24 Bizarre Ideas About Life That Will Change How You Think

By Tim Denning / Medium

When you study your mind, you realize it's an infinite black hole.

There is no end to the bizarre ideas about life that studying the mind can lead you to. I have spent the last few months looking into the mind as a way to see the world differently during these uncertain times.

There have been so many interesting learnings, concepts and ideas that have come from this practice.

While I don't agree with them all, it doesn't matter.
You don't have to agree with an idea for it to change how you think.

Here are the truly bizarre ideas about life you've probably never heard of.

Once You've Looked Beyond the Veil You Realize There Is a Veil

The veil is your current existence and your day-to-day thoughts. Lifting the veil is seeing the existence beyond death.

I went there once as a 16-year-old during the middle of a knife attack.

My friend was being stabbed repeatedly in front of my eyes while I was being beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat. We nearly died, but thankfully survived.

In that terrifying moment, I felt inner peace.

The world slowed down. I could hear every heartbeat.

I stood outside myself for a few brief moments and saw beyond the veil. It was a moment I will never forget. I thank my attackers for helping me lift the veil.

We're All Searching For Ecstasis and We Probably Don't Even Know

Plato described ecstasis as an altered state where our normal waking consciousness vanishes completely, replaced by an intense euphoria and a powerful connection to a greater intelligence. "[Ecstasis] To be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere." -- Martin Bamford

This is what we're doing all the time. We attend a music festival or go to the cinemas to escape waking consciousness.

When you are in a giant space full of other minds like yours, you feel this connectedness. That connectedness is elevated when everybody in that room experiences the feeling of euphoria (intense excitement or happiness).

I remember going to a Daft Punk concert in Melbourne back in 2007. Everybody I meet up until this day, who was there amongst the more than 10,000 people, is connected to that experience and remembers the state of euphoria we all felt.

Looking for another experience just like it, for some, can become a lifelong goal. We go from one experience to the next looking for ecstasis and not even realizing it.

Mind Power NewsThe Brain Is a Reducing Valve of Consciousness

I forgot where I read this idea. The visual image is quite powerful. What if what your mind considers consciousness is limiting?

What you see has been curated down by your brain from reality. Therefore, what you see each day has been edited already by you.

Relax your mind's reducing valve.

Once You See How It's All Composed, It's Hard to Go Back to the Game

Life is a limited experience when you perform it on autopilot.

My studies into the human mind have taught me how our mind constructs the world into a computer game. Once you see how the game is played, it's hard to go back. What's more empowering is that you discover different levels of the same game.

Here are the entry level games:
Accumulation of money game
Spending money to acquire material possessions game
Pursuing one's career for the feeling of achievement game
Building up one's influence to feel superior or special game

Here are the advanced level games:
Chasing experiences over possessions game
Replacing the need for endless money in return for time (to live) game
Here are the expert level games:
Dropping selfishness for selflessness game
Choosing love over hate game

We've all heard of these different types of games. We often play each game without even realizing that's what we're doing.

Hear the Ape in Your Voice

You are the proud descendant of the ape. Hear the ape in your voice when you speak. Thinking about the ape in your voice changes how you talk .

Your Persona Hides That You Don't Know Anything

Really, what do we truly know?

There is so much to know and each of us knows so little. Your persona is what hides that fact. Once you can see your persona for what it is, you can see how little you know. This is a wonderful experience.

Work, Is a Theatre of the Mind

Your mind attends a theatre of illusion each day when you go to work -- physically or via back-to-back video calls.

Work is a play in which you act. Some of those acts are captured on film.

You give the performance of your lifetime. Corporate actors walk in and out of the room pretending they understand humanity through the buying and selling of products and services.

The theatre of making a productive dollar seems small when you explore the vastness that exists beyond attending a job for money that can be printed out of thin air.

It's Terrifying to See the Open Space Around You

This is what happens when you become fully present.

There is so much infinite space all around your life that is there for you to explore. If you're bored or locked in your home, then explore the infinite space around you.

See what you never saw before.

Catapult out of Your Ego

Your ego tells you that you are the center of the universe. You're not. You are one piece out of 7.8 Billion pieces. Those are only the human pieces. There are all the other pieces that have nothing to do with humans too.

Reading Ryan Holiday's book "Ego Is the Enemy" showed me our egocentricity. You can't see the world properly when it's centered around your ego. This is why influence and followers can delude a person from truly living. Your ego is not just the enemy; your ego can be dangerous if it takes over.
"It just is"

There isn't an answer to every question. Question your life with the thought, "it just it." There are uncertain times. It just is. Do you feel different now?

You Are the Energy of the Universe Playing Hide and Seek with Itself

A friend of mine shared this quote with me when I was 16. It's an idea I still don't fully understand.

The idea of it is interesting though and will take your mind on all sorts of journeys.

You Think You're in Nature but Not of It

Think of it this way: if you kill a spider, you are killing part of nature that you are a part of. It's a radical idea that causes some to protect the right of animals and forests. Are you really so different from nature?

When you die, your body is placed in the ground. Your body is absorbed by the earth and your energy ends up in another living thing. Your flesh may form part of a tree, or a caterpillar, or oil that gets placed into a car and burned as energy.

Maybe you don't die at all.

Maybe you have lived as many different living things since the universe began. Maybe that's why you should treat every little thing as your former and future life.

Consciousness Goes Beyond Life

Author, Pim van Lommel, says human beings are "more than physical bodies."

Pim studied the near-death experiences in survivors of cardiac arrest and wanted to know why they had enhanced memory after they were clinically dead. His research helps us understand why consciousness might live on after we die -- perhaps the greatest mystery of humanity.

Pim shows after more than twenty years of research that "our consciousness does not always coincide with brain functions and that, remarkably and significantly, consciousness can even be experienced separate from the body."

Let that idea blow your mind. Are you questioning everything yet?

When You Seek to Control, You Lose Control

The need to control our lives makes us lose control. Control is madness.

Lose control and feel the vastness of the experience you've been given temporary access to.

The American Dream Could Be the American Nightmare

Freedom, "self," the idea of money -- are these things all a dream?

Think about what these uncertain times have shown us. What looks like a dream could be a nightmare and, therefore, an opportunity for reinvention.

Every Sentence You Type Helps You Wake up Slightly

That's why writing is so powerful. Writing helps you think and therefore explore consciousness. There are different levels of consciousness and as you type out the words in your brain, you become more and more awake.

You see your reality when you write about it. Your reality has depth when people give you feedback on your interpretation.

Write to wake up.

Your Mind Contains Layers of Defense. Beyond the Defense Is Your Potential.

Think of your mind like an onion. It has layers. You can strip them away with deep thinking and present-moment awareness. The defense looks like this:
Holding on to ideas.
Protecting your ego.
Hiding who you are.
Shielding yourself from courageous moments.
Not facing the pain, so you can heal.
Hurting others because you're afraid to face your reality.

None of these defenses matter. Your reality is temporary. Therefore, opinions, fears, and limitations are irrational.

Destroy your defenses and unlock your future potential. Use your potential to live a greater cause than your own existence.

The Passage Itself Is the Traveller

Think about the passage of your birth that came from an act of love (sex).

What if the passage to life was in fact the traveller? This is a bizarre thought that will take the rest of your life to contemplate. It has no answer.

It's an impossible question you can never answer and that's the point.

Not every question has to have an answer.

Our Goal Is to Discover That We've Always Been Where We Needed to Be

You spend your entire life trying to get somewhere: career, family, possessions, status, influence.
When you realize you are already where you needed to be right from the beginning, you stop chasing, and start living.

Think Beyond Society

Many of the issues we fret about in society are surface level. They don't really matter in the end.
You can spend your whole life defending an ideal that is nothing more than a shallow concept, that isn't important when your life is on the line. Go beyond consumerism and politics and think about these three things:
Your understanding of the universe.
Your values.
How to deal with the idea of death.

The Deep Experience of Connection

You have a shattering confrontation with the universe when you have a deep experience with connection. Connection is where you see yourself as being part of everybody else's experience.
It's what the internet does. When you feel truly connected because of what the internet allows you to do, you stop worrying about yourself so much.

You see your internet connection as a hallway into everybody else's brain. And vice versa -- everybody else has a hallway into your brain where they can take a look around and explore your library, while sipping a cup of earl grey tea.

The Outer World Is a Reflection of Your Inner World

If you want the world to look better, look at your inner world. Analyze your thoughts and beliefs.

Chances are "an unfair world" is a lose circuit in your brain that you can plug back in again.

The outer world might be just fine. It could be your inner world that is showing your eyes the outer world being full of chaos and hate towards other human beings. Think about that.

The Void Contains Effective Reality

While contemplating the question "Who Am I?" I had an experience where my entire sense of self dissolved. I entered an infinite space that was both formless and nameless. There was absolutely noBody and noThing there, including me.

I was pure energy. I had no body. I had no name. There was no ME….I was filled with the profound realization that I was everything and nothing at the same time….

Now, let's return to the idea that space isn't empty….

What we think of as "space" is actually composed of infinitely small packets of energy that contain all of the information needed to create the entire universe -- within each and every speck. These energy packets are also what we refer to as "consciousness." Consciousness is the primary energy that permeates the fabric of all existence…it is both the information and the expression of this energy.
-- Krystleyez

The Experience of Existing Has to Turn ON and OFF

That's what death is. Life turns on, and life turns off.

Don't fear when the lights go out because they will turn back on again when it's time. You won't awake the same twice, though. Is that something to fear?

Final Thought

Mind Power NewsWhat a ride, huh? I told you these ideas about life would be bizarre and perhaps profound.

So much of what you worry about doesn't matter.

You are part of something much bigger than yourself. Once you consciously understand that, you'll feel a sense of connectedness that makes a lot of your problems feel small -- and that will change how you think forever.

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