Would You Sell Your Brain For $397,800?

Source: The Ageless Brain

Guess how much your brain is worth.

$397,800 (and maybe as much as twice this figure).

"My brain?" you may be thinking to yourself.

"My brain is worth that much?"

Not if you are thinking of selling it.

Anna Dhody curates the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia which houses 46 slides containing portions of Albert Einstein's brain and spinal cord.

Her blunt assessment of your chances of making a sale to someone like her:

"Unless your brain is very famous or very pathological, I probably won't be able to take it."

Even on the black market you would be lucky to get more than about $200 for the totality of your gray matter.

How can I be so sure?

Because in 2013 someone stole preserved human brains from the Indiana Medical History Museum and sold them on eBay.

No, that large monetary figure at the top of this message represents the COST to you and your family if your brain should happen to fail long before the rest of your body does.

As in, you do nothing special to preserve the health of your brain (which is par for the course for most people) and the inevitable happens.

Memory loss at first.

Then confusion. Followed by inability to complete simple tasks. Followed by social withdrawal. Followed by...

Well, you get the picture. All the hallmarks of a life diminished by dementia.

The math for my number - that worryingly high "cost of a brain" - is not difficult.

But to make it even simpler, let's assume there is NO cost associated with the loss of perhaps a decade during which you might otherwise have continued to earn an income had you not become mentally impaired.

It's a horrible assumption, but only you can figure out how much that loss of income is worth to you.

Much easier to calculate is the cost associated with paying someone to care for you from the time it becomes clear you can no longer care for yourself, until your death.

Typically someone diagnosed with severe dementia (generally Alzheimer's disease) is going to require about six years of full-time professional care.

The average number of hours of care per month required to tend to this failing brain... it's about 170.

Or 8840 hours over the course of a year.

Multiply this by a representative hourly rate of care - say, $15 - and the annual figure you come up with is $132,600

Over a six-year period this adds up to a whopping $795,600

Of course, you may not fare as badly.

Before casting off your mortal coil you might need full-time care for only half that amount of time...

In which case the cost of keeping you out of harm's way would be closer to $397,800.

So that's the reasoning behind my number.

It's also in line with the figure quoted by the Alzheimer's Association for the estimated lifetime cost of care for an individual with dementia.

They put the price tag at $341,840

Of this amount, they claim, about 70 percent will be directly borne by family members.

Keep in mind that this huge expense which might put your family into bankruptcy covers only babysitting services, not medical treatment.

But there is another option...

How to Keep Your Brain Perfectly Healthy Well into Old Age

It is one which has as a consequence the elimination of this potentially crippling financial burden.

It involves doing what is needed to avoid ever being diagnosed with dementia in the first place.

The good news: it's not rocket science.

If it was Carolyn Hansen would never have been able to piece together her Ageless Brain protocol.

This is something you can learn more about when you download her free MP3 Better Habits, Better Brain Health

Better BrainCheck it out if the future cost of a damaged brain scares the heck out of you...

Carolyn was forced to watch helplessly as her mother's life was first derailed, then dramatically shortened by dementia.

Now she is using what she learned during that "awful time" to help others achieve the kind of brain resilience that could allow you to forgo the constant threat of cognitive decline in your later years.

And save your family up to $397,800...


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