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Source: Russia Today

After the backlash over his anti-vaxxer stance, Novak Djokovic has faced fresh criticism for suggesting that people can alter the make-up of food and water by using mind power and emotions.

World number one Djokovic is well known for his spirituality and advocacy of alternative medicine, famously revealing he had "cried for two or three days" back in 2018 out of the guilt he felt at undergoing elbow surgery.

More recently, Djokovic drew anger when he said he would resist being vaccinated for Covid-19, should it become a future requirement for players to tour.

But the 32-year-old has now stoked the flames even more with comments made during an Instagram Live chat with his friend Chervin Jafarieh, the founder of 'innovative wellness' brand Cymbiotika.

Discussing the power of emotions and the mind, Djokovic suggested that they could be harnessed to cleanse polluted water or food.

“This is something that is not linked to any form of official way of presenting nutrition and how you should eat and drink,” Djokovic began, seemingly by way of a disclaimer.

“I know some people that, through energetical transformation, through the power of prayer, through the power of gratitude, they managed to turn the most toxic food, or maybe most polluted water into the most healing water, because water reacts.|

"Scientists have proven that in experiment, that molecules in the water react to our emotions to what has been said,” Djokovic further claimed.

“I truly believe that we should continuously every single day remind ourselves when we sit, that we sit without cameras, without phones, without watching things and stuff. Or even worse, having nervous [and] conflicting discussions at the table with your close ones during your meal.”

Hidden Messages In WaterThe discussion with Jafarieh also touched on the work of Japanese pseudo-scientist writer Masaru Emoto, whose 2004 book The Hidden Messages in Water became a bestseller and theorized that water is deeply connect to a person's consciousness.

Despite Djokovic's well-known devotion to spirituality, some felt he had gone too far in propagating the idea that mind power was all that was needed to cleanse dirty water.

“The people of Flint, Michigan would love to hear that news,” Carillo said, referring to the crisis of contaminated water in the US city.

“We know that he believes in meditation, in prayer, in holistic healing.He hated that he had to get his elbow cut, he tried to stave that off for a long time because he genuinely thought he could heal his own body.

“I’m very disturbed that Djokovic and that other guy are saying you can change toxic water to drinking water.This is dangerous stuff and when I looked at it… it already had half a million hits. I really hope he backs down from that.”

Give the guy a break: You may not like Djokovic's anti-vaxx views, but he has a right to voice them
Tennis writer Jon Wertheim said that while Djokovic was free to challenge conventional wisdom, he should be wary of the "consequences" of promoting his views.

“He really needs to be careful, there are consequences to this.It’s a very short jump to these conspiracy theories which now, more than ever, are really dangerous...

“I think there’s a real responsibility that comes with being No. 1 and that includes respecting science and objective truth,” Wertheim said.


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