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The Super Suggestion Technique
for Creating Whatever You Desire

By Song Chengxiang / Source: Effortless Prosperity

Now I am going to share with you some strategies that you can use to change your self image. They are going to have enormous impacts on your life if you apply them.

The two strategies that I am going to share with you are some of the best things that I have learned in my entire life so far. They really CAN change your life. I want to emphasize their effectiveness is because most people don’t think they can get much value out of a FREE report. But I promise you that as long as you practice what I am going to tell you…

You will get more value out of this report than what you can get from those $5,000 GURU seminars.

I learned both of these strategies from a man that I really admire, Joe Karbo. The book of his that I read is already out of print, it was published in the 1970s. The two strategies are "DAILY DECLARATION" and "SUPER SUGGESTION". Let’s get right into these.

Two of the most powerful strategies for changing your
Inadequate Self Image and live your fullest potential


The reason that we have an inadequate self image is because of our past conditionings, we have a feeling that we are no-good, and we are not worth of the things that we desire. What "daily declaration" does is to give you new conditioning of self-worth and condition yourself to believe what you want can be yours.

This is similar to affirmation, but much more powerful and much more effective. Here are the steps to help you setup your own daily declarations.

STEP ONE: List every thing that you need
New furniture
Bills paid
Medical insurance
New suit
Write down everything you need...

STEP TWO: List every thing that you want
$1,000,000 in the bank
A $500,000 house
Rolls Royce
6 month trip around the world
Write down everything you want...

REMEMBER: DON’T limit yourself, write EVERYTHING that you truly want.

STEP THREE: List the personal qualities you need or want
Ability to concentrate
Ability to finish what I start
To be friendly to others
Personal confidence
Write down every personal quality that you need or want...

STEP FOUR: Turn lists into goals
Write all your three lists in the form of goals. Here is Joe Karbo’s check list for writing goals.

1. Do you really want it?
2. Does this goal contradict any other goal I am setting?
3. Any problem with goal cooperation? (would your family be against your goals)
4. Is it positive rather than negative?
5. Is it expressed in total detail?
6. Is it realistic?
7. Is this goal high enough?
8. Am I including the personality factors necessary to goal achievement?
9. Is each goal stated as though already accomplished?

Use this checklist to help you write your goals. Your possible goals will look like this...

Tangible goal: I live in a $500,000 house.
Intangible goal: I am calm and cheerful, I share my inner peace and happiness
with others.

Then you are ready for "Daily Declaration"

Each morning:

1. Immediately upon awakening, read your list of goals as you prepared. READ ALOUD, if this is not possible, then move your lips as you read silently. This is IMPORTANT.
2. After reading each goal, pause, and visualize in your mind your goals already accomplished.

Each evening:

Just before you go to sleep, repeat the morning process.

That is all you need to do to use the daily declaration to change your self image.
As an added bonus, all the goals that you have written down for your daily declaration will come true.

1. Don’t tell anyone about your goals. The minute you start telling others, the energy that you’ve build up is gone.
2. You must do it daily, if you miss a day, the effectiveness will drop dramatically.

Let’s move on to the second strategy for changing your Inadequate Self Image.

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A WORD OF CAUTION: The super suggestion technique can only be applied to your intangible goals, and CANNOT be applied to tangible goals. The reason is that this technique works at the lower level of consciousness, if the subconscious
mind is conditioned to believe that your have already had your dream house, dream
cars, etc, it will stop helping you to achieve that.

Before you do the super suggestion, you will need to go to a lower level of consciousness. Here is what you do…

Sit in a comfortable position (don’t lie down, because you will easily fall asleep), scan your body from head to toe. Feel your muscles relaxing as you scan each part. As you feel yourself become quieter, and more relaxed, start count from 1 to 20. Feel yourself go deeper into the relaxed state, and once you reach 20, you will be in the state that you want to be.

That’s how you prepare yourself into the lower level of consciousness. Here are the steps for super suggestion.

1. Take one intangible goal from your daily declaration goal list. Intangible goals are those regarding to your basic personality or character qualities, such as the ability to concentrate, the ability to read faster etc. Choose ONE goal only! To maximize the effectiveness of super suggestion, you should work on one intangible goal only until it is attained. You’ll be surprised how fast you can accomplish that.

2. Take one or two keywords from your goal statement that you choose. You will use the keywords instead of the whole statement while you are in the lower state of consciousness, so that you don’t have to commit the entire statement into memory.

3. Read your entire goal statement

4. Go to the lower level of consciousness using the method I just described.

5. Repeat the keywords several times.

6. Come back to the normal state by counting from 20 to 1. When you reach 1, tell yourself you feel fully awake, totally alert.

NOTE: Both daily declaration and super suggestion must be carried out each day.
Daily declaration is for both tangible goals and intangible goals. Super suggestion is
for intangible goals only. Daily declaration should be done every morning and
evening, and as many times as you want throughout the day. Super suggestion needs only be done once a day, suggested time is before lunchtime. And with super suggestion, you work on ONE goal at a time.

By now, I am done with my original intention of writing this report, which is
helping you see clearly what the root cause of your life frustrations is and let you
know how to eliminate the root cause. I sincerely hope that you can put these strategies into practice, and you will be amazed how much impact they can bring into your life.

Before I finish this report, I would like to introduce you a new tool that can easily make the process of changing your inadequate self image TEN TIMES FASTER!

You probably know that I have been working with the worlds top brainwave entrainment expert Morry Zelcovitch for many years. As a brain scientist, Morry
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