7 Keys To Reducing Stress

By Dr. Steve G. Jones,
Creator of
Dream Life Mastery

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Today I want to talk to you about 7 keys that can help to reduce stress to a productive level, one in which it’s helpful, and not harmful.

James and Cathy have 3 children, one of them is in high school and the others are in elementary school.

Cathy works part time as a Dental Nurse, and James is a Real Estate Agent.

Some years are good for James, but this year in particular was really slow.

A lot of real estate agents were adopting new methods of selling, including flying drones through homes and getting nice looking videos online…

…The kind of stuff that made people want to choose them over James to sell their houses.

Whether or not it had a real effect on sales wasn’t the point, if they chose another agent, then he’s making less commissions.

James and Cathy had a large weekly mortgage payment going out, kids were playing sports that costed money, and other agents were bragging about how well they were doing…

…Which made James go silent as he was feeling highly stressed.

It actually made him freeze up and watch TV more and do even LESS work, when he needed to be at his best.

Cathy was frustrated at him because she felt he needed to be doing MORE, but in reality, James needed do these things…

7 Keys To Reducing Stress

1. Reduce the feeling of stress to a productive level.

2. Realise that doing more hours, is rarely the solution in any form of business.

3. Embrace change, and adopt a mindset of excitement about potential innovations in the industry.

4. Stay disciplined in his habits. It’s not a matter of doing more, it’s more a matter of keeping up those long term habits that are most likely to maintain long term success.

5. Be willing to meet new people and step outside the comfort zone a little.

6. Cultivate a habit of optimism, learning and constant improvement. Trying to hold on to how things WERE in any area of life is futile. It’s important to embrace change, accept what has happened, enjoy the challenge, and chase hard for what could be.

7. Stop fortune telling. The brain feels more comfortable when it can predict the future, but in cases where it can’t, or the forecast is potentially grim, then stress and anxiety set in.

Sometimes all that you are in control of is what happens today, that NEXT STEP, and the habits you keep that inevitably lead to more positive outcomes.

WealthBrainFor many people, overcoming stress requires a change in the lens from which they see the world.

They need to imprint those 7 keys above upon their mind. They need to flip the switch so that their mind sees the silver lining in the stressful situation, so that they can not only find the right path out of it…

They can enjoy the challenge.

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