Power is a 1998 book by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers. The book shares thematic elements with Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince and has been compared to Sun-Tzu's classic treatise The Art of War.

Ayahuasca vs. Depression
"Ayahuasca is a very potent tool that shakes your psyche up and puts it back together again... The first time I took it I felt like I was dying," said Gary, who requested his surname remain anonymous. "It's a radical means to fast-forward your self-development."

The Ridiculously Obvious Meaning of Life
So the All is unable to experience itself. To be self-referential. With everything unfolding all at once, everything simply IS. There is no distinction, no separation. It is just an ocean of experience, beyond time, unable to individuate one moment or one experience from another. What would an infinitely powerful being, with infinite time, do to understand itself?

How Can Meditation Therapy Help Treat Substance Abuse?
Recovery centers for substance abuse have started to add meditation to their program and many people that encountered mindful practice and meditation during a treatment program has continued with it even after leaving rehabilitation. Meditation is a healthy habit that can help people recovering from drug abuse abstain from it.

5 Traps Used to Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness
The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical... In reality, though, breaking through these traps would allow us to apply the principles of peace, sustainability, exploration, acceptance and progress to improving the human condition.

2019's Most Mind-Boggling Stories About the Brain
As we wrap up the year, there are four mind-bending stories that still stick with me -- by asking about the nature of death, the promise of mind-reading, and new paths that may finally help us beat Alzheimer's. These are the ones I'll leave you with.

How to See the Future With Meditation
You have a perfect sense of intuition or insight, just waiting to be developed. One of the hallmarks of the global Shift to higher consciousness is that, with each passing year, more and more people will develop more of their inner abilities.

Why You Need F--- You Money
It's the stash of cash you will have which will allow you to operate and live as a free human being rather than a slave.


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