9 Ways Bufo Initiation Changed My Life

By Kacper Postawski / Bufo Foundation

Here's 9 ways how bufo intitation changed my life...

1. No More Fear of Death

After dying, going back to source, and coming back over 38 times the fear of death has much less of a grip. I'm ready to go right now, no regrets - deep surrender.

This doesn't mean that I'm reckless or don't care about preserving this body.

On the contrary, there's this extraordinary inner conviction that there is no death, there's just reality, self, and with that comes an ever deepening sense of gratitude for this life and every moment that it brings - I'm here to live and live well!

2. More Fun, Less Fear

I do a lot more things that I enjoy and do a lot less things that I don't enjoy.

I even recently started a new hobby... fire-dancing!

Late at night I pour gasoline on two ends of this massive staff, light both ends ablaze and spin it with kick-ass music in the background whilst trying not to light myself on fire.

(Lots of elbow and head injuries have occurred while practicing)

3. Deep Acceptance of Life and Total Surrender

Fear of death and fear of life is the same thing, without fear of death, you are free to live totally.

Before Bufo it was like I was driving through life with both the gas and the brake on at the same time, now I feel like I've just driven off a cliff and jumped out the window and I'm totally okay with the endless freefall.

Total acceptance for all that is began to seep its way and take hold in my being in a way that I never experienced before. Everything is okay, everything is welcome, even the end of the world as we know it.

Life is infinite, and no matter what, it always has a plan for you, so what is the worry?

4. No More Limits, Relentless Action and Power

If we normally walk around with a dial-up connection to our higher selves trying to download our truth and purpose, then doing a Bufo initiation is like having 10 fibre-optic lines connected straight to Source. Each 15 minute session can feel like 1,000 or 1 million years... that will do a number on you.

Before Bufo initiation I always felt like I was struggling to stand in my power and maintain that inner fire that allows one to consistently take action...

...I could do it, but there was always this nagging little doubt in the back of my mind about my self worth or abilities - and this kept me playing small.

I'm finding myself taking action, focusing, and creating the wildest things my mind and soul can conjure... even when there's no toilet paper and we're not allowed to leave the house to buy it by threat of arrest and fines.

5. Great Dissolution of Stress and Anxiety

I am the most relaxed and chillest version of myself ever. This is HUGE for me and has made a gigantic impact on my life and the lives of people around me.

If my inner growth were to be a video game then anxiety would be the big boss at the end for me... Anxiety and stress used to be a huge problem for me...

...how did it go away? I don't know, that's one of the things that happens with Bufo, a lot of stuff just vanishes and you don't know why and you couldn't care less.

Okay I'll admit I have my moments and being a prisoner in my own house under martial law right now in South America(writing this amidst COVID-19 happenings) is testing my capacities of surrender to their limits...

6. Service to Others vs Service to Self

There is this deep pull and longing inside me to share and help and pull bring people together. I've always felt it and acted on it more or less but now it's stronger than ever.

If I'm not doing or working on something that is somehow connected to helping or serving others in a meaningful way then I get bored very quickly.

7. Juicy Relationsnips With Others

Looking back on it now, all the problems that came with relating with other people in my life, especially romantically, came from my deepest insecurities and traumas - and a lot of these were there in the first place because my sense of self was rooted in my emotional being, instead of the infinite

Much of that has dissolved and I find that I don't want or expect very much from anyone, I'm very rooted and happy just being by myself. Being focused on my life and purpose is easier with so much fewer distortions and distractions.

Life is a mirror it seems, and I continue to attract amazing people around me in business and romance that truly support me.

8. My Inner Guidance is a Black Hole

Like many people, I used to have this compass inside of me that pointed to my true north, and I would refer to it to make my decisions & choices, it told me where to go, who to trust, and what to do.

Something really odd started to happen during Bufo initiation that shook the foundation of my everyday life... the compass started to wobble and spin as if I were to be approaching the Bermuda Triangle.

However, instead of chaos and confusion all around me what began to appear in my life was more synchronicity, love and magic than I ever expected.

Then the needle kept on spinning faster and faster and faster...

Until it detached from the compass completely, pointed straight down into the black-hole in the centre, and plummeted into the abyss.

I followed it, and so did my life, as that was the new True North.

What does this mean for me?

Total surrender.

Total Let Go.

North is always IN.

The way forward is the thing that you love and fear.

No more decisions, no more thinking things through, just trust.

Mind Power News9. No More Trauma, Lots More Smiles :-)

*Sigh of Relief* Aaaaaaaaaah....

Thank you for reading, maybe this sounds crazy or far fetched, but this is what happened to me, and I strongly believe that any human being can go through a similar transformation.

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