Tune In. Drop Out. Get Rich.

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Tune In

Some people seem to get rich without much effort. Some people struggle, save, and sacrifice to find riches and some try as hard as they can but never reach the riches they desire.

What makes the difference? It can't be good looks or brains, there's a lot of goofy looking nitwits rolling in cash. It can't be location or vocation. Self made millionaires all start somewhere doing the same tasks as their contemporaries yet they get rich while their co-workers do not.

Do riches come from an iron will and hard work? The millionaire mom of Bill Gates was on the same charity Board of Directors as the Chairman of IBM. "Billy, time to eat. Honey, guess who I met at the golf course today?..." How hard was that?

So what is the key to success? The key to success is the mind. What you think about you bring about. The only path to true happiness is attaining wealth by tuning in on who you really are and what you really want. The Competitive World is all about the outside in. You have to do THIS to get THAT and when you get THERE, THEN you will be happy. WRONG. That's backwards.

Happiness comes when you tune in on who you truly are and begin to have gratitude for the best in your life today. Next you need to focus accurately on that which you desire to manifest; not just as in 'wishful thinking' or 'daydreaming', but as in a clear, in-depth, disciplined, acute vision.

You must see it, hear it, feel it, smell it and experience the joy of living that which you desire. You will begin to lift up in spirit as you bring more value to everyone around you as there is no need to take from or control others to gain an advantage. THEN you are firmly rooted in the Creative Plane and THAT'S when riches begin to move toward you. This happens not through extraordinary sacrifice combined with pain and suffering. That's life on the Competitive Plane. 

If your thoughts are in tune with who you are and what you genuinely desire, you will attract those things in your life that will enhance your vision and your state of being. And this happens by the Laws of Physics in a cause and effect relationship with you and your surroundings.

Conversely, if your mind is filled with doubt and fear you will unceremoniously become a misery magnet not by virtue of a bad attitude or a faulty character but as a result of your relationship with the Natural Laws that exist everywhere and with everyone. 

You may be thinking 'My GOD. What a load of CRAP!' Good! Glad to have you. Please read on.

Reality is an IllusionDrop Out

This is not some New Age mumbo jumbo or some cleverly disguised treatise on the existence of God. These ideas are supported by recent scientific research that tell us Life, the Universe and Everything in It is more weird and wonderful than anyone could have ever possibly imagined.

At first glance these discoveries seem like Science Fiction but in fact they are REAL. With findings like the Double Slit Experiment, Science is uncovering repeatable, quantifiable magic in laboratories across the globe. With bizarre Quantum quagmires such as the Measurement Problem we begin to see the next frontier is not Space but our own Consciousness. To gain a better understanding Science tells us we must drop out of our old schools of thought and open our minds to a new way of thinking.

In 1998 the Hubble telescope discovered that the Universe is not slowing or collapsing. It's not even expanding as hypothesized; it is accelerating! That is something no one expected. Do we drop our assumptions about Gravity? What is fueling this growth? Is energy being created out of nothing? Yet one of the fundamental rules of Physics is that energy can neither be created or destroyed. We have to drop out of our old assumptions look at our world through new eyes.

We have to seriously get rid of the notion that from the primordial ooze we evolved into this lonely billiard ball perception machine that bounces around life knocking into the horrible meaningless of our existence. Our experience is just the observation deck of a deeper, more complex and mysterious world.

As non-intuitive as it seems and as nauseatingly close to new age crystal rubbing as it sounds, Science is proposing that our perceptions or the mere act of conscious observation physically affects the thing being observed. Or as Dr. Fred Alan Wolf from the What the Bleep trailer puts it " Are people affecting the world of the reality they see? You betcha they are!"

Get Rich

To get rich using the Creative Method the first thing you must do is to stop beating yourself up.

Is your chronic thought pattern "I have to stop smoking, drinking, stop being so lazy... I have to start on a diet etc." That is the wrong approach. By focusing on what you don't want you are only reinforcing the very problems you are trying to change.

Truth be told you are not the person you are complaining about. The person you see today is merely a result of a chronic pattern of thoughts you have held in the past. Stop whining about your current condition. Create a detailed and clear vision in your mind of exactly what you DO want in life. How do you want to feel? What do you want to have? What do want your life to look like? And then make THAT your persistent thought pattern.

Second, you must hold and cultivate a deep profound sense of gratitude for everything good in your life today.

You maybe thinking 'Can't be done. There is no good in my life.' OK. The last time you had a bowel movement did you sit on the Magic Bowl of Wonder with the Mysterious Sparkling Water that carried your nightmare load of feces to some distant far away place or did you have to squat by a tree and wipe your ass with leaves?

It doesn't matter how poor your are, as sure as you are reading this, you are surrounded magic, convenience, and luxury. To Get Rich using the Creative Process it becomes your job to search out and focus on the best in your life because as you do, you will become the best. You are living large and you have a lot to be thankful for. Get over it.

Lastly you need to cultivate a strong and unshakable belief you have the power to manifest your dreams and the unending faith that the objects of your desire have already materialized and are on their way to you and it is as real as you live and breathe.

Yeah, it sounds stupid but what's more stupid is to live in the past and to have fear of the future which is how many of us live day after day. To act in the Here and Now is essential for the Creative Process, cause if you ain't got faith in the Now, nothin gonna work Here anyhow...

Act in your present job and with the people in your immediate environment with the knowledge that everything in your life before was a necessary step on your path to wealth and abundance. And then with purpose and efficiency you ACT in your present situation with all your strength knowing that you ARE preparing to receive that which you have manifested.

In doing this you are aligning that which you are now with the true essence of what you always were. The two will be pushed together not because of 'synergy', 'being proactive', or 'a positive mental attitude' (yuk) but as a result of a cause and effect relationship with the Laws of Nature. Just like the two plates in the Casimir effect, it's the Action of Attraction and it effects your life for good or for bad whether you like or not.


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