Magic Words That Bring You Riches

How to get everything you've ever wanted in life by saying the right words.

By Ted Nicholas, Author of
Magic Words That Bring You Riches

The words with which you communicate determine the quality of your life. This is true whether communicating with others or with yourself. Especially with yourself. The impact of words actually causes measurable biological changes in ourselves. And in others. Words are stored in our conscious and subconscious minds. We think in words.

Certain words incite many emotions and subsequent actions. Words have the power to induce someone to laugh, to cry, to be kind, to be loving, to be cooperative, or to buy. Or be unkind, angry, or irrational. Whether words are written or spoken, they have enormous power. Of course, when words are spoken, the added factors of voice timbre, emphasis, emotion... all have the potential to cause even more impact.

This book offers many concrete examples of using simple words to produce certain results. This may sound like a form of manipulation. Actually, it is. But, here is the important distinction that needs to be made. Manipulation can be either positive or negative. I define negative manipulation in this context: the use of words that causes others to act for the benefit of the communicator. Positive manipulation is when certain words tend to cause responses that are of mutual benefit to the speaker or writer and the person with whom you communicate.

The techniques I'll reveal to you have all been developed in a win/win context.

Here is what few people seem to realize: People all over the world really want to accommodate their fellow humans. But they must be approached properly. It's my experience and observation that many people do not give much attention to the people we meet in life and who have positions on the lower end of the job scale. In fact, some people not only ignore them, they are rude and insensitive to them.

Here is a big mistake. I believe every human being should be treated with dignity and respect. Reason? People in service occupations, for example, such as waiters and waitresses, the health club attendants, golf and tennis assistants, hotel desk clerks, rental car agents, office clerks, etc. have an ongoing power to add so much quality and meaning to our lives. Little people mean a lot.

So, Rule Number One:

Treat the "little" people in your world with dignity and respect. Learn their names and background information by asking questions. Think about it. Who do you think will get special consideration when it is requested? The open and kind caring person? Or the person who treats the "little" people as though they were invisible? The answer is obvious. I've found that the "little" people I've taken time to know have enormous power to make my life more enjoyable and add real quality to each day. Plus, it's fun to make lots of new friends.

It's been proven by the experts that body language communicates with as much impact as the words we speak. Therefore, to enhance their power, practice saying the secret words with:

* a smile (you can even hear a smile on the telephone);
* a warm, rich tone to your voice;
* enthusiasm in what you request;
* good eye contact;
* a firm handshake;
* sincerity-you can't fake friendliness;
* a purposeful posture-standing tall; and
* a manner that communicates an expectation that you deserve and expect to get what you request.

I submit that with each person we come in contact, we have, in a certain sense, the opportunity to market ourselves. To be liked or disliked. Of course, the more people like us, the happier they are to be helpful.

I use "magic words" every day of my life. Here they are revealed to you, dear reader, for the very first time anywhere.


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Unless you first learn to communicate with yourself, you will not be very effective communicating with others. The silent words we all say to ourselves produce feelings. These can be positive, happy and life-enhancing, or negative, unhappy and detrimental to us.

Silent Words Are Heard!

You literally affect and change your nervous system by your internal dialogue. While I will focus mainly on the silent words, it's important that I at least touch on another vital aspect of communication to ourselves and to the outside world.

We communicate both to our inner self with the world outside as much by the way we use our body as in our words. And our body messages, along with words spoken or silent, help create our emotion. Of course, we also hear silent words in the voice pitch and quality we choose, for our unspoken voice is heard. We hear a whiny, sleepy, apologetic voice, or we hear a rich, strong energetic voice when we speak to ourselves through internal dialogue.

In addition, if you sit slouched and speak softly and slowly with a yawning voice tone, tell yourself you are learning about communication as you begin to feel a lack of energy and drowsiness.

Any doubts? Try this test. Read the previous paragraph and see how you feel. Let yourself really experience the feelings your actions produce within you.

Now try this standing up. Walk briskly and purposefully across the room - head back, good posture. Sit comfortably, but keep your back straight as you sit in your chair. Speak silently to yourself in a strong voice with energy. Tell yourself you are learning about self-communication as you feel growing excitement about all the new benefits your new knowledge brings to your life. Let yourself really experience the emotions. See the difference!

The way we use our body muscles, facial muscles and posture is critical to our self-communication. Even how you use your eyes. It's almost impossible to feel up if you continually look downward, especially with a frown on your face. And it's almost impossible to feel down when you are looking straight up with a smile on your face.

Try it!

In summary, communication with the outside world, written or spoken, first starts with self-communication. Self-communication starts with the way we use our body along with the silent words we say to ourselves. The loudness of the inner words, along with the richness of tone used when we say them combine to produce our inner emotional state. Interestingly, our communication to others reflects this inner state. It can't be hidden, at least not for long.

How to get the very best table in any restaurant

Key words are: "Celebrating Tonight"

Magic Words that Make you RichWhen calling for a reservation, say, "I'd like the very best, most special table you have. We're celebrating tonight. What can you do for us?"

If you bring your spouse on a date instead of a client or friend, say instead, "I'd like the most romantic table you have in the corner, so we can sit side by side. We're celebrating tonight."

If the maitre d' asks what you are celebrating (unless, of course, it's a birthday, anniversary, sales achievement, asset purchase, or other special event) say, "We're celebrating...

Ted Nicholas is the author of "Magic Words That Bring You Riches" which reveals 17 magic words that can make you a fortune.


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