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New Video Pulls Back the Curtains! Discover what's REALLY been holding you back from SuccessBy Natalie Ledwell / Mind Movie Matrix

Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell. You may know me from Mind Movies or maybe one of the seminars I have spoken at.

Now I have a question for you today. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always have it easy in life? They get the perfect job without even really looking for it or can make sales without even trying? Maybe they can attract an awesome mate despite not being a very nice person or can eat anything they want without ever getting fat.

If those kinds of people bother you, you're not alone. Now there was a time where they used to infuriate me too… until I asked myself, "Why don't I see what they're doing differently so I can have the same benefits?" I'd been working so hard my whole life and I thought, "Well, I might as well try something new."

In fact, some of the most hardworking, talented, and good-natured people I know barely can pay their rent or put food on the table. It almost seems like there's an invisible wall blocking them from really achieving their dreams. Have you ever felt like that?

Now a while ago, I had been on the personal development path for way too many years and had very little to show for it. At age 21, I first started getting books and courses and cassette tapes on how to improve my life. While I got very good at taking massive action, my results weren't anything to brag about. I was a serial entrepreneur, often working 15 hour days. While I didn't technically have a boss, I was anything but "free."

I felt an "invisible barrier" that was holding me back from really achieving wealth and success, and maybe you feel this too. I was about 15 pounds overweight and anything but healthy. I was stressed and just wanted to quit.

Eventually I reached a point where I had to decide, "Am I going to accept that this is the best it's going to get… or am I going to get my life handled, once and for all?" It was tempting to just give in and forget about my dreams and just live a life of mediocrity. What I really wanted was to travel the world, work from the beach, or not work at all if I didn't feel like it, but I was far from that type of lifestyle where that could happen.

I was working much harder than the average person with a "day job," without having the benefits of salary, vacation time, or even a free cup of coffee in the morning. It was the worst of both worlds and I wanted out.

Luckily, I was able to find some experts that helped me see exactly what my invisible barrier was, and more importantly, guide me through dissolving it, so I could achieve my goals. I lost that 15 pounds, paid off my debts, and have traveled to more countries in three years than most people do their entire lives.

Now, I never got into working from the beach, but I do love writing and making videos from my beautiful apartment overlooking the harbor in San Diego. I am part owner of a multi-million dollar company now and rather than work being a constant struggle for me, I truly love what I do.


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Now I'm going to tell you how I did it.

There is a concept that's constantly talked about in the self-development world, but is almost always misunderstood. This is the idea of "limiting beliefs."

If you're not familiar with the concept, a limiting belief for wealth might be that "Money is evil" or "There's never enough money." A limiting belief for health might be "I don't deserve to be thin," or "It's really boring to eat healthy."

A lot of well meaning gurus try to help people change their limiting beliefs by visualization and affirmations, which can make a difference, rarely work on their own. There are some very important reasons for this that actually help with your survival.

Between the ages of zero and six, and even before you're born, you are consuming millions of bits of information around you. You are brand new to this earth and your top priority is to learn its rules, its ways, and its consequences, for you to survive.

For example, you learn about gravity right away so you don't fall off a building. Once you figure out that what goes up must come down, you don't question it.

So, when you're a small child, you're not only learning about the physical properties of the earth, of course. You're also learning how money works, how people should love each other, and who deserves what out of life. More importantly, you're learning your place on this earth and what you should expect and not expect from it. You're learning when you should feel bad and when you should feel good.

Your parents may have done their best to teach you positive feelings about money and success, but chances are they made at least a few mistakes. If your parents were not positive minded or successful, they may have actually been incapable of giving you the proper belief programming. Remember that they're operating from the programming they picked up as children.

And even if you did have the so-called "perfect" parents, there's still what relatives and neighbors said in your presence, as well as sounds you may have heard from the TV and other people who are influencing your life.

So, why did you adopt those beliefs so easily as a baby? It's more than just being young and impressionable as a child. It's because your brain is literally operating at a different frequency when you're that young.

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Your Brainwave State as a Child Determines Your Life

When you are an infant, your brain is mostly in a Delta brainwave state. This is somewhat similar to what your brain is doing when you are in a deep, dreamless sleep. You are the most receptive in this state and you have literally no filters on what goes into your subconscious mind. Whatever spoken beliefs are repeated the most in front of you, or with the most intensity, are the ones you'll adopt permanently. Even when you're in the womb, you hear and are perceptive to what's going out outside and this is affecting you.

From the ages of two through six, your brain is mostly in a Theta wave state. This is similar to what your brain is like in deep hypnosis or dreaming. Buddhist monks also reach this state when they go into meditation. In the Theta wave state, you are extremely open to suggestion.

As a four year old, you can understand most of what's being said around you, even if you can't articulate it in your own speech. With your brain in Theta state, you will keep absorbing beliefs around you like a sponge, whether they're good or bad.

Once you get past age six, your mind mostly goes between the Alpha state, which is relaxed, and a Beta state, which is more vigilant and active. These states are perfectly healthy and normal to be in, but the difference is that there is a barrier raised to new thoughts and beliefs at this point. Your subconscious mind has decided that by age 7, you know the basics of surviving on earth, so it will be resistant to key changes past this point.

Once you've proven you can live with this mindset, your subconscious mind takes an attitude of "Well…if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and it cuts off further change. It doesn't even bother considering if you would be happier or wealthier with different beliefs or habits. From then on, its only goal is to keep you safe.

The irony is that as an adult, you finally know what beliefs you SHOULD have but are almost completely unable to make any changes. This is why many people have to do affirmations literally thousands of times to make any progress in changing how their mind works.

Get Your Brain Back into Theta

Luckily, science has now found ways to get your brain back into Theta state at will, so you can absorb the beliefs you want, and make a conscious effort in correcting and eliminating the beliefs that do not serve you.

If you want to install in your mind the beliefs of a six-figure earner or even a millionaire, you must first make your mind receptive to the suggestion. It's the same if you want to have an amazing sexy body or a wonderful relationship. This is why I have put together an hour long, life-changing webinar for you.

This webinar will show you how to reprogram your mind for success so it becomes second nature for you to think and act in the ways that healthy, wealthy, and happy people do for success.

Now, the webinar is called "Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot" and it's designed to make this easy for you, so you don't have to think too hard or push through tiring efforts to get what you want. Remember that we modeled this success strategy after people who were easily getting what they want, so we could cut out as much of the needless struggle as we could.

Now, we will not be able to take "walk-ins," so make absolutely sure you register right now. This is also a free webinar, so there will be a lot of competition for the spots that we have. When you reserve your place, we will email you a confirmation. We'll also send you some helpful information between now and the webinar, so you can be best prepared for everything you'll learn.

So, if you're still with me right now, it's probably because you're tired of struggling so much for a modest income. You're tired of working so hard to get into shape, only to fall back behind, and you're tired of all the relationship difficulties that get in the way of enjoying life.

I'm offering this webinar to you because I know what it's like to struggle, and believe me, there is a much easier way.

I am so looking forward to sharing this with you, and I'll see you on the webinar.

Have a fabulous day.

Secure your spot at the upcoming FREE Webinar here...

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