If You Open Your Third Eye, Be Prepared for Weirdness

By Jason Mangrum, Author of
Uberman! Almost Super Human

Opening your third eye can freak you out if you're not prepared for what you might experience.

I activated my third eye using a technique I learned for projecting astrally, and the most peculiar thing happened…

A bright-green cyclone appeared from the virtual space behind my eyelids and began to twist outward. This isn't something I visualized or imagined… I could clearly see this cyclonic twisting tunnel and the more I watched it, the more it seemed to fade away.

It was like when I would place my focus on the cyclone, or try to make it twist, or see it better… it would vanish. But as soon as I realized what I was doing, I let go and simply observed. And in a few seconds it would come back, big and bright as ever.

I will share the particular technique I used with you in just a moment, but what's most interesting is that once I disciplined myself to the point where I could just "be" and observe with pure awareness, the cyclone would stay and move further outward into the virtual empty space from behind closed eyes.

I could then project an image or a symbol representing someone I wanted to see, or some place I wanted to visit at the very end of this twisting tunnel and at some point there's a *POP* and my conscious awareness would propel itself at an incredible speed through this strange tunnel.

Once it hit the "light" at the end, I would project out of body.

What's even stranger is that after two weeks of doing this particular technique every day, I began to see the light green tunnel twisting outward about three or four feet away even while my eyes were open! I've never heard or read about this phenomenon anywhere, so to experience it firsthand astounded me.

I also discovered that I could close my eyes and project out of body in about 20-30 seconds while the tunnel was the strongest. This goes far beyond visualizing and imagining, for all intensive purposes, this was real.

And it became a bit too much. For a few weeks after, the green twisting cyclone would actually obstruct the view of physical objects in my vision. While fascinating and stunning, this began to make life a tad more difficult than it needs to be.

Sure, I could pretty much go astral on command, but it was at the cost of my sanity and stability in the physical world. Astral thought-forms and entities would sometimes "bleed through" into the physical dimension and I would see them moving around, flying, floating almost mindlessly until vanishing into an invisible veil of some sort.

This happened multiple times daily, and only started getting worse.

This isn't an astral horror story, but I figured it may be of use to you for you to know of the uber-strangeness than can happen when you actually start putting these things into practice on a daily basis. Weirdness becomes commonplace. (I know you're probably wondering, "was this guy on serious drugs?" and the answer is no. I was completely sober throughout this experience.)

The effect began to lessen as I simply stopped doing the technique on a daily basis. It is now gone but can be brought back anytime I begin to use the technique on a consistent basis… usually for a week or two.

I honestly have no name for it. I have no idea what it's called, or who may have discovered it before me. I only know from a very intense, prolonged personal experience that it exists, and if I can do it, anyone can. You can too.

It creates what I can only describe as an open portal to another dimension. The portal will stay open after a short time of energizing it, and re-energizing it. This is done by using the technique over and over again, once before sleep at night, and again in the morning, just before getting out of bed.

Almost Super HumanHere is the Open Portal Technique

1. Lie down and relax completely. Use the Total Relaxation Technique to help you relax and enter the Alpha level of mind. With either hand, take your pointer finger (index finger) and place it gently between and just below your eyebrows at the top of the bridge of the nose. Begin circling your finger clockwise and massaging this area gently for about 30 seconds. Afterward, pull your finger away and notice if you still feel a "swirling" effect in this area without touching it.

2. Once you feel the swirling sensation coming from inside your head in this area, simply observe the swirling of the energy, tilt your eyeballs upwards twenty degrees and see if the feeling intensifies. If there is a stronger sensation of swirling without touching the area, breathe in through the nose and as you do FEEL energy (you can pretend or imagine this part) rise up through the soles of your feet, upwards into the calves, moving upward into the legs, groin, hips, torso, up the spine, into the throat, head and into the swirling area of energy. This can be done with one single inhale. On exhale, feel the area strengthen and pulsate with a glowing power.

3. Again, inhale and bring the energy (imagined or felt is the same) upward through the soles, up the body through the spinal cord into the head and into that area of swirling energy. On exhale, feel the energy greatly intensify with power. Do this 33 times. That is 11 sets of three breaths – in and out. So breathe in, pull in energy into the area, breathe out, intensify and amplify the energy three times in a row, then do it again another three times, and then three more, etc. until you have performed this pattern eleven times total.

4. If you have done this and felt it as you've done it, you will no doubt be feeling a rather intense swirling effect going on in this particular area of your head. You can probably re-create the feeling in a few seconds now by simply thinking of the swirling. It's still important to pull in energy from the quantum vacuum and direct it into this area to strengthen and solidify the energetic form.

5. Repeat this every night before bed, and every morning before getting out of bed. Do this for two weeks. You will most likely begin to "see things" pretty quickly afterward. I don't know for certain if you will see the same things I did, such as the light-green twisting cyclone, but you will have activated and opened your third eye to the point where your awareness will be greatly expanded.

6. This makes it easier than ever to actually project your conscious awareness through the tunnel and go wherever you want, just by placing a mental image of where you want to go or who you want to see at the perceivable end of the tunnel. It is highly recommended that you keep a journal right by your bedside so you can write down whatever words or images come to you upon your re-integration into the physical body… you have less than 10 seconds from that point to remember what happened.

7. After two weeks of doing this technique, I wouldn't recommend continuing it on a daily basis as an overload of energy can cause other systems in the body/mind to become somewhat unbalanced, and from my experience can cause a bit of chaos. Experiment wisely, and record your results. If things get too intense, back off completely, readjust your schedule and do it less often.

Please keep in mind that if one is not properly prepared or protected, it is not a safe practice to open portals such as this.

Before doing ANY astral or energetic work, it is very important to saturate yourself mentally in a violet light. This may not make any logical sense, but the color violet is very high on the spectrum of light and vibrates at very high frequencies. Higher frequencies "chase away" lower ones and lower vibrations simply cannot exist in the same space as higher vibrations. (i.e. "light chases away the darkness")

Give this technique an honest try if you are the adventurous type and would like to see what else is truly ‘out there.'

Remember, don't just try this once, twice or three times and expect a result. You may, or may not get one. But doing this technique twice daily for two full weeks (that is 14 solid days in a row) — will prove to you that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.


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