Love is a State of Mind

By Ashley Halsey

The cultivation of love comes from your mind. A lofty statement, but one that should be stood by beyond romantic connection. Love, as a whole, is a state of mind.

How you view and access the world is what develops and establishes your mindset. The power of mentality not only can change the outcome, but it also improves the journey. In the dating realm having a healthy and positive mindset can change the game completely.

Implementing the following practices can make the dating experience more fun, less stressful, and easier to navigate overall.

Building the Foundation

When it comes to dating and the mentality of it, it is essential to build a strong sense of community and a healthy environment.

Who you surround yourself with.
The people you chose to allow into your life are the ones who are going to have the most influence when it comes to how you let your partner treat you as well. If you are choosing friends that are constantly down on you and seem always to be starting drama, then finding a partner who values you and values others is going to be tough. Your inner circle is a critical player in how you approach your value and what you seek in the world. If you feel like you have an unhealthy support network, then before you even start thinking about dating, you need to focus on that first. This will better prepare you for when a relationship doesn’t work out, or you need to bounce ideas off of others.

Your environment.
Is it too much of a stretch to say that if you don't make your bed every day, you should reconsider dating? As extreme as that sounds, there is a reliable application that goes along with it. When it comes to having a strong personal mentality, your best energy, and your most aligned sense of self is best activated when your home and mind are at balance. One very hands-on method of contributing to this is by practicing a clean lifestyle. Coming home to a clean kitchen and made up bed gives your mind space to think beyond your to-do list and starts to build a healthier foundation when it comes to letting someone in that space.

Developing the Mindset

Once you feel like you have given your community and your environment some logical thought, you can begin to work on tangible thought practices to improve your experience with love and relationships.

The weight of limiting belief.
The person who believes more than anybody else that you are going to fail is more often than not yourself. You tell yourself that finding a partner in your age range or someone who sees you as enjoyable is virtually impossible. You convince yourself that you are looking for "Mr/Mrs. Right Now” instead of someone to genuinely love and connect. A mediocre date doesn’t mean failure, but instead, it allows you to learn and grow. Love is all in the practice of the mind.

The value of perspective.
Going into every single romantic endeavor as if it is your last chance at love is a rapid way to take the authentic and fun prospect out of meeting new people. Instead, look at the whole process as an opportunity to make new connections, discover yourself, and experience exciting things. You must be in a place mentally where as much as you would love to share life with someone, you also find joy in the life you live as a single person.

The purpose of patterns.
If you have been working through this season of dating to find someone to love for very long, you have one of the best tools on the planet, your own knowledge. No one can argue with your experience or feelings. If you take time to look back at all the things that have and have not worked, I guarantee you will begin to see a pattern emerge. With every "date” you are practicing your social skills and gaining valuable lessons. Use the awareness of trends and the newfound skills to try new ways of connecting and watch what happens to the experience as a whole.

Generating a healthy place for your mind to explore the ins and outs of love is an incredible tool that we all should be using as we navigate relationships. Residing in a healthy community, developing personal confidence, and allowing yourself to learn and grow are essential steps to enjoying the practice and process of love.

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at LuckyAssignments and Gum Essays who has been involved in many projects throughout the country. Mother of two children, she enjoys traveling, reading and attending business training courses.


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