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How to Create Your Future1. HOW TO CREATE YOUR FUTURE

This brilliant training manual teaches dozens of different techniques for accomplishing any goal you desire and creating your future life however you can imagine it. This book draws on the expertise of 16 world-class authors and teachers who have each contributed an outstanding lesson on various topics such as setting goals, manifesting money, creating a magnetic personality, increasing your brain power, and simply being happy, no matter what.


25 of the world's most spiritual entrepreneurs share their hidden success secrets for massive wealth and teach you how to use the power of your mind to create an endless stream of prosperity and abundance in your life...

Quantum Jumping 1013. "THE LONGEVITY SHIELD"

This free healing meditation -- The Longevity Shield -- will calm your body and mind, increase your energy and strengthen your immune system in just 10 relaxing minutes a day.

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Confessions of an Invisible Illuminati is one man's look inside his journey from being a troubled youth to becoming a massively successful adult thanks to the experience he gained after being initiated into a powerful "secret" society. This is a surprisingly uplifting and positive memoir and the information in this book is certainly not what you would expect.

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