How to Use NLP to Exorcise Your Demons and Start Attracting Health, Love and Money

By Charles Steed,
Author of
Dark Persuasion Techniques

People are sponges for information. As we make our way through life we pick up all kinds of data. Some of it is useful and some not so useful. And some of the stuff we absorb is downright hazardous to our well being.

We're especially susceptible to internalizing non-supportive beliefs and ideas when we're very young. From the time we arrive home from the maternity ward we take in the majority of our impressions and beliefs from the people in our immediate environment, usually our parents.

So if our parents are well rounded, reasonable people, we tend to be well rounded and reasonable. I realize the word reasonable, or any other descriptive word is relative but please, follow along.

We Can Have Anything We Want In Life

The law of attraction explicitly insists that we can have anything we want in life by simply focusing our thoughts on that thing. If that statement is true then why do so many people struggle?

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. In other words, think and behave in a positive way and you'll receive positive results which might include love, money and good health. Think pessimistic and gloomy thoughts and, according to the law, you'll spend most of your time in some degree of misery.

Too Many Plastic LOA Gurus?

There seems to be a movement underway touting the benefits and wonders of using the law of attraction to bring the good things life has to offer into our lives. Courses, books and programs are popping up everywhere touting the law of attraction as the hottest thing in the personal development field in years.

I get a chuckle from that because the law of attraction is the foundational concept of all of creation. We all use it whether we realize it or not and every last detail of your life and mine comes as a result of exactly how we put it to use. But knowing it works isn't the point of this piece.

To listen to many of the gurus touting the wonders of the law of attraction you might come away thinking it's a push button solution to all of life's problems. The truth is, it takes steady, focused and consistent positive thoughts and behavior to bring about results. And sometimes even that's not enough. Why? Because many of the beliefs we've gathered since birth contradict the new, positive thinking.

Here's a brief example. Say an individual has grown up in an environment of illness. It seems that nearly everyone in his family is prone to all kinds of medical problems. The law of attraction states like attracts like so the individual sets out on a program of thinking and living healthy to avoid the challenges many of his family members face.

But the ghosts of illness live in this person's subconscious. Maybe he's been programmed to believe that if he leaves the house in cold or rainy weather without a sweater he'll come down with the flu. Or maybe he's witnessed people in his environment taking all kinds of questionable medication for vague and nonspecific symptoms.

Or maybe he's watched a parent sitting in front of the TV glued to pharmaceutical commercials while spontaneously developing unusual symptoms as the ad progresses.  And since he's a product of this environment he has internalized much of this non-supportive programmed behavior. Remember, like attracts like.

So despite his decision to "think and live healthy," he finds himself stuck in old thought and lifestyle patterns because his subconscious mind insists on running old, non-supportive behavior programs that effectively devour his positive intentions. And like many of his family members, his health suffers despite his desire and effort to break away from the illness mindset.


NLP To The Rescue

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short is sometimes difficult to define. If I had to give a short answer it might be: alternative psychology methods designed to elicit rapid changes in unwanted behavior. But that definition wouldn't be complete because NLP strategies aren't always designed to eliminate unwanted behavior. Another correct definition would be: technology for accurately eliciting desired skills and behaviors of others. And still another: an approach to human enrichment based on proven methods that bring desired results. Each of the definitions implies rapid change.

So let's get back to exorcizing those demons dwelling in the subconscious. For this example we'll use an individual who is seeking prosperity. The problem is, he comes from a poverty stricken family. Since birth he's been told not to expect much from life. He may even have some ideas that poverty is righteous as he's heard this in church a number of times.

He's almost always dressed in second hand clothes and is often flat broke. But with the best of intentions he begins to think of abundance because he's heard that consistently thinking about what you desire can bring the thoughts to life. But his subconscious programming keeps sabotaging his efforts and dragging him down. He becomes discouraged and begins to believe that the law of attraction is baloney. How can NLP help?

Every journey starts with a single step or point of reference. A savvy NLP practitioner might have this individual first sit down and make a list of all of his accomplishments. Everything he can think of from learning to tie his shoes to his first kiss and earning his first dollar. This exercise is designed to get the subject thinking that he has had success and he is worthy of good things.

Another way to help get the fire started is to ask him if he knows any successful people or if he knows of any successful people. These people might include high profile celebrities, athletes or notable business folks. Once the subject is able to identify one or more successful experiences along with one or more human models representing success, the practitioner has something to work with. The next step is to sit the subject down in a quiet and comfortable setting and have a little chat with the man.

First they agree upon the desired outcome. This may be achieved openly or the practitioner may simply suggest it after some casual conversation with the subject. Let's agree that when the session is over the subject will feel far more worthy and deserving of money than ever before.

Then, with the subject's eyes closed the practitioner would go through a process asking the subject about his accomplishments and encourage him to speak freely about the things on his list. The practitioner would also be looking for physiology and verbal tonality indicating strong positive emotion around one or more of these accomplishments.

Then he might ask the subject about a public figure who obviously feels self assured about things, especially about money. And again, the practitioner would be watching for facial expressions and other physical signs indicating the subject has strong feelings about the celebrity.

From that point there are several ways to "borrow" the attitude and mindset of the celebrity and "install" it into the subject's subconscious. Additionally, the practitioner would take the subject's profound personal experiences around certain accomplishments on his list and associate them to his quest of abundance or money.

The Circle Of Power

This is one of my favorite methods for installing new, powerful resources. The first time I used it I saw remarkable and immediate change in the subject. We'll pick it up at the point where the subject has identified someone, in this case a well known celebrity, who has the "resources" she wanted. This celebrity was particularly known for the behavior or attitude the subject desired. I start by asking the subject to imagine she's alone in a room with this person. They smile warmly and hug.

Then the celebrity stands silently with her eyes closed. As she stands still I tell the subject the celebrity is concentrating on the desired resource. I then suggest to the subject that the celebrity is surrounded in a circle of intense colored light. As the celebrity stands there concentrating, the light becomes brighter and more intense. Finally, I suggest that the celebrity steps out of the circle of light and invites the subject to step into it.

I then give the subject suggestions on how to absorb every bit of that light energy along with the power and resources it represents. I encourage her to feel the light energy permeating every cell in her body. I also encourage her to breathe in the light and feel its power. I continue with similar suggestions for a couple of minutes and notice the subject's physiology changing to that of confidence and self assuredness.

When I feel we've reached peak experience I ask the subject to step out of the circle of light and allow the celebrity to step back in. Shortly, the light subsides and the room goes back to normal. I then have the subject thank the celebrity. They embrace as they say goodbye. I then ask the subject to open her eyes.

At no time during this process did I ever ask who the celebrity was because it was irrelevant to me. All I needed to do was gauge the subject's physiology to be sure of a strong connection with who she'd chosen. This process took place nearly 10 years ago and the subject still feels very comfortable in certain situations where she'd been bullied and ridiculed her whole life. When we finished the process she remarked to me, "I'll never take sh*t from anyone again. I got the distinct feeling she meant it.

This process along with several variations is excellent for replacing and installing new, productive resources where non-supportive ideas once lived. And it works for all types of issues including health, relationships and money. Once the underlying non-supportive issues are out of the way the subject is most often free to pursue unhindered positive thoughts relating to the things he desires.


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