How to Use Dreams to Solve Your Biggest Problems

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Our dreams are possibility the most unexplored part of the human psyche. We rely on philosophers like Jung, and Freud to give us partial meaning to what our dreams really signify in our lives, yet they come short of the full gems that can be found in dreams.

Dreams, when explored deeply, through simple nightly practices, can test your entire perception of reality for what you will discover. Its an incredibly fascinating world, which indigenous people from the Aborigines in Australia to the many African tribes who use dreams to divine healing and prophecy. To the Shamans in Peru and many other Mystics who rely on dreams to gain greater insight into life's mysteries.

It's the modern-day world which dismiss dreams as some disjoined fantasy of the mind, while leaving the most powerful gems and human discoveries to waste night after night. It's the rare individual who stumbles upon a dream which seems too accurate to dismiss as mere fantasy and decides to explore a bit further, only to discover that the deeper they go the more gems are discovered.

It's a bit like walking into a dimly let cave, only to find a sparkling gem of light from what seems like an ordinary stone, only to dig a bit deeper to find that one has actually found a cave of the most precious jewels. And, of course like the cave of jewels the finder keeps it a secret, in order to enjoy the share wealth and greater opportunities that this discovery would provide.

Dreams And How They Help Solve Your Problems

There are no problems which do not have a solution and no solution which is not birthed out of a perceived problem. The solution is always there, however we become stuck in a state of hypnotic rhythm. A false sense of negativity which locks the mind into a state of fear and inertia.

Imagine for a bit driving your vehicle into a muddy swamp, then getting one of your wheels stuck. The more aggressively you try to get out of that muddy hole, the deeper and more intrenched your wheel becomes. The mind and its problems are much like that.

However, with dreams it's the one time during the day when you let loose the grip of the problem or at least the spinning of the wheel, long enough to be able to get a solution to getting unstuck.

If the exploration of dreams seems a bit daunting and you are unsure of where to begin, start with your problems. Because your problems are the most pressing part of your daily life experience, your dreams always take you to the solution of those problems. Until you learn to program and control your dreams in order to unearth specific information, your dreams will always take you to what is most pressing on your mind.

Think of your dreams as a continuation of what is presently occurring in your normal day activities, except with greater insight. Within the dream realm there are no secrets to those perceived problems, the solution is always present. The answers to your deepest concerns are present; if only you are able to pay attention, recall the details of the dream and also have an ability to interpret those messages.

All of these three processes can be learned quite easily. The key to getting a grasp on these three steps is a clear intent to do so, as well as daily practice. Within a relatively short space of time, most people are able to gain great insight into their dreams, finding a host of solutions to all areas of their lives.

There are no problems which you cannot gain answers to when it comes to using dreams to gain solutions to your problems.

Psychic Dreams7 Steps to Using Dreams to Solve Your Problems

1. Remind yourself that as sure as you have this problem that there is a solution for this problem. You simply have not released your grip on the problem long enough for a solution to enter your awareness. If the problem has created enough fear in you, repeat this statement, to yourself as many as 10 times or as many times as it takes to release your grip on the problem.

2. Be definitive about your desire to receive a solution to this problem. No matter where you are or what you are doing, just stop. Then repeat to yourself at least 10 times, slowly with each breath, " I am ready for a solution." Don't try to create the solution, at this point you are simply preparing the mind for the solution to enter.

3. On a sheet of paper or in a journal, write out the problem you are faced with, be as detailed as you need to be. Include how this problem is making you feel and what your fears are. Writing out the details of this problem will help you later on in comparing, as well as interpreting the dream solution. Now at the end of this writing, again reinforce the statements that you are ready for a solution and that you know emphatically that there is a solution for every problem.

4. Place the journal on your night stand and do as you would with your normal routine at night.

5. In the morning when you wake up, lay in bed do not open your eyes. Allow your mind to recall whatever dream images you can remember. It does not matter if those dreams seem to apply to your problem or not. That's not important for now. Its only important that you try to retain the memory of the dream. Ignore nothing, no matter how simply or irrelevant it may seem to be. Recall as much as you can before opening your eyes. This may take a while, don't rush the process. Wake a bit earlier than normal if you need more time to reflect.

6. Write out as much as you can recall. Again, remembering to include every bit of what you can recall, ignoring nothing as insignificant. Be free and as creative as you need to be in expressing your memory. That could include drawing out symbols or just writing out phrases. Don't be ridged about the process. Allow your creativity to guide you as long as it fulfills your full expression of this dream.

7. Now its time to analyze and compare the dreams with your actual problems. Can you find a solution to the problems you are facing?

Dream analysist can seem confusing to some. Especially when trying to interpret dream symbols, however the less rigid or literal you are about the symbols the easier and more intuitive your interpretation will be.

When you find yourself looking at an abstract dream symbol, let go of your need to be correct about its interpretation. Instead talk to the dream as if talking to a character in a movie. Ask the dream, what are you trying to show me? What do you mean and how do you relate to the solution to my problem?

Be free about what answers come to you, without the need to be correct. Just explore whatever answer comes to your mind and then take note of it. The funny thing about this method is that it can often reveal some very powerful answers, granted you stay fluid and trust your intuition to make sense out of what seems like nonsense.

Of course, there is more to dream interpretation and diving deeper into dream symbols if you care to go deeper. The deeper you go the easier it all becomes, soon it becomes easier to not only interpret your own dreams but the dreams of others; as well you soon gain an enhanced ability to solve deeper life issues through the use of dreams.

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