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The “Best” of 2020, Part 1!

You Are Already Enlightened
Do you think "God" needs more personal development? Does "God" meditate every day in order to become more enlightened? Does "God" try to be a better, more spiritual being and beat itself up when it doesn't meet its own standards? It's ludicrous.

The Ridiculously Obvious Meaning of Life
So the All is unable to experience itself. To be self-referential. With everything unfolding all at once, everything simply IS. There is no distinction, no separation. It is just an ocean of experience, beyond time, unable to individuate one moment or one experience from another. What would an infinitely powerful being, with infinite time, do to understand itself?

The Light Side of a Dark Age
Much of that ominous sounding pronouncement is nothing new, but it's all taking on amazing new dimensions. The point, if we're so directed, is to see past this illusory whirled, as has been continually available.

What happens if your mind lives forever on the internet?
Imagine that a person's brain could be scanned in great detail and recreated in a computer simulation. The person's mind and memories, emotions and personality would be duplicated. In effect, a new and equally valid version of that person would now exist, in a potentially immortal, digital form. This futuristic possibility is called mind uploading.

Life After Death is Real if Infinite Universes Exist
Life after death could in some form be possible if the infinite universe theory is proved to be true, one physicist has claimed.

8 Movies That Might Make You Smarter
Besides documentaries and programs like the news, you can watch the occasional movie like the following eight films. I've found that these movies have not only peaked my interest in new subject matters, they've also provided some valuable life and business lessons.

Think 2020 Sucks? Thank God It's Not the Year 536
Most historians point their fingers at AD 536, not only due to the massive number of deaths but also because of the many events that took place which led to a scaringly high death count and terrible living conditions for most humans.

Your Mind is the Best Weapon Against Any Flu
The coronavirus is all over the news now, and with it, media buzz about vaccines, normal treatments such as hand washing, and so on. Most "experts" have neglected one basic, free, non-invasive, yet therapeutic modality: mind over flu matter.

Free "Unexpected Money" Wealth Attraction MP3
All you have to do is LISTEN to the audio to "reprogram" your thoughts and magnetize your mind.

The Purpose and Meaning of Life
No matter how shitty you think your life is, the fact that you have a self-conscious brain inside a movable body on top of a spinning rock flying around a nuclear furnace through the cold, dark depths of infinite space is a trippy, surreal, intense and unbelievable turn of events.

5 Traps Used to Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness
The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical... In reality, though, breaking through these traps would allow us to apply the principles of peace, sustainability, exploration, acceptance and progress to improving the human condition.

The Bright Side of Coronavirus
As Monty Python taught us, always look on the bright side of life -- so here is a look at 16 ways this pandemic may change the way we look at the world.

How to Use the Other 90% of Your Brain
As you know, the average human uses roughly ten percent of the capacity of their brain power. What they don't tell you is how to use the other 90%.

How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day
I mean, just imagine how your life would be if every day you'd be at your best. If every day you'd have that rare energy and focus and passion that attracts the right people and circumstances in your life. If each day, instead of pain and problems and obstacles, you'd be showered with good fortune.

Money Is Infinite
The point is, you are surrounded by an infinity of money at all times. Now, I understand that unless those ones and zeros are flying into your bank account it doesn't really help you. But the point is that you are literally bathing in the energy of millions of dollars at any single moment. And it's this image I would like you to embrace.

21 Rules for Life from a Legendary Master Samurai
For the man who is fulfilled in his mastery of his craft and his Way, little else is necessary in life. This is evident in the way he lived, the way he conducted himself, the people he surrounded himself with. He lived the ideals he conveys in this sacred text.

The Trendiest New Psychedelic Trend is Toad Venom
Despite the trip's short duration, the effects of toad venom -- which is extracted from Colorado River toads, also known as Sonoran Desert toads -- come on strongly and immediately. It leaves users immobile and unaware, and can cause extreme emotional reactions, euphoria and vomiting, according to drug researchers and users.

------Most Popular Videos of 2020-----

Covid-19 and the Meaning of Life
This montage of wisdom from Sam Harris explores how people finally gain the proper perspective on life when life gets turned upside down in some manner, either from a brush with death or some other tragedy. When life becomes abnormal, we finally understand what is truly important in life. And what’s more abnormal than what’s happening in the world right now? That’s why I call this Covid-19 and the Meaning of Life.

Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories
A light-hearted look at some of the world’s most absurd conspiracy theories. All in good fun. Just a sarcastic jab at the world’s most powerful people. You’re crazy if you believe any of this stuff. Obviously none of these are real. Don’t even bother researching any of them, it’s a complete waste of time.

The Dark Side of Transhumanism
With Elon Musk’s strange new brain implant in the news, here is a look at the possibly very dark world of AI that we should be prepared for.

5 Reasons Reptilians Run the Vatican
We recently published an article which asked: Why Are Reptilians in the Vatican? This video takes a closer look at this question…

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