How to Enter Someone Else's Dreams

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The idea of being able to enter someone else's dream can seem like something right out of a science fiction movie. It may conjure up ideas of being attached to all sort of gadgets and devices and being placed in some controlled environment in order to accomplish this great feat. However, none of this is needed in order to enter someone's dreams.

In fact, the process is far simpler than many of us would care to believe. If anything, that level of power may conjure up a bit of fear at how easy it could be for someone to have that much power over us or perhaps even our own fear of being in possession of that much power over another.

Let's release some of this fear and say, it's a bit like picking up the telephone and placing a call to someone. Its direct communication. However, unlike the telephone where you can choose to answer or not answer, communication through dreams can be more direct

Physical reality itself is like a dream. Whatever can be done in physical reality can be transferred into the dream realm as well. To help you understand how it is possible to enter someone's dreams let's take a look at how our day to day, physical reality works.

All is Mental Communication

If you think that you are not mentally influencing the mind's of others or that your mind is not being influenced by thought projections around you, think again. We are all under the influence of thought projections, as well, we are also influencing the minds of those around us.

The mind is both a transmitter, as well as a receiver of thought impressions. All of which is happening on an unconscious level.

People who tend to talk all the time are transmitters of thought impressions, the larger percentage of time. Their mind is in a constant state of projecting their thoughts unto the minds of those around them.

They are in an impulsive state of imposing their ideas unto the minds of those around them, as a result they posses a constant need to over explain, over share, over impress those ideas and even when they are not talking, they are mentally projecting those thoughts unto the minds of others through a form of psychic mental projection.

You may leave such a person and feel as if your mind has been hijacked by that person's concepts. Long after you have left them, you can still hear their ideas playing out in your mind.

How many times have you found yourself holding someone in your mind while talking to them mentally? If you have caught yourself doing it, you can believe that others are doing it to you as well.

On the other hand, those who possess a quieter demeanor are those who are often in a more passive state of mind. Passive does not mean weak for some of those people, it just means that they are more receptive to the thought impressions of those around them.

They listen more, as a result they tend to absorb the ideas and emotional impressions, of those who possess stronger thought projections.

Each of us exist more dominantly in one of those two mental states. Ask yourself, which of these two states of mind do I exist in most? Am I a transmitter or receiver of thought impressions?

With that said, we can all exist in both states at various times, switching between one side to the next which we do unconsciously. The key is to become conscious of when you are in a receptive state and when you are in a state of projecting thoughts.

Psychic Transmitter Vs. Psychic Receiver

Psychic DreamsHow many times have you known of something, without knowing how you knew that thing? How may times have you been in a quiet state of mind only to get bits of information that you had no way of knowing? You may have doubted the information and much of that doubting is due to lack of knowledge of how psychic information travels.

It may have taken you weeks, months or years to discover that this random bit of information which just entered your mind was actually right on target. There was nothing random about the information. At the time you got that bit of information your mind was in a receptive state as opposed to a transmissive state.

On the other hand, how many times have you wanted to communicate a bit of information to someone but did not have the guts to tell them directly? Maybe you no longer wanted to do that project that you promised you would do with them or maybe you no longer wanted to communicate with them in general.

Without saying a word to them, for some unknown reason, that person seem to know your thoughts and feelings. They responded on cue to your mental and emotional projected feelings towards them by discontinuing communication or suggesting that something has changed between you and them.

Imposing Yourself Into Someone's Dream

During the time of sleep, the mind can be in a relaxed and most receptive state. Unless you are unwell or in a mentally disturbed state, the mind is calmer during sleep than it is in more active states during the day.

This is why psychic dreaming is one of the most powerful states for attaining a vast amount of unknown information. In order to connect with our intuitive mind, we usually have to by past the hyper active states of mental chatter which can be difficult for the untrained person to do. However, in the more receptive sleep state it's easy to receive telepathic communication from others.

All one has to do is to be purposeful and very deliberate about transmitting clear thoughts to the mind of someone who is in that receptive state. Perhaps you want to reach someone whom you have not heard from in a long time. Maybe you want to warn someone of some form of danger they are about to encounter.

There are numerous reasons you may want to reach someone in this way, especially if there is no other way of reaching out. When you communicate in this way, the receiver will telepathically receive the information and because they are asleep it will all be incorporate into their dream.

How clear or detailed they receive the information is largely to do with the one who is transmitting that information. It depends on how clear and concise the visuals and mental projection are. Do they have a strong mind, are they direct and purposeful, are they able to impress a strong mental communication with enough faith and clear thought; These are just some of the necessaries to getting a strong message across.

To the person who is receiving the information, they will see, and know that it's coming from you. They may not know that you are willfully projecting that information to them as it will all be incorporated as part of their dream; however, you cannot separate yourself from the information. You and your information will be received as part of their dream.

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