Supercharge Your Day with this Simple Morning Ritual

By Jason Mangrum, Creator of
Uberman: Become SuperHuman!

Here's a really cool technique you can use in the morning, to infuse a little magic into your day...

This technique uses the power of the Sun as a type of energetic- amplifier for the body and mind.

No, you don't need to believe that you are actually drawing energy from the Sun for this to work.

In fact, the Sun you think you are seeing in the sky such a long distance away, isn't actually "out there."

So your mental focus on the Sun is enough to get a physical reaction from your brain, chemically.

Your mental and psychological associations to the Sun are all you need to make this work.

First thing in the morning, just as the Sun is rising, is the most effective time to do the following...

1. As you are waking up, move to a window where you can see the Sun rising, or if you cannot see it, imagine you are in front of a window watching the majestic Sun illuminate the Earth.

Mind Hack Recipe Book2. As the Sun continues to rise, breathe naturally and begin to notice the warmth of the Sun on your face and skin. As you begin to feel the warmth, breathe in the warming, radiating, invigorating energy.

3. Infuse imagination with tactile awareness. As you are imagining breathing in the Sun's powerful energy on every inhale, it grows stronger and radiates through the entire body on every exhale. Bask within this cycle and every cell of your being imbued with increasing warmth, charge and power.

4. When you feel you are "full" of this energizing force, hold your breath for just a few moments while feeling the radiant Sun's energy glowing inside...

5. Then let go and exhale while allowing the sunlight within to expand outward in all directions, with the intention of creating a miracle today... something unexpected, yet appreciated. Something amazing. Don't limit the manifestation; let it be free.

Your higher intelligence knows exactly what to "do" with this new radiant energy.

Almost Super HumanYour only job is to do the technique, feel the effects, intend for a miracle utilizing this powerful Solar energy, and then completely LET GO.

Then, just go about your day as usual.

After trying this technique for a few days, let me know of any miracles or unexpected blessings that 'magically' come your way.

Enjoy and Share :)
-Jason Mangrum, Author of
Uberman: Become Super Human!




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